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Sharing my Bathtub Research

posted by: belasea on 12.03.2012 at 01:10 am in Bathrooms Forum

Everyone has been so helpful, so I thought I would share our bathtub search experience. The bathroom we are doing will have a shower over a tub and I like taking baths as well.

I was dead set on a cast iron tub until I realized that all of the cast iron tubs manufactured now have a non-slip bottom. I found out that this non-slip bottom is challenging to clean. I even went and looked in the showrooms, and sure enough they were all gray. My research on gardenweb and talking to contractors/plumbing stores also confirmed that they were difficult to clean. Not impossible, just difficult and I just wasn't up for the challenge.

I was very reluctant to go with fiberglass since our current fiberglass tub looks yellowed and horrible. However, I've been told they are built much better now, and we went with a thicker model. I also wanted one with a built in flange.

Next, came the height. I wanted one deep enough to take a nice bath, but not 20 inches high because it is higher than I want to step over as we age. Why don't more manufacturers make tubs 18 inches deep? Why are most 14 or 20?

We considered:
Kohler Bellwether - did not like the nonslip surface, but like the shape
Mirabelle Edenton - saw some complaints about chipping and not draining properly. I visited Fergusons, and the salesman did not deny it and said it was up to my contractor to test the tub. My contractor said he has installed these tubs without a problem, but it was higher than I wanted and decided it wasn't worth the risk.
Hydrosystems Lacey and the Sydney - both 20 inches high or higher
Americh Turo - after much research, went with this tub. Our contractor said these are good tubs, and the Plumbing store said another contractor installed it in his own house. It's only 18 inches high, 32 inches wide (also comes 30 wide), but has a deep bath. We purchased the non-airbath model. It has arrived and we're very happy with how it looks. Here is a picture of it. I'll post better pictures after its installed, but thought this may help someone else out who may be looking for 18" height tub.

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what 10k can buy for a bathroom?

posted by: liveinseattle on 01.11.2013 at 04:45 pm in Bathrooms Forum

we are in planning stage for master bathroom re-do. my budget is 10k. It will be a DIY project, but we will have plumber to move plumbing. the only fixed item on my list is TOTO one-piece toilet ( we have AS one right now, and I hate it. it seems taking forever to finish flushing and have to flushing few times to stop water from running.) we installed TOTO toilet in hall bathroom, and very happy with it. This will be 3/4 bath with shower no tub. I would like a towel warmer, but it seems very expensive. Any thought on what to get for master bath?


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Finished! Transitional white marble bathroom

posted by: pipdog on 08.22.2012 at 05:47 pm in Bathrooms Forum

We finally finished the upgrade of our master bath! The bath had been remodeled within the last 7-10 years by the previous owners, but it was pretty sloppy DIY job with few too many grout lines for our taste and we didn't like the tile counters. We decided to expand into a closet and make room for a separate shower.

Truth be told, I'm a little freaked out by the maintenance of the white marble (two toddlers use this bath), but so far it seems to be holding up. We did have some funky grout issues with the shower floor (efflorescence and orange spots appearing), but they seemed to have cleared up on their own. Hopefully it won't be a maintenance nightmare. If anyone has any good cleaning tips for white marble, I'd love to hear them.

I still need some artwork for the wall above the bath and some curtains, but the room is ready for prime time, and we're so happy it's over!

Calacatta Nuevo marble from AKDO - subway in shower, hex on floors and mini-bricks in niches and backsplash
Grout - White Frost by C-Cure. We originally tried Silver Shadow by Laticrete but it was too dark so we went lighter.
Counters - Caesarstone
Duravit tub
Faucets/tub fixture: Toto
Shower fixture - Raindance by Hansgrohe
BM Light Pewter
Lights - Restoration Hardware
Cabinetry - existing, sprayed with BM White Dove
Pulls from Lowes

Here's the before:

And the after:


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Ideas for budget Master Bath remodel

posted by: marys235 on 01.17.2013 at 10:20 pm in Bathrooms Forum

I am in the process of planning a remodel of my small master bath, but am limited on the budget, and would love any ideas or suggestions on getting an expensive look on a budget. I'm hoping to keep it under $6,000. I'm not moving any plumbing or changing the layout, so hopefully it will work.

I currently have a shower (44" by 36") tiled with 4x4 white tiles, it's in bad shape and needs to be torn out and redone. The slope on the floor is wrong, and I'm getting a lot of mildew and mold in the grout on the floor. I'm trying to decide between a mosaic tile floor, with subway tiles on the shower walls, or some sort of solid surface shower pan. No shower door, I am just going to use a shower curtain.

Right now, the shower and toilet are in a small room with a door that closes, and the 70" vanity is outside the door, in a little alcove off the MBR. The alcove is about 70" by 100". The carpet in the bedroom extends into the alcove, so I plan to replace that with tile, and re-tile the floor in the little shower/toilet room. I'm thinking a large, porcelain, rectified tile, either 20x20 or 18x18, with minimal grout. Will large tile work in such a small space?

I have a built-in vanity that extends from one wall to the next in the alcove, so I plan to leave that in place, but replace the old, cultured marble top with something else, maybe granite. I thought I'd check with some of the fabricators in the area and see if I could get a deal on a remnant.

