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RE: What is the 'One True Kitchen? I Want Photo Examples Please (Follow-Up #50)

posted by: marcolo on 11.19.2011 at 05:48 pm in Kitchens Forum

And the One True Kitchen spoke to her, making her heart sing:

I. I am the One True Kitchen, who brought thee out of the land of cheap builder's grade oak and shiny brass. Thou shalt not install any strange kitchens before Me; nor paint thy walls a non-neutral color; nor make for thyself any likeness of the Sopranos' kitchen, or early '90s Tuscan. Nor shalt thou apply any graven appliques upon thy Shaker cabinets. Thou shalt not prefer other kitchen styles, for I, the One True Kitchen, am a jealous Kitchen, visiting iniquity on them that hate Me.

II. Thou shalt not take any countertop unless it came with veins.

III. Remember the annual Crown Point holiday sale; eleven months shalt thou pay full retail; but on the twelfth month thou shalt negotiate, when it shall be surprisingly affordable.

IV. Honor thy subway tile and thy farmhouse sink, that thou shall not tire of thy kitchen for many days.

V. Thou shalt not spill, especially wine or lemon juice unless thou buyest soapstone.

VI. Thou shalt not commit to any slab unless thou hast tested it first with ketchup.

VII. Thou shalt steal everything from Christopher Peacock's website that isn't tied down and copy it exactly.

VIII. Thou shalt not bear to go without a false door unless it is up against a neighboring cabinet.

IX. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's colorful countertop; or her colorful backsplash; or her colorful paint; or her stained cabinets; or her dreadful four-inch strip of granite before the tile starts, what was she thinking.

X. Thou shalt not covet anything that is thy neighbor's, for it is not timeless and classic and she has no taste.


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RE: What is the 'One True Kitchen? I Want Photo Examples Please (Follow-Up #26)

posted by: zartemis on 11.18.2011 at 03:00 am in Kitchens Forum

I think few people intentionally "simply follow the crowd" but we live in a society and I don't think anyone's preferences are 100% immune to "trend" influence.

There are two of us remodeling the house and kitchen. Neither of us watch TV. I don't watch movies (he watches scifi). We run ad blockers on our browsers. We don't read magazines. We don't have long commutes so we see fewer billboards than most. We both HATE shopping and never go in malls. Before reading this forum, I didn't even know there existed a store called Restoration Hardware. Seriously.

Yet we are putting in shaker cabs -- seemingly today's (or at least GW's) most popular style. And that was decided before I posted here -- I think one of my first posts was even asking what "this" style was called: shaker (sincerely asking -- and none of you made fun of me for it, even!). Their popularity may explain why one kitchen designer/cab rep seemed to sigh as she showed us door panels and we both independently pointed to the shaker (and the plain slab (which she seemed also to have a disinclination toward) -- but slab was generally more expensive and we didn't have strong preference between the two so price won there).

We had not browsed house mags (never have yet) or online finished kitchen blogs (have since), no TV, no friends with kitchens remodeled in the last 20 years (most rent), no movie kitchens and yet the trends of the day had independently and unconsciously seeped into both our preferences (the white paint part didn't, though).

I'm not offended if someone suggests our choice is 'trendy'. Did we consciously choose them because they are popular? No. Did we unconsciously do so? Who knows for sure? Quite probably.

Some of the kitchen minutia discussions (others and my own!) do remind me of this, though:


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RE: My just-about-finished Super White kitchen **pics** (Follow-Up #48)

posted by: dragonfly08 on 03.29.2012 at 03:53 pm in Kitchens Forum

I apologize for the photos above being on the small side. I didn't even realize I copied the small version until now. If you want larger pics, just click on the photos and it should take you to my photosharing site.

michoumonster... If you have any questions, I'd contact Schoolhouse Electric and just ask. I think they would look great in a bath!

jmcgowan... Hungry Caterpillar is on regular rotation here during reading time, too! Yes, I LOVE my bluestar! After using it for 3 weeks, I appreciate the high BTUs, the wonderful simmer burner, the self-reignite feature and the oven... the spaciousness, the awesome rollout tray and how quickly and evenly it bakes! The best part... it cleans up EASY! With my last stove (a black/SS GE), it took so much elbow grease to remove anything baked on and the streaking drove me nuts! Right now, I'm perfecting Mickey Mouse pancakes over the weekend on the griddle...

camphappy... we love our floors. DH and I have always tended towards darker floors. These are red oak that were Dark Walnut-stained (I believe 3 coats). Our last house had gorgeous but glossy dark hardwood and the glossiness drove us crazier than the dirt showing against the dark. We went with matte finish this time. For me, having 2 little ones means I'm vacuuming at least once day. And, honestly, I only mop once a week, aside from spot cleaning spills/messes. My floors look fine (and for what it's worth, I didn't vacuum or mop prior to taking pics!).

