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Help please- should I paint these cabinets?

posted by: misawachick5 on 04.09.2013 at 12:16 pm in Kitchens Forum

I have maple cabinets that have an orange-brown stain. They were custom, installed by the previous owner when the home was built 14 years ago. I've tried for the two years I've lived here to like the stain but it's just a bit too orange for me. I dream of a creamy white kitchen (I love painted cabinetry) but I realize I am blessed with beautiful quality cabinets so I am scared.

I've thought about leaving the cabinets alone and changing the counters/backsplash, but then again wouldn't that mean planning those expensive upgrades around a cabinet stain that I don't iike? That doesn't seem right either.

Current counters are Corain mojave - also not my favorite, but if the cabinets were a different color - either lighter or darker, I think I'd like it more. They're a great work surface and in perfect condition.

I've considered changing the stain to something darker but it sounds like it will be very expensive. Whatever we do to them we'll pay it done, as I am too chicken about messing them up.

What would you do if this were your kitchen?



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Anyone use general finishes antique walnut gel stain?

posted by: misawachick5 on 03.23.2013 at 01:38 pm in Kitchens Forum

I've seen lots of posts about gel stain in java. Has anyone out there used the antique walnut gel stain color? If so would you please post before and after pics?

I'm wondering if it might be an option for us to get away from the orange in our existing cabinetry. We're thinking they're maple. Home is 14 years old. Thanks so much!


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