So total, I'm thinking new shower (36" x 44"), re-tile the floor (about 57 square feet), new 71" x 24" vanity top, hopefully granite, new drop-in sink, new faucet and repaint. and tear out the bead board that goes halfway up the wall in the small toilet/shower room. And if I can swing it, tear off the old huge unframed mirror over the vanity that covers almost the entire wall, repair the drywall, and replace it with a framed mirror. Does that sound doable? I'm not a DIY, I'll hire all of this done.

Would love some ideas or suggestions. My goal is to sell the house within 5 years, so I'm primarily concerned with resale value. The bathroom is so awful right now, I can't imagine anyone would want to buy the house.


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Photos of modest bathroom before and after

posted by: belasea on 01.26.2013 at 08:43 pm in Bathrooms Forum

Hi - I want to thank everyone for posting their pictures and answering so many questions. I disliked this bathroom so much. The grout was in horrible shape and I couldn't get it clean. It looked horrible! We were trying to make it one more year before remodeling this bathroom, but the shower faucet broke causing us to remodel quickly. We are still waiting for a glass shelf to be installed in the niche. We moved the shower head to the other side of the wall which was our contractor's idea. We're glad he suggested it because it's now feels much more open and we can turn on the water without being under it.

The sink and toilet were fairly new, so we reused them. Honestly, I would have picked a different toilet if I knew we were remodeling so soon, but before we knew we were remodeling, we managed to crack the entire toilet while trying to change the handle, hence this toilet. Not crazy about the toilet, but it's fine for now. We still have our master bathroom to do! :)

Tub - Americh Turo 60x32x18
Shower - White subway tile with honed mini brick marble accent tile and pencil liner.
Floor - 2inch hexagon honed marble
Sink/vanity - Lowe's
Faucets - Graff, Canterbury collection
Towel Train Rack - Pottery Barn
Medicine Chest - Pottery Barn - Vintage Recessed Medicine Cabinet
Lights - Home Depot with antique vianne glass shades from our old light fixtures
Paint - Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace

The new frameless shower door is fixed. We needed a downward shower arm to take a shower without water getting out. I put a paper towel outside while I took a shower this morning and verified that all the water was staying in, minus a 3 - 5 drops of water which I can live with, especially since the bath rug will be there. We like the open feel much more than the old shower doors.

The pictures were taken with my phone and are a little dark, but here they are...

 photo IMG_0803_zps6511dc29.jpg

 photo IMG_0898_zpsb77ac93d.jpg

 photo photo-3_zps16b9df8d.jpg

 photo IMG_0889_zpsec55b88c.jpg

 photo IMG_0892_zpsf506814e.jpg

 photo IMG_0895_zps485abebe.jpg

 photo IMG_0897_zpsdd941313.jpg

 photo photo-2_zps57b93a8f.jpg

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Ideas for new vanity and linen cabinet

posted by: may_flowers on 01.07.2013 at 09:35 am in Bathrooms Forum

Our guest bath has a 36" vanity and a 28.5" linen closet. Originally we planned to replace the vanity with another 36" one, but we can put in a bigger vanity if we remove the hulking linen closet. We really need counterspace and drawers! Also, the door opens opposite the linen closet and they bump each other.

We will probably have a cabinet shop make the vanity, so we'll be able to do a custom size. So, my ideas so far...We can replace the closet with a 2-door 18" linen cabinet that attaches to the vanity, which gives me 10 extra inches to go toward the vanity. We could do a free-standing linen cabinet and separate vanity with feet, which I think is called a furniture look. I saw this in a Kraftmaid brochure. it would lighten up the space. Or we could do a 60" vanity with two hutches that sit on the counter, except that we need deep storage for sheets and pillows too. We have no other linen closet in the house. This would probably be the most expensive option, and might be overkill for a guest bath.

I have no vision for the overall look for the vanity area. The only thing that's certain is Caesarstone Buttermilk countertops. I'll need a tiled backsplash. I will probably use a medium brown stain on maple or alder for the cabinets. The floor tile and walls will be light-colored--no window in the room. The bathroom has a tub with shower curtain, which won't be replaced (the tub, not the curtain).

Thank you for any and all ideas, and photos too, if you have examples!


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max. sink size in 30' base

posted by: debrak_2008 on 08.02.2011 at 09:07 am in Kitchens Forum

We ordered a 30 inch sink base and want the largest single basin sink. I have done numerous searches and been to manufacturers websites. Can't seem to find a 27 or 28" sink. Have a 25" now with interior size of 21". I really would like a few more inches.

I know many cut into the base to accomodate a larger sink. At this point we are uncomfortable doing that.

Anyone have any suggestions? A 30" base is not an unusual size why are there not more sink choices? Frustrating...




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Is Restoration Hardware cabinet hardware good quality?

posted by: workingondreamhouse on 02.08.2012 at 09:31 am in Kitchens Forum

Does anyone know who makes RH cabinet hardware? Is it good quality? I have an active family of 6 and we need cabinet hardware for kitchen, mud room, laundry, breakfast room, 2 bathrooms and a butler's pantry.

I want to use polished nickel for the kitchen and RH prices for the larger handles seem surprisingly reasonable. Or maybe its just that they aren't as ridiculous as some others!

For the kitchen we are looking at the Gilmore Bin Pulls, Bistro Pulls and Adeline pulls. Also the cabinet latches.

