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RE: Suggestions on Fireplace Please - PICTURES (Follow-Up #12)

posted by: mdxman33 on 04.09.2010 at 07:09 am in Fireplaces Forum

I wish to share this downloadable folder which I gathered from hundreds of resources in my search for a fireplace designs for my new home which am Finishing-Thanks God- Now.
The folder contains more than 300 images of fireplaces(stone, cultured stone,marble,venere and rumford, french designs and more) beside many DIY manuals about fireplace inserts, consctructing fireplaces, maintaning them and wood burning tips. I will be posting more soon and the folder is being updated from time to then I hope it is not forbidden to share rapidshare folders.

Please enjoy the download:
The file is 67 MB and is worth seeing I hope!!

This new folder contains Much more images of Fireplace designs, beside the previous folder is incorporated inside here. Please follow the download link:

I appreciate any input from you, I would love to get more images if you have any to update the two folders.


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