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Finished White and Gray Kitchen Reveal

posted by: 1pandora on 07.11.2013 at 09:42 pm in Kitchens Forum

We finally finished our remodel the end of May. With kiddos home for the summer, not having any renovations errands to do, enjoying the finished outcome, its been hard to get motivated to put our finished pictures and information up, but here it is:

Cabinetry-custom made by Summit Custom Cabinets(local) � painted BM Simply White, island stain- custom color

Wall Paint- Kitchen-BM Nimbus Rest of house-BM-Revere Pewter

Flooring- 5" quartersawn, rustic grade, hand scraped white oak- 50% Dark Walnut- 50% Provincial

Appliances-Refrigerator-Samsung, Everything else-GE Monogram

Sink � Blanco Diamond Single Bowl-White

Countertops - Granite (island)- Bianco Romano Quartz Ceasarstone Raven(perimeter)

Backsplash-Marble Random Strip Bianco Venatino

Pendants -Sundance Catalog- Meridian

Cabinetry Hardware- Colonial Bronze - Distressed Pewter

4 Panel Sliding Glass Door- Home Depot-Anderson Doors & Windows

Barstools - Pottery Barn- Jacquelyne Counter Height stools

I don't think I have anything special that I haven't seen elsewhere, but I do have everything I love. I do not regret any choices or decisions made.

From the before pictures, you can tell that our 1978 house was very sectional and not opened up. We were very fortunate that we had a screened in porch off our kitchen that we were able to convert to kitchen space. The opening/doorway from the kitchen into the living room was only about a four feet opening. In the remodel, we were able to open the space between the two. Has made a huge difference. We also removed the wall between the now dining room and the living room. I love this-it gives us a line of sight from the kitchen to the front door. Previously had to walk out of kitchen and actually into the entry way to see who was at the door. We made a lot of structural changes in an older home into a much wanted open concept. This also included adding support in the basement to support the removal of a load bearing wall on the main level.

If I have left out any details that you would like more information, let me know.


 photo Pict2013_0286_zps4641ba3d.jpg
 photo Pict2013_0146_zpsd8a17141.jpg
 photo Pict2013_0144_zpsa92abdda.jpg
href="" target="_blank"> photo Pict2013_0278_zps3f76fdb9.jpg
 photo Pict2013_0283_zpsafe136db.jpg
 photo Pict2013_0642_zpse79a23b5.jpg
 photo Pict2013_0443_zps6ab4e0dd.jpg
 photo 8ddfd3c0-0b71-4cca-94ed-7090ad41d0de_zps6d9d180c.jpg
 photo Pict2013_0617_zps9b1357ea.jpg
 photo Pict2013_0637_zps76f4ec28.jpg
 photo Pict2013_0607_zps19136433.jpg
 photo Pict2013_0683_zpsbd44b4bd.jpg
 photo Pict2013_0681_zps87e661a3.jpg
 photo Pict2013_0608_zpsf35458e4.jpg
 photo Pict2013_0679_zps0ce3b7fd.jpg
 photo Pict2013_0609_zpse2af23b1.jpg
 photo Pict2013_0646_zps052ebe9d.jpg
 photo Pict2013_0610_zps9246af71.jpg
 photo Pict2013_0668_zps788fd9df.jpg
 photo Pict2013_0669_zps9473899e.jpg
 photo Pict2013_0670_zps8a834711.jpg
 photo Pict2013_0463_zpsbfaa1628.jpg
 photo Pict2013_0644_zps37df19d8.jpg
 photo Pict2013_0625_zps47c2c2e4.jpg
 photo Pict2013_0624_zps74362c8a.jpg
 photo Pict2013_0622_zpsa3902b11.jpg
 photo Pict2013_0623_zps839ea8b9.jpg
 photo Pict2013_0620_zpsa6273b7a.jpg
 photo Pict2013_0621_zps3316158c.jpg
 photo Pict2013_0626_zps1a0308da.jpg
 photo Pict2013_0616_zps17f91ba9.jpg
 photo Pict2013_0615_zps58b37f23.jpg
 photo Pict2013_0614_zpsebce7660.jpg
 photo Pict2013_0645_zps3d2c50cf.jpg
 photo 6889fc75-bd73-47e4-a397-fc0e13fba4ce_zps23570181.jpg
 photo cd19c384-7887-4c76-8bbb-a6cb59791f8d_zps3ecfc22d.jpg
 photo Pict2013_0643_zps86317ef2.jpg
 photo Pict2013_0639_zpsd35a6a69.jpg