I like the Lugamo pulls and perhaps the Chatham a bathroom, but worry that in person they might look like toilet paper holders! I'm sure it's just the photography!

Anyway, if you have favorites or if you have had good or bad experiences, let me know! Some of the ones I like are Final Sale so I will probably just order one to see what they look like before ordering everything I need.

Thanks for your assistance!


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door and drawer pulls...what size?

posted by: nikkidan on 02.11.2012 at 07:25 pm in Kitchens Forum

I'm hoping to do all pulls on my kitchen cabinet doors and drawers. I'm wondering what size pull to put on the different size doors/drawers.

Should I put bigger pulls on the bigger drawers, or use all the same size pulls, but put 2 on the bigger drawers?

Whats the standard pull to drawer size?



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'Pretty' Faucet that has pull down?

posted by: 2LittleFishies on 02.07.2012 at 12:52 pm in Kitchens Forum

I was looking at faucets today and the ones I really liked were more feminine and some were bridge faucets. HOWEVER, I really only want one lever to put on the water. I think two would drive me nuts when trying to get the correct temperature. Also, The "pretty" ones had a separate sprayer and I think the pull down is really convenient.

Anyway, I am looking at the Moen Woodmere in Chrome.


Here is my inspiration pic(s):



Any other options? Or is this pretty much the direction I need to go?


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Range Hood Letting Cold Air In????

posted by: jeannie01 on 01.17.2012 at 10:48 am in Kitchens Forum

Just wondering how much air you can feel coming into your kitchen from your range hood?
In my new home, I have a hood that vents to the outside and they is alot of air (right now) cold air coming in from the bottom grates of the hood. Is this normal, or is this just another sh***y job that my builder passed on to me???
When it's windy, you can almost feel a breeze, and you can hear the flap outside opening and closing.

If this isn't normal, what should the builder have done, to keep the cold and I guess in the summer the warm air from coming in the vent and down the hood?


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New faucet looks ridiculous -- or not? (overthinking again)

posted by: northcarolina on 01.10.2012 at 11:29 pm in Kitchens Forum

I decided our old dying faucet wouldn't last until the kitchen redo, so I ordered a new one last week. It arrived today and... oh my goodness, this thing is huge. It was big in the showroom too, but they all were, so it looked almost normal there. Do you get used to this? The old one is actually a bar/prep faucet, I think. And we are used to looking at a white faucet on a white sink against a white backsplash, so obviously chrome is going to stand out. But but but.

I haven't installed it yet so it's not too late; I can still exchange it. I chose shiny chrome because I like chrome and it fits in our old house (at least it does in the bathrooms). I bought a pulldown because it seems more ergonomic than a pullout. But a pullout wouldn't be so TALL.

Here is what it looks like propped up on some books, with a mug for size reference. The nozzle thing is not attached, so that will be another 3.5" of bulbous chrome hanging down. (see link below for how it looks put together.) When we redo the kitchen, the sink/counter/doors/hardware will all change, and the new sink won't be under the window either (I think). DH says he officially has no opinion even though I warned him that having no opinion meant that I would probably post a picture for total strangers to look at on the kitchen forum. So... ridiculous, or OK, or probably OK if everything around it changes? (It looks bigger/sillier in real life than in the photo.) Ew, that stained caulk needs to come out, don't look at that.


I am thinking way too much about this...

Here is a link that might be useful: Moen Brantford


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Bosch SHX45MO5UC Not Cleaning Properly - Frustrated

posted by: parkie37 on 01.05.2012 at 03:01 pm in Appliances Forum

About four years ago I started reading posts here for a new dishwasher. I had followed lots of threads about other appliances and had been happy with our purchases, especially our Viking 30" gas range.

One day while walking through the local Sears, on the way back to the car, I noticed that they had a Bosch dishwasher on a 48 hour sale that was quite a deal. It is the SHX45MO5UC and was $1400, on sale for $1000. I could take the floor demonstrator or I could wait for a new one, which would arrive a couple of weeks later. I opted for the new one.

My wife hates it and has always hated it : ( Here is why.....

The bottom rack won't go into the machine unless it is PERFECTLY lined up. We have owned other brands over the years and not had to be microscopically accurate in our lining up of the lower rack. Almost every time, you hear a small crash, a curse and then a slower sliding in of the rack. Sigh.

Approximately two thirds of the time we have anywhere from 3 or 4 items up to half of the items have a film of tiny little bits of food or scum on our glasses. The white dinner dishes don't generally show this problem, but perhaps it is just harder to see.

Two sets of folding tines on the lower rack have lost their clips, so they tend to fall over or cause dishes in that part of the lower rack to fall over. I have put the cutlery holder in that location to hold them in place. We haven't purchased replacement clips because my wife doesn't like the DW and doesn't want to keep it.

The design of the tines is so close that we have a hard time fitting items properly. Having the ability to fold them down doesn't add any flexibility as you have to now have an item that fits in that small space created by the folded tines.

Like so many others before me, I am tired of thinking of the $500 Maytag that did a better job than this one. I can adapt to the different loading, even if I do admit that I hate this style of loading. I do love the energy efficiency and the quietness. I don't care about a small bit of water around the rim of Tupperware as a flick of the wrist into the sink gets rid of 95% of the small amount of water.

I just don't understand why we can't have every dish clean! We have tried all sorts of detergents. We get the best results from Cascade 'Stain Fighter Plus' with Jet Dry Turbo Dry rinse agent.

