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RE: Island overhang for seating - what support would you recommen (Follow-Up #8)

posted by: evergreendan on 07.20.2007 at 07:14 am in Kitchens Forum

If you want an invisible support, I ordered huge steel L brackets from "Short Run Pro". They make them specifically for granite overhangs.


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RE: weird question about granite countertop (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: nicole93089 on 08.14.2007 at 08:32 am in Kitchens Forum

That's not an odd question at all! all I know is I weigh considerably more than 110 lbs. and I lean on my 4 in. ledge in front of the sink all the time. My window is a bay behind the sink. My granite fabricator did tell us not to stand on that ledge of course, but it feels very solid when I lean and I have never worried.


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Never-MT: Tip plus an offer of free shipping

posted by: evergreendan on 07.29.2007 at 02:34 pm in Kitchens Forum

First the offer: I did the "buy 3 get one free" offer from Custom Inserts. I changed my mind and don't need the other two. Anyone want TWO Never-MT's for $14 (half of what it cost, after shipping, or alternative, paying the regular $7 each price but getting free shipping (instead of $6.80 that Custom Inserts charged) and of course no tax)? If so, e-mail me at dan899 a-t gmail d-o-t com. Or if you live near Arlington, MA and want to pick them up, they're yours for a six pack of interesting beer or an good cigar.

Second the tip: My dispenser is from Home Depot, Mountain Plumbing. I found that the hose from the Never-MT was a bit too big to fit snugly over the tube from the dispenser. I removed the dispenser's hose and softened the Never-MT hose by heating it over a burner. I could then force it over the end of the dispenser's pump, without the dispenser's tube. Also, I removed the grey plastic insert from the stainless steel housing that mounts to the countertop, otherwise the pump won't sit all the way down into the housing. Do this before mounting it will make it easier; I had to use a piece of dowel to poke it out from below, on my back, behind the disposer, sink, trap, and water pipes.


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Do you have a tv in the kitchen?

posted by: natesgramma on 05.07.2007 at 11:31 am in Kitchens Forum

I've been looking at under-cabinet tv's that flip down for viewing. From what I can tell, they range between 7-10" for the screen size. DH says that's going to be too tiny. For those of you who have this kind, do you like it and what brand? I've also seen larger flat screens that are set on the counter. Whatever I get will probably be under a corner cabinet, away from the sink and range. Can I get info or pics of what you have in your home and where it's located?


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RE: Cleaning floor grout.......anyone used steam? (Follow-Up #5)

posted by: weed30 on 06.29.2007 at 10:49 pm in Kitchens Forum

Once you get it clean, seal it! Aquamix Sealer's Choice Gold seems to be popular among the pros. Available at Home Depot, not sure about Lowe's. Buy the applicator with the wheel on the end - great little tool! I found mine at Home Depot right next to the sealers.

NOTE: Absolutely DO NOT USE "Stand 'n' Seal". Hopefully all of it has been recalled, but in case you run across some, pass it up. It can cause very severe respiratory problems.


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The electrician is on his way....take a look, PLEASE

posted by: kailuamom on 06.30.2007 at 01:06 pm in Kitchens Forum

Hi All - Day four, the kitchen is completely gutted (well, I guess there is some sheetrock left), and the electrician is on his way to do the rough in. I am trying to finalize everything I talked with him about yesterday and want to be sure I haven't forgotten anything.

OK - for undercab lighting, we are going florescent (we are in Hawaii, hitchen doesn't have air conditioning, we don't want to heat it up anymore than necessary) what color florescent bulbs do I get? Cool, Warm, I'm clueless.

I am not going with plugmold, but am having outlets placed as near to the counter height as possible - anything I need to do there?

How far from the wall are TKOs happies with the recessed lights?

Anything else? The electrician seems great and will do what I ask so long as it's code.

Placement of pendants over island - we will have two, should that be centered, or more over the work area, not the eating area?

Thanks for your help!


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Alternatives to bullnose tile 4 outside shower edges? Pix ?

posted by: mcubed on 06.20.2007 at 07:54 pm in Bathrooms Forum

We are creating a square, walk-in shower in our TINY bathroom. We will have a rod and shower curtain, no door. We would like to use either glass subway tile or river rock/natural pebbles for the 3 interior walls of the shower. We will tile all the way up to the ceiling. The gentleman who will be doing the tile said we will need some kind of bullnose tile to finish off the outside of the tile edge (where the shower "stops"). Is there anything else that would work to "finish" these edges? Is there such thing as glass bullnose? I can't imagine finishing off pebbles with tile, either. In his defense he was not aware of pebbles as a choice as I just came up with this idea today. Any suggestions or picture would be greatly appreciated. You guys have been so much help already!

Thanks in advance.



