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RE: Need help on watering (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: morz8 on 03.27.2014 at 12:43 pm in New to Gardening Forum

There is no formula to follow, you must water as needed. Temperature, wind, size of the pot in relationship to size of the plant it is holding will all come into play.

When I water containers I fill to the brim until water is running freely from the drainage holes in the bottom. Depending on what has been used for potting medium, if allowed to completely dry out some can be very hard to rewet, water may go around the rootball and out the holes while the rootball stays dry. If that has happened, you may need to submerge the pot in a larger container of water, hold it down if necessary until bubbles stop rising, then begin watering as needed again.

And drought tolerant plants are not drought tolerant until fully established in their permanent site. That can mean more water the first year or more until the plant has established a more mature, functional root system in the ground - literally nothing newly planted is drought tolerant.


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RE: dragon fruit not growing (Follow-Up #59)

posted by: McThingy on 01.27.2014 at 09:13 pm in Tropical Fruits Forum

@ mike7381

If the dragon fruit was dead, you would know. It turns brown then black when it starts to die.

Dragon fruit plants can grow without water, light, and soil. They are cactus plants. They have plenty of water to keep them from dying. Just keep it in part shade, part sunlight, water it, and leave it alone. Water it every two weeks.

You can't kill it by not giving it light. It just won't fruit is all. But, I'm guessing, your tree isn't mature enough to fruit, it should be okay.

Once you see new growth, which can take a month to six months, then plant it outside. Just be patient.


Thanks for your advice, I already planted it outside, hope it will grow soon.
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