I have removed and cleaned both spray arms. No improvement.

My wife wants to sell this one on Craigslist and buy a Whirlpool Gold/Maytag/Kitchenaid, that wouldn't set us back too much. What do I mean by that? Perhaps $500 more than what we could get for this dishwasher.

I have been reading about people being unhappy with GE, Whirlpool, KA, etc. It leaves me feeling that we won't be able to find a good dishwasher! (No Mieles for us - too much to spend with two daughters approaching university age).

We had a service call years ago and were told that it was working properly. Seems like it shouldn't constantly leave a film of scum or small items, especially in the upper rear, right hand corner.

Any suggestions?


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Under cabinet lighting?

posted by: FPagnotti on 12.28.2011 at 11:54 pm in Kitchens Forum

My new house is almost finish being built. One thing I really want to add is some under cabinet lighting, however I know no one who has any to pick their brain.

I'm looking for a 2/3 lights on a white bar to put under each cabinet spot.

Does anyone have any they can recommend?

Thanks in advance.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen pic


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Soapstone is here!! Pictures, pictures, pictures!

posted by: tinker_2006 on 12.01.2011 at 08:27 pm in Kitchens Forum

We've been working around the clock restoring an old 1937 Florida home, and finally.. it really looks like we are getting somewhere!

Today the rest of our soapstone counters went in (still waiting on a rebuild for laundry room cabinets). I have to admit.. I was a little bit afraid if I'd love in MY house, even though I have always loved in every kitchen picture. I was afraid it would be too dark, but knew I could leave it unoiled (which I fully expected to do) but now that it is here, oiled... it surpasses all my hopes, it is absolutely gorgeous! DH was not sure AT ALL about soapstone, but left the decision up to me, thankfully! Still need to finish the floors, install hardware, lights and appliance... but here is my kitchen so far!

FL Joshua & assistant arrives with soapstone on truck.

From 2011-12-01

They measured and cut everything in the driveway! They started Monday, but the rain came pouring down, and the rest was delivered and installed this afternoon.

From 2011-12-01

I LOVE the Runnels, and would have never purchased soapstone or the runnels without GW - thank you all!

From 2011-12-01

Still missing our window seat - curtains are old, old, dusty rags.. just to have something in the windows as we renovate (we don't live in this house yet)

From 2011-12-01

From 2011-12-01

From 2011-12-01

From 2011-12-01

From 2011-12-01

From 2011-12-01

From 2011-12-01

From 2011-12-01

From 2011-12-01

From 2011-12-01


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RE: Faucet Behind Sink??? (Follow-Up #3)

posted by: buehl on 02.17.2010 at 06:11 pm in Kitchens Forum

OK, I found what I was looking for. To determine how much room you need behind your sink for your chosen faucet, try mocking it up similarly to what Cloud_Swift did in the linked pictures. In her case, she already had the template. However, it should be relatively easy for your to create your own template with the interior measurements of your chosen sink.

  1. Make a sink template based on the interior dimensions of your sink
  2. Take a piece of plywood (or heavy-duty cardboard) and measure out approximately 25.5" for your counter. Your cabinets will end approx 1.5" from the front of your counter (that's the 1.5" overhang).

  3. Now, determine how much room you will have in the back by measuring
    • window sill and/or trim depth (if you have a window behind your sink) and
    • The depth of your backsplash (don't forget to include any hardibacker board, thinset, tile, etc. that you will need.)

    You will use the larger of these two numbers for the next step
  4. From the back of the plywood counter, measure forward from the larger of the two numbers from step #3 (mark it on the plywood).

  5. Place your sink template on the plywood counter approx 3" from the front edge of the plywood (you might want to check w/your fabricator to see if they put in 3" or 4" lips b/w the edge of the counter & the sink cutout.)

  6. The space you have for your sink + faucet, including handle movement, is the distance b/w the back of your sink template and the measurement you made in #4 above.
  7. To double-check, place your faucet behind the sink template where you would mount the faucet behind your sink (there should be approx 1.5" b/w the sink template and your faucet's hole)
  8. Now, be sure the handles and faucet stem move freely within the available space. You might want to put up a simulated wall to be sure...(again, use a piece of wood or heavy duty cardboard)

BTW...I think the blue tape represents the exterior rim of the her template is actually the overall/exterior sink size. She then put tape along the edge approx the width of the rim all around the template. This is actually a better idea if you can do it b/c then you can be sure you don't plan on placing the faucet (or any other) hole in the sink want them completely outside the sink, including the rim.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cloud_Swift's sink mock-up


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RE: two types of crown moldings in kitchen/great room (Follow-Up #8)

posted by: sherrilea on 11.17.2011 at 12:48 am in Kitchens Forum

Yep, I did that... not even the same profile crown and I think it works fine.


Here is the base molding as well...


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RE: Soapstone vs. Antiqued Black Pearl (Follow-Up #10)

posted by: artielange on 05.11.2009 at 03:44 pm in Kitchens Forum

I really love the look and feel of soapstone but in our vacation home I just didn't want to worry about scratches. I chose Pearl Green Leathered granite which is almost black and is very 'soapstone-esque'.