Just thought I'd add a few more photos, mostly on the organizational side, in case anyone is interested. Little features that I'm coming to appreciate.

My spice cabinet, located on top to left of the range. I had only specified "spice cabinet" in my designs and had no idea what was going to be made or installed. I believe they are Rev-a-shelf. I had never seen this before and I'm growing to like it more and more. It swings out and stays "closed" with magnet. Lower shelves are good for frequently used spices while I plan on keeping less-frequently used ones up higher (and they get high!). *NOTE: I've obviously NOT organized my spices yet; in fact, I have a huge bag of my spices still stored somewhere...*

On the bottom to the left of the range, my only roll-out. I opted for a ROS over a drawer to keep my condiments and oils because I prefer to see most of the bottles and access them from the sides if needed. And I kinda did the reverse and arranged for taller bottle on top since the vast majority of my bottles turn out to be tall. I LOVE having them all easily accessible with minimal bending and crawling!

Here is a better shot of my built-in paper towel rack. It presides over the tray cabinet. Cabinet is quite deep so I am actually able to store extra rolls behind.

Upper corner cabinet. While initially not thrilled about the bifold corner door, I LOVE having 100% easy access to the corner shelves! We had an angled upper corner cab in our last house... and, well, I'm sure this isn't new to most of you, but we love it.

We included a small 15"Wx12"D pantry and broom closet to the side of the refrigerator. Still sitting unorganized (except for our cereal boxes which I'm 200% sure will sit here) but will serve to hold frequently used pantry items. I'm considering configuring broom closet to a messaging center... but still haven't decided how. Any ideas?

RO system setup under bar sink with holding tank.

Our Amerock pulls:

A closeup of our restored vintage holophane industrial pendant.

Evening shot. We have LED bulbs in the pendants, 6" LED recessed cans (from Home Depot) for ceiling, and LED strips for under cabinet lighting (from Elemental LED) which we leave on almost all day long.

Last, another daytime shot of the schoolhouse light in the mudroom.


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additional photos... (Follow-Up #39)

posted by: dragonfly08 on 03.28.2012 at 10:16 pm in Kitchens Forum

rhome410... my island is one of my favorite, functional parts of the kitchen. I actually had it lowered by about 1-inch; not so much that you could tell, but enough that when I spend extended time prepping, makes a difference my 5'2" frame appreciates. And yes, the bubble wrap never gets old!

michoumonster... I purchased my mudroom light from Schoolhouse Electric. I fell in love with this shade the moment I saw it; easiest "design" decision for me! Here's another photo I just took... had to darken the room so you could see the stripes:

I ended up ordering from them a 2nd time to get something similar for my front entryway. Their prices are reasonable and pieces are high quality.

joanie... my renovation-buddy! Thank you for your words! Yes, the paper-towel cubby idea was one of the first things I came across on this forum. My inspiration was firsthouse_mp's kitchen. I've provided the link below. For someone who has always dreamed of having clutter-free countertops, this was a must-borrow-idea! Only regret? My 1yo is going thru her unroll-paper-goods stage and we are constantly hiding the roll deep inside the cubby out of her reach! Here's an angled pic of it:

redlover... the bar sink was just something cheap I got off ebay (I think I paid <$35). Since we were only using it for filtered water, felt like something we could easily compromise. We have a reverse osmosis water filtration system set up underneath sink along with a holding tank. Faucet was a simple (~$50) filter faucet purchased at Lowes. Works very well for us. We are big coffee people and roast our own beans... so, easy access to filtered water was a no-brainer.

My lights... I do love vintage and restored things. The look I wanted has become rather trendy these days with many companies offering holophane reproductions. Came across this in a local antique light shop (run by white-haired men wearing rubber aprons, nonetheless)... Cost just about the same as ones from RH and the like. They are 1930s, originally hung in a local supermarket... with original Heisey prism-cut glass. These lights were made back when American-made glass were highly sought after and no longer in production.

deb52899... I think my pantry is wonderful, too! My GC actually built it himself. After having those crazy-deep shelves in the old pantry (and no walk-in pantry in my last 2 kitchens), I wanted simple shelves that would hold on more than 2-3 cans deep on top and deep shelves below for bulk or large items. Thanks to GW, I have installed a motion-sensor light and plan on "hiding" my microwave and toaster oven inside. There is a pocket door which remains open most of the time. Some more pics right after they were completed:


Here is a link that might be useful: firsthouse_mp's finished kitchen with paper towel cubby


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RE: Finished (another) white Kitchen - pics (Follow-Up #49)

posted by: emy315 on 03.27.2012 at 08:00 am in Kitchens Forum

cocokey -- My ceiling height is a bit higher's about 108 inches high.

gbsim - My upper cabinets are made as one cabinet. I'm not sure if all cabinet company does this or not. The total height of the cabinets is 48 inches. The glass upper are about 14 inches.