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Bill V. and others-glass tile behind stove

posted by: zinfanatic on 06.16.2007 at 10:59 am in Kitchens Forum

I am still struggling to find someone to install my glass tile. My principle concern with the actual installation- if I ever get there- is reinstalling the existing hood.I plan to have the entire area behind the stove tiled and then reinstall the hood over the tile. The hood is screwed into the studs. Upon reinstallation, I think I can leave a small place without tile to rescrew the hood into the studs-rather than screwing through the glass.In addition, I have been told that I should leave perhaps 1/8" space between the hood and the tile because abutting the tile too close to the hood may break the glass. Any help about this would be appreciated. I do have photos of the space if needed.


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can we talk about plug molds please?

posted by: kateskouros on 05.25.2007 at 05:19 pm in Kitchens Forum

i think i understand the appeal, but just to be sure... i remember seeing a thread with pics that included a plug mold strip that was installed out of sight on the under side of a wall mounted cabinet. and another with a "pop up" plug mold installed in an island counter top. so if i get these things installed under cab i won't have to have ugly outlets on my beautiful backsplash? is this correct?

and i'm also not getting the tap master thing. how exactly does it work? i found a website but didn't really get how to operate it.

so many do-dads, so little brain power.


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Thoughts/experience with Kraftmaid Venicia?

posted by: glad on 04.17.2007 at 02:14 pm in Kitchens Forum

The threads on Venicia v. Ultracraft and some others seem to have disappeared, so thought I would start a new thread for this newer line.

Was going to go with a diff. "Euro" line my contractor sells, but they have fewer size and style options,so may change contractors for someone who can do Venicia.(He still hasn't gotten me an estimate anyway..but that is another story).

Am looking at the Capri (or possibly Tivoli) probably in white, but would be interested in knowing how realistic the thermafoil wood tones look "in-kitchen". Any and all thoughts - and pictures - on this line would be much appreciated.


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RE: what extras did you do while your old cabinets were removed (Follow-Up #3)

posted by: kitchenkelly on 05.27.2007 at 10:41 am in Kitchens Forum

Hi Barabara - First, for my undercounter lights I wanted to make sure that they were flush with the cabinet bottoms. If you add them later, I assume that they will stick out unless you add a trim kit? Not too sure about that, but I DO know that when I sit on my couch in the adjoining family room, I can see the bottom of my cabinets. I know this because I used to see the ugly, sagging particle board bottoms of my old cabinets. Drove me crazy. This time around I want it smooth. My contractor said they will be flush due to a false bottom in the cabinets.

Second, there have been threads on the glare/reflection on countertops (I attached one below.) I assume that I will have that, too but it doesn't bother me. I think the benefit will outweigh the glare issue. And I agree with the people who say that they don't notice it. When I read the thread about glare I went up to my bathroom where I have shiny black granite to see if there was a reflection. And oh my, there it was! Funny thing is that I have had the granite for over four years and never noticed it until then.

Here is a link that might be useful: undercounter lights and reflection


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On-line sources other than Homeclick

posted by: dmlove on 03.21.2007 at 01:57 pm in Bathrooms Forum

I need a few accessories and was going to get them through Homeclick or Absolutehome. I've had good luck with both in the past, but am concerned about the shipping post below. So, who else is recommended (I need a Ginger robe hook, and a Grohe hand shower holder and wall union, among other items).


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Useful Links to Favorite Things

posted by: catbird on 04.20.2007 at 08:07 am in Kitchens Forum

[Funny! I started this with a typo "kinks" in the title. Realized it when I got the first response, so am starting over. ;-) ]

This may be too big an undertaking, but let's try putting together some of our favorite links for kitchen ideas and products. Here are just a few I've enjoyed using. Please add yours.
Finished Kitchens Blog:

Kitchen information and ideas:

John Bridge Tile Forums:

Bill Vincent's website:


Good faucet source:

Soapstones from M.Teixeira:

Good knob sources:

Silgranit sinks:

Posted by pcjs on Thu, Apr 19, 07 at 22:52

Lighting & Window Hardware:
For Granite Information: (their local granite guy never called me back - probably busy, but not impressed)

For local to MD/DC/VA Granite Distributors: (we used/very nice distributor) (great selection, not what we wanted, not a lot of help on busy Saturdays) (smaller, but very helpful)

Kraftmaid Cabinets - recommended by Washington Checkbooks as cheaper (several states)

Craig's List: Sell old appliances, cabinets, etc.

Marvin Windows: ($$$ but DIY friendly, so averages out)


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RE: Granite Yards in So Cal (Follow-Up #3)

posted by: calisamcn on 04.19.2007 at 07:52 pm in Kitchens Forum

Whereabouts in So. CA are you looking? I recommend the Exotic Granite yard in Sun Valley (Burbank area) and Quality Stone in North Hollywood (near Burbank).


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