From Green Pearl Leather Granite

From Green Pearl Leather Granite


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Please show me your cabinet end panels!

posted by: artemis78 on 09.19.2010 at 09:19 pm in Kitchens Forum

Agh, I thought I had made all of the decisions at this point...but no, our cabinetmaker is asking what type of end panels we want on the four exposed edges of our cabinets. Two are 36" high panels and two are floor-to-ceiling 108" panels. His suggestion was to use a panel that is the same style as the door. To complicate matters, we have one set of flush inset cabinets and one set of frameless cabinets, and the end panels are across the aisle from each other---so I want them to match, even though the cabinet styles are slightly different. The cabinets are different depths, too: one is 15" and one is 24". The two high end panels are also different depths at 21" and 24".

I would love to see what others' end panels look like, and why you decided to do them that way. It had never occurred to me that they wouldn't just be slabs (and, I guess, they can be, but my husband thinks that will look unfinished). Our cabinet style is painted with Shaker doors, and we're going for a quasi-vintage "modern bungalow" look with very clean lines (no beads, straight edges, modern pulls, etc.). What would you suggest? Thanks!!


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Door style panels on ends of cabinets or flat panels?

posted by: lynn2006 on 11.11.2011 at 01:54 am in Kitchens Forum

Door style panels on ends of cabinets or flat panels? Which is preferred and why did you choose one over the other. Any pictures? This is something I never noticed until asked which I preferred.


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Franke sink accessories

posted by: 4mom23girls on 11.16.2011 at 04:57 pm in Kitchens Forum

HI all...

We are just about to put in our order for the kitchen sinks. We're ordering the Franke Orca SS sink. Installed a few feet away will be a prep sink/veggie sink. Should we opt for a cheaper "regular" stainless steel veggie sink or will it be obvious that the 2 sinks don't match. Also, is it important to "match" the strainer and stopper too. We are going with a Badger Insinkerator disposal, so I suppose any SS stopper and strainer will work or will it be obvious. What have most of you done?



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Need help to design 3 super susan shelves.

posted by: Bellsmom on 11.15.2011 at 11:20 pm in Kitchens Forum

You have helped me so much in designing and furnishing my kitchen. Now I want to build and install three super susan rotating shelves for the existing upper corner cabinet in my kitchen. One on the bottom, and two on the existing adjustable shelves. There is just too much inaccessible space here, and I LOVE the super susan shelves in the base cabinet below. They hold an incredible amount, and it is all accessible.
The upper cabs are 15'' deep; the side to side measure of the corner cabinet is about 27'', inside measure about 25 1/2''.

Has anyone done this? Can you help me with some considerations:

Do I need a rim around the outer edge of each susan so items don't fall off? If so, what material and method of application work best? Can I apply the edge to the curved part of the susan, but leave the front open? Since the door is glass, it would look better that way.

Plywood or composite for shelf and edge? How thick for each? Is 1/2'' enough for the rotating shelf? (I suspect it needs to be thicker to avoid sagging). I expect to paint the shelves a color similar to the cabinet.

Amazon has a 5/16'' thick, 12'' diameter turntable bearing that holds 1000lbs for less than $5 each. I don't need that weight, but the price is good. Will this work, or is there something better?

I have access to a friend's full woodworking shop (and to the friend's help), so cutting the circular susans and cutting and gluing on an edge if needed will be no problem.

I really appreciate any suggestions and help.


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Grohe Bridgeford pullout vs Perrin-Rowe Country faucet decision

posted by: dragonfly08 on 11.12.2011 at 12:23 pm in Kitchens Forum

I am in love with the look of both of these faucets and need help deciding between the two! If anyone has either one and can share what they love or didn't like, I'd love the input. I know that I probably won't go wrong with either one... and having come across some great online deals for both, I'd like to decide soon. BTW, it will be going with a 30" Shaws apron front sink.


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Finished Creamy White Kitchen

posted by: kfroddy on 04.18.2010 at 10:01 pm in Kitchens Forum

I posted this kitchen when we finished it -- about three years ago -- but after getting a couple of follow-up questions, realized that it never got posted to the FKB. Hopefully it works this time.

Here are (hopefully) the pics:









Here are the particulars with my comments about how I like them three years later:

Cabinets: Mouser, custom inset, maple "China" painted finish (almost identical to Dove Wing, Benjamin Moore paint); cherry, burnished autumn (I think that's the finish) under the bar -- These cabinets have held up so well. I don't find them hard to keep clean like I thought I would, and I have two very young children. I just use the Guardsman polish Mouser recommends. They haven't shown any cracking or anything like others had reported about painted white cabinets when I was debating whether I should go ahead with them. I'm so glad I just went with what I loved!

Also, word of advice: make sure to take inventory of everything you own and think hard about where you are going to put it all when designing your cabinets. Not until I did that did I realize that I didn't need a specific "pots and pans" drawer -- the height of my pots could fit in a normal drawer, even when stacked. Using normal drawers allowed me to fit in a shallow top drawer for spatulas, etc. I can't imagine not having that shallow top drawer. Also, consider using the cabinet above the refrigerator as a place to store cookie sheets, muffin pans, extra pot lids, etc. We just put a few dividers in -- wonderful use of space!

Countertops: Black Pearl Antique granite -- I LOVE my countertop! Talk about low-maintenance! The "antique" finish gives it a soft feel like soapstone and shows no fingerprints like a honed finish. The black pearl granite is better than absolute black in hiding dirt because it has a little variation in color. I wanted soapstone, but had to be realistic about my lifestyle, and this was a perfect choice. I get so many compliments about this countertop (got at Marble Systems in Fairfax, VA).