As far was the corner cabinet is concerned... well, I wanted to do a 45 degree angle on top as I did on the bottom. But, if I did that, the uppers couldn't be glass for some reason. The base cabinet is a 45 degree cabinet with a lazy susan. The door opening is tight. I store my mixing bowls, salad spinner, casserole pyrex, etc. The upper does not have a lazy susan. It has one shelf where I store my expresso makers, measuring cups, and some more mixing bowls.

khfl - the island is about 48 inches wide
Michoumonster - I don't mind the ceramic tiles. I am a very messy cook who makes a lot of tomato sauce. By the end of a meal, there is food everywhere. Knowing this, I could not but marble in my kitchen no matter how much I loved it.


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RE: White Kitchen w/ walnut, 99% finished and lived in! (Follow-Up #11)

posted by: alabamamommy on 03.15.2012 at 04:26 pm in Kitchens Forum

Michelle, I've been pinned?!? That's a whole new level of compliment :)

Okay, so the swings crankin' the 3-month-old, and the 20-month-old is miraculously still sleeping, so here goes:

First, this kitchen was the product of lurking on GW for the better part of six months. We didn't walk step by step with everyone, but I feel as though I did. You guys taught me more about CFIs, surface durability and sink preferences than I could have ever gleaned from 50 professional KDs. I cannot say enough about this community. Mmmmmwahhhh.

Second: Though it's certainly the nicest kitchen I've ever lived with, my husband and I are huge bargain hunters. We sourced almost every item ourselves, and most everything came from ebay, appliances included.

The deets:
Just three weeks before we had our 2nd child, we bought this house from the bank. A builder had gone bankrupt mid-construction, and my husband became an overnight GC. Much of the work was piecing together what had already been done, what still needed to be done, and what needed to be redone. The floors, which turned out to be teak, had sat unfinished and unconditioned for two years in the humidity, so we were reluctant to move any of the rough ins for gas, water, electric, etc for fear of messing with the floors that seemed otherwise salvagable. We ended up staining them Jacobean and using a matte finish.

The cabinets were custom, using SW Pearly White. I'm so sorry, I have no idea what the finish was.

The perimeter counters are 2cm Caesarstone (Raven? I can't remember!) and are mitered to 6cm to match the crazy heavy 6cm block of Alabama Marble on the island. We also installed a 4" Walnut, End-Grain boos block. Love love love that. Every time my husband and I comment about the kitchen, we mention that that was the best money spent!

The range is a Thermador 48" dual-fuel and we love it. Very easy to clean. I will complain that in the smaller oven, the backside of the oven runs a tad hotter than the front, but I just do minor baking in that oven. If I'm doing dozens of cookies or roasting a pile of veggies, I use the standard oven.

The vent hood is a 52" by Modern-Aire, purchased out of a showroom on Ebay. It's either a 1200 or 1600 cfm blower, it's been so long, I can't remember.

The fridge/freezer is two Thermador 30" Freedom Columns. I love the way they look, but I wish they were a bit deeper. I do miss my old Sub Zero in the storage capacity department.

The dual/single wall ovens are GE and we use them for pizzas, small batches of cookies, but they really shine when we have the 20+ gang over for Thanksgiving and Christmas, our mothers aren't competing over casserole space!

The sink is a Franke 39" stainless apron front, again purchased from Ebay. The faucet is a Brizo Venuto Touch... ebay.

The potfiller... I sincerely can't remember, but it wasn't incredibly expensive and it works just fine.

The polished nickel hardware is from two compaines. The square knobs are from Atlas. The pulls are Amerock.

I hate my dishwasher. Big ole fat Thermador/Bosch fail there. It has no heating element and I rewash dishes after every load.

The pendants are Restoration Hardware's Royal Master Sealight 9". The chandelier over the kitchen table is by Ballard Design.

I think that's all y'all!

Thank you again to everyone who posts here.


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White Kitchen w/ walnut, 99% finished and lived in!

posted by: alabamamommy on 03.15.2012 at 03:05 pm in Kitchens Forum

Hello all - I was nudged out from under the newborn rock by a post yesterday, so I figured I'd share our final photos. With a caveat... I'm still on the hunt for the appropriate decorative pieces... a properly scaled urn or raised bowl for the countertop, an arrangement of the stuff in the glass cabs that works, etc.

Overall, I love this kitchen. It's proving very family friendly and I haven't had any issues with the primed shiplap as a backsplash. The marble island top DOES etch, but we're closing our eyes and hoping to make it to patinaland sooner than later. With 18 years of school fundraisers ahead of me, I'm certain we'll get there. But there's NOTHING like making pastries on it and I'm going to try my hand at fudge and candies soon!

Our FAVORITE spot, where we spend 70% of our time, is firmly planted on the BOOs block. Chop chop chop. Walnut end-grain... can't say enough. A quick sudsy soapy wipe after each prep and a once a month oiling and it's beautiful.

So here are the pics of our very lived in by a young family of five new kitchen!


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