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RE: Kohler Water Tiles and Digitial Soft Touch (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: hoffman on 02.12.2007 at 09:39 am in Bathrooms Forum

I have the watertile overhead rainshower (which includes 4 tiles). It delivers a real deluge of water - not anything like traditional rainshowers which don't have much water pressure. I have a separate volume control for it which I would highly recommend because to have it on full force is really too much. Also, I run out of hot water if I take a long shower with the overhead rainshower (currently have a 50 gallon hot water heater and plan to upgrade to 75 gallons). To be honest, I end up using my handshower (which is on a slide bar) much more often than the overhead. The low profile design is very attractive.


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RE: Kohler Water Tiles and Digitial Soft Touch (Follow-Up #2)

posted by: osorry1 on 03.03.2007 at 12:39 am in Bathrooms Forum

Hello, I have the Water tiles in my master bathroom, three of the invigorating tiles on front between shower heads, two relaxing tiles on the side wall and the Watertile rainshower. IT IS WONDERFUL!!!!! The house is new, and the contractor upgraded to the 100 gal tank for enough water (I also have the kohler SOK tub) I use the invigorating tiles more than anything, use the ceiling tiles to rinse my hair. The digital system came out after I had ordered this for my bathroom, and the plumbing company refused to redo it for the digital convenience (I had some of the laziest, more reprehensible contractors known to man and plumbing was THE WORST). I have two volume controls but they don't stick out too much into the shower area, although I would have preferred the digital SO much more. Good luck

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