Backsplash: Marble subway tile in Creme Marfil (light cream), polished -- Still lovely, and I've completely neglected it!

Pendant Lights: Restoration Hardware -- They are like jewels, giving the kitchen more interest.

Paint on walls: Silver Sage from Restoration Hardware

Hardware: Cup Pulls from Restoration Hardware, brushed nickel

Range: Wolf 36" all gas -- This is the one thing I'm not totally loving. While I like the look a lot (the red knobs make me smile), we had some issues with the stove-top "exploding" (gas build up b/f turning on with a bang) and then not lighting, etc. The non-sealed burners are a pain for someone who has no time to dote on them. You have to make sure everything is lined up just right. A lot of heat seems to escape from the oven -- it heats up the kitchen a lot, and the outside gets really hot to the touch. If you have the oven going, you can't cook delicate sauces. The oven doesn't really cook things evenly. Whatever is cooking furthest from the convection fan cooks a lot faster than the portion near the fan. If you get a Wolf, get the extended warranty. They are very very good about coming out and tweaking it. While I adore the look, I had better, consistent performance from my old lower-end range. You really need to cook a lot to get a "feel" on how it cooks so you don't burn things.
Hood: Vent-a-Hood, Nouveau Pro -- Does a very good job, although it's pretty loud (not unusually so though)

Sink: Franke Oceania -- Another thing I still absolutely love. A large one-bowl sink is a must! We use the colander as a drying rack, which keeps drying dishes off of the counter and "in" the sink.

Faucet: Grohe Ladyluxe - Looks nice and performs really well

Refrigerator: LG, French door -- I don't love this fridge, but it's fine. I find that if I put lettuce/spinach near the back, it freezes sometimes. A cabinet-depth fridge is a lot less space than I was used to -- thank goodness we kept the old fridge in the garage.
Warming Drawer: GE Monogram - We use this more than we thought we would
Dishwashwer: Bosch -- Nice, basic, quiet DW. Beware of water streaks on the stainless front panel -- just can't get them out, but they aren't super noticeable, so it's not that big of a deal.

Microwave/Additional Oven: GE Advantium -- Much better use of space and money than a second oven, although we don't use the Advantium much because there isn't a lot of guidance about how long to cook things. They mostly tested brand-name processed food and tell you how long to cook those items, but don't give guidance on how to figure out how to program your casserole.


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RE: Updating 90s honey oak kitchen for resale (Follow-Up #49)

posted by: gmp3 on 09.21.2011 at 06:18 pm in Kitchens Forum

I just sold my house which was adjacent to a busy road in a market where DOM is about 90 and sales price is about 85% of asking. We asked 10K higher than the realtor suggested and sold in 25 days for about 99.5% of asking. The house had a busy road and a large retirement home next to it.

That said the realtor told me our wow factor was the kitchen. We spent 7K redoing it 2 years ago. We moved the island, had our honey oak cabinets professionally sprayed with cream paint, added beadboard and SC granite and travertine backsplash and refinished the hardwood floors. We also had some cabinets cut for glass.


New kitchen

The house across the street that has better views and no street next to it had no updates. It is 600' larger and is still on the market for 40K less than we sold ours for. Your appliances are nicer than mine were.

My opinion after looking at houses is that if you are a smart shopper it is better to do some upgrades. For $180 I painted the bathroom vanity black got a remnant of granite and added a vessel sink from Amazon. It was another inexpensive update than made my house stand out.

Remember, not everyone wants a brand new house, there are huge expenses associated with putting in landscaping and window treatments and other items need in a new home.


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New white w/ soapstone (PICS) - Looking 4 ideas to warm it up!

posted by: imlebby on 05.30.2011 at 11:24 am in Kitchens Forum

Now that our kitchen is finally complete (with great thanks to the Garden Web community for so much help), I am looking for suggestions and advice to help warm up the space. Looking for help especially for the space at the end of the peninsula against the backsplash as that is the area you see first when walking into the new space.

First the "before" kitchen - (and to think that we lived with our kitchen this way for almost 11 years!) I think this can be entered into the "most ugly and unfunctional space EVER! contest" - can you say "WINNER!"?



And, after blowing the above room off of the back of our is the finished product! (We stil need a light over the kitchen table and the stools are temporary until I find something else...)






Window treatments, accessories, plants, colors? Please share what you would do to warm it up!



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A year in the making. My new kitchen w/pics

posted by: oldhouse1 on 09.11.2011 at 08:50 pm in Kitchens Forum

Our home is a simple 1840 Canadiana. We were living life quite comfortably when we drove by a home we always jokingly said we would buy if it ever went up for sale. Well, there it was, a big for sale sign in the middle of the lawn. Long story short we moved from our 4 bathroom home to one 1/3 the size with one bath that also happened to be off the kitchen. We immediately set out to design a small addition which included a kitchen. That was three years ago. With the exception of the foundation and framing, this has been a complete DIY project. After a year and a month of doing dishes in the bathroom I now have a kitchen. It doesn't have alot of bells and whistles and although we didn't necessarily want a period kitchen we did want one that suited an older home.


