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wanted: 2008 louisville, ky plant swap-prearranged trades/shares

posted by: chemocurl on 04.12.2008 at 10:22 am in Ohio Valley Forum

Hi all,

I am so pumped about the upcoming swap, once the date is decided. Please see Here for the date being decided yet.

My Plant Have and Plant Wish lists need some updating, as I see what things have maybe been lost. I would like to start thinking about prearranging some swaps, or getting some things together that are specifically of interest to members who are hoping to get to attend. Some native things have a small window of time when they can be found and dug, so if anyone is interested in any of them I hope you speak up b4 it is too late due to them going into dormancy (and out of site!)
Between now and the swap, I hope to be moving some things, and would like to pot up things that folks are interested in. I do not want to then have to disturb them later to dig into them. Peonies for example. I don't have them listed on my trade page as having them (because of not wanting to disturb them) but if anyone has them listed on their Plant want list I will contact them about trading/sharing. So...let the action begin!

Get those lists posted!

Please post here anything you are interested in. We can then work out more details via emails. Others can feel free to post their Haves and Wishes here or can start their own threads arranging for swaps.

I will be updating my Member Trade page, and/or post here what I happen to be moving at the moment. Keep an eye out!

Sue...all excited!

Here is a link that might be useful: My list that needs much updating...just ask though if anything is of interest to you


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Favorite 'sun' plant that takes more shade than you would think

posted by: Springcherry on 08.11.2004 at 03:34 pm in Gardening in Shade Forum

Since its in bloom now, I'll start off with one of the most obvious, and glorious ones == Rudbeckia "Goldstrum."

From what little Ive picked up, it seems that certain varieties and species of pestemon, agastache, monarda, heliopsis, catmint, monarda, veronica, and many more, are more shade tolerant than others of the same genus. I'm looking to find out what these are, and trust people's experiences more than garden catalogs(well, -some- garden catalogs;-)

So what works for you?



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