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Questions about Installing Sliced Pebble Shower Floor

posted by: Kendall2 on 06.15.2013 at 12:12 pm in Bathrooms Forum


We've purchase some tan sliced pebble for our shower floor and I've been reading threads about how to install it. We appreciate the advice to reposition the pebbles along the edges to make sure there are not seams. I still have a few questions.

1. What size trowel should we use to apply the thinset?

2. How thick should the thinset be? 1/8"?

3. I read one post that suggested placing the sheets about 3" from the walls and then filling in the edges with loose pebbles, placing flat-sided stones along the walls. Is this a good plan? I wanted to dry-fit everything before applying the thinset but with so many loose pebbles we would have to fit them while the thinset is drying. I'm nervous that we'll run out of time to arrange the pebbles before the thinset hardens.

4. How close should the pebbles be set to the edge of the Kerdi drain? Do we have to install the top of the drain at the same time that we set the pebbles or can that be done later?

5. Any suggestions for what color grout should be used with tan sliced pebble? (It is from the Stratastones website.) The pebbles are various shades of tan. I've read that the grout shouldn't match the pebbles because it can make them "disappear". We'll probably us Mapei Bone grout for our wall tile. It is a tan tile called Onyx Sand from Home Depot. Since the pebbles are different shades, it might be difficult for the grout not to match some of them. I'm afraid that white grout would get too dirty. Would a contrasting dark grout look best?

6. We plan to install the pebble floor before the walls. Is this okay? I've heard that it's ideal to install the walls and leave out the bottom row but I would be too afraid that the bottom row wouldn't fit after we installed the floor since we aren't experienced at tile installation.

Thank you for any advice.


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Help from davidtay or any UCL expert

posted by: mountaineergirl on 09.29.2010 at 06:10 pm in Lighting Forum

Hello! I have recently installed new counter tops, and before we tile the back splash I want to install under cabinet lighting. I've read some threads on here and am still overwhelmed/confused. I want LED lights, but don't want to pay a fortune. Could someone tell me if these kits are junk or a good buy? Also would one kit be enough to do it? here's what I have:
36" cab, then OTR microwave with cabs above (so access to next cab run), 30"cab, diagonal 15" cab, 30"cab, window (with wood valance above), 30"cab, diagonal 15", then 18"cab

Does that make sense? here's the link to the light kit:

Thanks in advance for any help you can give!!

Here is a link that might be useful: super delux light kit


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Undercabinet lighting for my new kitchen

posted by: mary1218 on 04.17.2012 at 07:30 pm in Kitchens Forum

We are in the planning stages of our new kitchen remodel. We are up to under cabinet lighting. Any suggestions?? Thanks so much for the help.


see whole thread - about lighting. see lighting forum
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pull-down vs. pull-out faucet

posted by: stpindell on 03.13.2009 at 09:30 am in Kitchens Forum

One of the the "best thing they learned on this forum" was pull-down vs. pull-out faucet. I did a search and could not find a thread discussing this. I might not be searching correctly as I am fairly new to this site.

Can someone please advise what the difference is?


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4' granite backsplash, glass subway tile, or both?

posted by: kfagan113 on 10.22.2011 at 09:29 pm in Kitchens Forum

We finally picked out our granite!!!! We are SO excited. We picked White Ice (lots of grey, black and beige specs, mostly white background). I think it'll be beautiful with our grey stained cabs. I am in favor of white glass subway tiles all the way to the counter, but DH wants the 4" granite backsplash with the tile on top of it. Does anyone have thoughts on this or feel strongly one way or another??? TIA!!


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HELP - do people do granite backsplashes anymore?

posted by: sarahdanna on 10.18.2011 at 05:59 pm in Kitchens Forum

Hi everyone,

We are almost done with our kitchen for our new construction house - finally! We are going to have granite countertops and I'd like subway tiles for a backsplash. The granite fabricator told me that he likes to put in a granite backsplash (3 inches) b/c it seals the granite to the wall. I told him that when I look at kitchens that I like, I typically don't see a granite backsplash with the tiles - I just see tiles for the backsplash. He said that I don't want it like this b/c the grout next to the granite will become dirty and we will need to re-grout it every now and then. The upkeep will be horrible.

What do you guys think? Do people do granite backsplashes when they are using subway tiles as the backsplash? I really need your wisdom as I feel like I'm losing my mind over all of these house decisions! Please help a frantic working mom of an 18 mo old that is also trying to build a new house! Thank you in advance. Sarah


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Slide-in vs. freestanding range

posted by: mdispensa on 03.24.2012 at 11:15 pm in Kitchens Forum

Does anyone have any feedback on slide-in vs free-standing ranges.
I have room for a standard 30" range and on the left side there is only a 12" base between the fridge and the stove. Slide-ins seem to be a lot more expensive as compared to a comparable standard range. I appreciate any input.


slide in vs range
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What do you find best for the faucet 'reach' measurement?

posted by: desertsteph on 04.11.2012 at 08:48 pm in Kitchens Forum

I've been looking for a new kitchen faucet. Some have a 'reach' measurement as low as around 6", others up to 10".

The 6" or so seems way too close to the backside of the sink to me. I think it'd be better at about 9". my sink is 22" front to back.

Does this measurement matter in the 'it splashes water out or not' problem some have posted about? Or does that have to do more with the distance from the spout (where the water comes out) and top of sink area (even with the counter).

My sink also isn't very deep (my choice). I also don't want a really high arched faucet - trying to stick to around 10" in height.


faucet research
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