Ikea Tidaholm cupboards, professionally sprayed in Cloud White with alot of customization. Unfortunately, these have since been discontinued.

AEG Electrolux 36" freestanding stove. Bought for less then half price because someone bought it, used it once and returned it because they decided they wanted gas. We don't have gas and recently put in Geo Thermal heating/air conditioning. Wasn't in the budget to bring in propane. Stove was so reasonable that if we decide to do so later we can.

Liebherr 30" freestanding refrigerator. Purchased for half price because it had a dent dent in the bottom half. Bought a new door so it was good as new, until they delivered it and dented the top half. They replaced the door. Neither will be installed until house is complete (just in case).

Ikea farmhouse sink and dishwasher. I'm actually very pleased that it works as well as it does.

Perrin and Rohl Aquatine faucet in polished nickel.

Island and Jam cupboard - Special Order from Camlen Furniture in Quebec. Purchased with hand planed top in pine and may or not replace with marble. Will live with it for a while.

10" random length pine floors. All hand finished and dinged and finshed with Waterlox. This alone took us several weeks. We love the finish.

Honed Absolute Black granite. Bought the kitchen at Ikea's 20% off sale. Rather then cash back you get Ikea gift certificates. Used these and another $1300.

Faber Inca Pro hood

Light fixture- Sescolite, Burlington, Ontario

Finished kitchen, $19 thousand including all the small stuff.

I would like to thank the GW community. I found you when most decisions had already been made but early enough to make some positive changes based on the vast amount of information shared on this site. I didn't ask for much advise but I can assure you that I read everything written on the subjects that I researched on this site and then some. I do not have the incredible knowledge that so many of you do who share so willingly to those who ask but have from time to time tried to help out on the very few subjects I know a little about. I have taken much more than I have been able to give. I am grateful to have had a place that I could frequent with people who share the same desire to have a kitchen of their dreams no matter their budget. And to those who think their day will never come, keep the faith. I never thought that I would get here. After seeing so many unbelievable kitchens, big and small, elaborate and understated, new and updated thanks for looking at mine.


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Finished Kitchen-warm white cabs, marble, wood counters

posted by: blakey on 03.29.2009 at 04:58 pm in Kitchens Forum

I can't believe it's complete, except for a bit of decorating, but it's so nice to be able to cook again. Thanks to everyone on this forum for the great questions, advice, photos, suggestions and support. I feel like I got so lucky when I stumbled upon this website just as we were getting started. It helped me tremendously and so many of the kitchens served as inspiration(you'll know who you are!)


breakfast room

wet bar





mud room

laundry room

Cabinets-Wood Mode
Perimeter Counters-Calacatta Crema-honed
Island top-Sapele Mahogany
Wall Oven-Miele
Refrigerator-Sub Zero
Main Sink-Shaw's Original Farm Sink
Wet Bar Sink-Sink-A-Link Hammered Copper


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99% Finished Kitchen--creamy white w/soapstone

posted by: jbrodie on 03.01.2009 at 06:59 pm in Kitchens Forum

Finally! Our kitchen is finished! I never thought the day would come, and boy am I enjoying it. I owe so much to this forum. I can't tell you how much you all helped me. Thank you!!! I hope I can help others in return.

Hope I'm not putting too many pictures!





soap stone

Quick description (feel free to contact me if you have questions)
-Soapstone: Julia
-Cabinets: Custom, inset/flush shaker style with single bead (waiting to see if we get some issues resolved before I recommend the cabinet maker)
-Bookcase and desk tops: walnut
-Sharp microwave oven drawer (love it!)
-GE fridge
-Shaw 30 inch apron sink
-Wolf range top
-Thermador double ovens
-Vent-a-hood hood
-Dal tile
-potfiller: Newport Brass
-hot/cold faucet Newport Brass
-Main faucet: Mico
-Door to garage: one panel painted with chalkboard! The kids love this and it's fun to put messages to guests, each other, holiday wishes, etc.
-Pull out baskets (love these...I keep bread in one and potatoes, onions, etc. in the other)
-Wine shelf--love it!
-Bar stools from Sturbridge Yankee Workshop (love these and they were so reasonable!)
-What would I do differently? More than 12 inch overhang on seating area of island (maybe 14-16 inch). And I might skip the bead board in the backs of the bookshelfs and glass cabs.

Happy kitchen designing to all! Thank you again!


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New To Kitchens? Posting Pics? Read Me! [Help keep on Page 1]

posted by: buehl on 09.18.2011 at 04:00 pm in Kitchens Forum

Welcome! If you are new to the Kitchens Forum, you may find the following information and links helpful.

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)/Articles pages contain helpful information about how to navigate this site as well as the world of kitchen renovations.

The Kitchen Forum Acronyms will help you understand some of the acronyms used frequently in posts.

The Finished Kitchens Blog has pictures and information about many GW members' finished kitchens. Not only can you see them alphabetically, but there is also a category list if you're looking for specific things like a kitchen w/a Beverage Center or a kitchen w/a mix of dark and light cabinets. Access the FKB Categories Page via a link in the navigation panel on the right of any FKB page. Additionally, there is also a link to "In-Progress Kitchens" for those members' kitchens that are not quite ready for the FKB. There is also a link to "Coming Soon Kitchens" for those kitchens that are ready for the FKB but have not yet been added. To access the "In-Progress Kitchens", the "Coming Soon Kitchens", and the "FKB Categories", see the links in the navigation panel that is on the right side of each main FKB page.

