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RE: For those who don't love tattoos . . . (Follow-Up #35)

posted by: daisyadair on 10.15.2008 at 05:45 pm in Home Decorating Forum

This is an interesting point of view which I hadn't thought about:
A quote from William De Michele, who published The Illustrated Woman in 1992, sticks with me as appropriate: Tattoos signify commitment. As permanent marks, they generally indicate some personal transition of significance. Often this relates to efforts to gain or regain control of one's life. [for example a woman who went through a divorce and wanted to make her body different from anything her husband had ever seen.] Even avid artists tend to place them in areas that can be covered or shown at will, much like a woman lawyer wearing black lace garters under her clothes in Court, something about which only she or someone she chooses to tell, knows. Tattoos on the hands or face much more frequently mean major events, such as a rejection of society totally, or membership in some tight group such as a prison or street gang.


Love this quote!
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RE: AK residents - please give me info (Follow-Up #76)

posted by: sally123 on 09.19.2008 at 04:00 am in Kitchens Forum

Is Sarah Palin the most qualified person to be Vice President? Are you kidding? Is Barak Obama the most qualified man to be President? Of course not. Are we all just a bunch of partisans who want our guy no matter what? Sure. What I really don't get, though, is attacking a woman because of her personal choices--choices many women have fought for years to be able to make. Debating her qualifications is one thing. Criticizing her because of the choices she has made about her family--her pregnancy, her kids and whether or not she should work (???) is unbelievably archaic and backward and something I would think would raise the hackles of enlightened women everywhere.


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