Use to be a wall between the dining room and the living room.
 photo Pict2013_0638_zps039d88fd.jpg
 photo Pict2013_0635_zpsd48794cd.jpg
 photo Pict2013_0613_zps98d04d32.jpg
 photo Pict2013_0612_zpsb271e25e.jpg
 photo Pict2013_0604_zps037282fc.jpg
 photo Pict2013_0475_zps3e36da1e.jpg
 photo Pict2013_0467_zpsb71fd49f.jpg
 photo Pict2013_0466_zps8be753c1.jpg
 photo Pict2013_0457_zps904e67b5.jpg
 photo Pict2013_0455_zpsf8f1d034.jpg
 photo Pict2013_0454_zpsd0bf0639.jpg
 photo Pict2013_0453_zps13485353.jpg
 photo Pict2013_0451_zpsdc4a77f5.jpg
 photo Pict2013_0450_zps90c475e3.jpg
 photo Pict2013_0449_zpsad311022.jpg
 photo Pict2013_0448_zpsea6e317f.jpg

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Sliding glass doors
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RE: What thickness is a granite backsplash? (Follow-Up #6)

posted by: dodge59 on 08.13.2012 at 12:14 pm in Kitchens Forum

Our Entire backsplash is the same granite that is on the counter tops. We did that back in 2006 and we still love it.
I am a "grout hater" our old kitchen was white tile and grout, and our bathrooms still are but they will be slabs of granite, Onyx or whatever one they are renovated.

We like the fact that we can enjoy the granite from the family room, as it has lots of "Movement" and reminds us of our local mountains. We usually have bouquets sitting atop the granite counters, and can see the reflection of same off the backsplash. Somehow I just don't see how grout lines in the bouquets would add to the "Ambience"!

Here's a picture or 2.

Kitchen Bay Window mar2009

Kitche & Wife, Distance Shot



Full height granite splash ends with cabs
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RE: Cutting board over kitchen sink useful? (Follow-Up #10)

posted by: badgergal on 05.18.2013 at 04:41 pm in Kitchens Forum

strayer, the cutting board is made to fit inside the granite edge and overlap it. It does not slide around because it fits the exact shape of the sink cutout. It also has little rubber feet on it if you want to use it on the counter.
Here is a side view of it:

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

And this is how it looks on the bottom:

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos


Over sink cutting board
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RE: Will Adjustable Drawer Divider be useful? (Follow-Up #23)

posted by: taggie on 05.19.2013 at 03:42 pm in Kitchens Forum

Peke, if you check the pictures of mine above you can see they aren't pre-made with grooves but they are adjustable.

The cabinet maker made them by cutting them just a wee wee hair smaller than the interior size of the drawers such that they wedge in so tightly that they don't move. They can be adjusted with some wiggling to pull them free and then repositioned the same way, but they don't budge at all without that effort.

Here are a few more pics of different drawer dividers done similarly. On the day of install, he asked if I wanted vertical or horizontal dividers for each drawer, and how many, and came back the next day with them for me. He does all his drawer dividers that way ... simple solution but it works perfectly!

 photo DSCN3853.jpg

 photo DSCN3519.jpg

 photo DSCN3835.jpg

If you can get your cabinet maker to do that for you I'd ask him to. If you can't I might even try going to home depot with your measurements and asking DH to do a few cuts for you if he has a table saw in the garage. For 10 bucks it might be worth a try to get lots of dividers, vs. spending $45 on a single one (wow that sounds like a crazy high price). Good luck!


Drawer dividers
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RE: Over the fridge (Follow-Up #4)

posted by: circuspeanut on 10.11.2011 at 10:41 am in Kitchens Forum

How about a simple shelf? I keep my colander and some halfway decent-looking odds and ends up there (fondue pots, etc). This is a nice solution if your dimensions are not standard, too, and only require some dimensional lumber finished like your other cabinets.

I can only find an old photo from halfway through the remodel, but you get the idea:


Shelf over fridge
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RE: Which Kitchen Faucet Did You Pick? (Follow-Up #14)

posted by: pat_123 on 05.25.2010 at 05:19 pm in Kitchens Forum

Delta Talbott with the pull down nozzle. Loving it.


Faucet with forward facing handle
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RE: Quartzite countertop (Follow-Up #47)

posted by: michelle16 on 12.03.2012 at 08:27 am in Kitchens Forum

donttakeitforgranite-you are mistaken- the stone yards do call this type of white macubus- calacutta quartzite. The difference is in the veining. White macabus that runs with lines running across is called luce di luna. When the veining is random like Na Ro's it's called calacutta quartzite because it resembles the pattern of marble.It also is not a cross between marble and granite- it is strictly a quartzite. VERY hard, will NOT etch, or stain. Very durable. I have it and have no issues with it. Mine is the calacutta quartzite like Na Ro's and Muskokascp's.Hope this help's you -island- in your decision, thanks, Michelle


Quartzite counters with elaborate edge
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RE: Refrig. boxed in with drywall, pics? (Follow-Up #7)

posted by: natal on 07.12.2011 at 08:38 pm in Kitchens Forum

We added trim to ours too, but painted it the same as the wall.


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