The Appliances Forum is very useful when you have questions specific to appliances.

To start off the kitchen remodel process...take the Sweeby Test. Then, move on to Beginning a Kitchen Plan.

Other topics such as layouts, planning for storage, and stone materials are discussed in later topics in this thread. Even more information can be found by doing a search on the forum.


  • Before posting a question, please search the forum. There's a very good chance someone has already asked the question.
  • When using the "search" function, be sure to use the search box on the bottom of the page, not the top!
  • Note, however, that you will probably have better luck searching if you use Google (or similar search engine) than if you use the Forum search function. When using Google, to limit your results to Garden Web, include the following in your search criteria: ***
  • In the Subject, the site changes the double quote used as the inches indicator (") to a single quote ('). We don't know why. To compensate, use two single quotes and it will appear as a double quote in the Subject. Luckily, the double quote works in the message box.
  • When composing a new thread, you have a couple of options:
    • Have replies emailed to you: check the box offering this option. However, you must have "Allow other users to send you email via forms at our site." box checked in your profile for this to work (see the "Your Profile" link at the very top of the page) [See the post later in this thread with the Subject: Getting Emails Sent To You...3-step Process]
    • Insert a link: When you "preview" your message, you will be provided with two boxes for a is for the link itself and the second is for the name or description of the link.

  • When using the "Clip this post" option (far upper right corner of each post, small print), remember that only the current post is clipped, not the entire thread. Also, you are allowed a maximum of 50 clippings. Once you reach this max, you will no longer be able to clip or email posts.

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  • Below the thread list are page numbers 1-67 for the total 67 pages of threads available -- capturing maybe 2 months or so of threads, less when the Forum is busy.

  • Below that (and at the top of the thread list as well) is a space for you to switch to the Conversations or Gallery "sides" - these are set up similarly but are not nearly as active.

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    • Always refresh the page two or three times b/f assuming a thread has disappeared right after starting it.

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  • Next is a place for you to start a new thread. And finally there are some instructions and links at the bottom.

Kitchen Forum "Sides"

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Gallery: This is the "side" where members often post pictures...especially if you're posting a lot or a finished kitchen. (Note: This is where StarPooh, our FKB person, wants you to post your finished kitchen prior to having it added to the FKB.)

Again, welcome and good luck! The journey is wild, sometimes bumpy, but fun and very rewarding in the end!


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1928 Brick Bungalow Kitchen Thoughts Please!

posted by: kpasso on 03.20.2011 at 05:53 pm in Kitchens Forum

Hello, I'm a long time lurker, first time poster. First, I've learned so much reading your posts - more than I ever thought. I'd love to get thoughts on my soon-to-be kitchen. We are in the midst of planning/getting ideas/cost estimates, etc.

Details I already know: darker/reddish brown quartersawn oak shaker-style cabinets to go with existing ww; ss appliances; white apronfront sink; utilizing existing white subway tile around entire kitchen (see pics below). Want to create a bungalow/arts n crafts-esque kitchen with modern upgrades. I have appreciation for the 50s-style kitchen, but would rather have a kitchen to go with the rest of the house. Size is 15x13.

Design challenges/opportunities: white subway tile around entire kitchen (with thin light blue trim); seafoam green and black tile in breakfast nook/room.

Requests/thoughts for insight on the following: we want to keep all the tile and make it work - but we need to install new flooring that needs to work with both rooms and a small hallway. What is the best color to use? We were thinking to keep it "cool" in color, so maybe a light grey?

Additionally, thoughts on countertop color? I love the idea of soapstone, of course, but I'm pretty rough in the kitchen.

We are also interested in aqua grantique (thank you forum!) and super white/arabescato quartzite. Would that be too much grey and dreary? We may use our current blonde-colored butcher block table for island top.

I have pics below and welcome thoughts/insights.

Thanks so much!!

From Brick Bungalow

From Brick Bungalow

From Brick Bungalow

From Brick Bungalow


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Show Me Your Soapstone !

posted by: MIssyV on 09.18.2011 at 08:47 pm in Kitchens Forum

I have flipped through the finished kitchen blogs several times, but I have a feeling several of you have soapstone in your kitchens, but don't have them posted in the fkb :)

I am narrowing down my ss selections, and find them all to be quite beautiful really, so hoping to see yours to aid me in this final decision. I am thinking about Beleza, Minas or Antolini.

Can't wait to see your beauties!


clipped on: 09.21.2011 at 08:25 pm    last updated on: 09.21.2011 at 08:25 pm

honed virginia mist pics

posted by: deee on 09.07.2007 at 05:08 pm in Kitchens Forum

Just installed today! I'm really pleased. Many, many thanks to this forum for all the advice and hand holding. Be sure to check out my galaxy sink too. I'll post more pics of the kitchen when finished.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


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What kind of pull for this microwave cabinet

posted by: prospect711 on 09.17.2011 at 08:35 pm in Kitchens Forum

We have a "flipper" door on our new microwave cabinet.
Since, when flipped up, it goes almost all the way back into the cab, I am puzzling over what kind of a pull will work.
The blue tape is a temporary solution.




clipped on: 09.20.2011 at 03:50 pm    last updated on: 09.20.2011 at 03:50 pm