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NEW: Valentine Swap 2014

posted by: mcc371 on 01.03.2014 at 05:31 pm in Round Robin Exchange Forum

Everyone is invited to join this swap, I hope that everyone has fun and above all receives a special card made from the Heart and that it continues to grow thru out the year with lots of love.

I'm doing this now so you will have time to work on your cards and get your seed packet ready. We need them done so they're received before VALENTINE'S DAY!!!

1. Everyone that is particating must send me an email with your name, address, and GW name so I can get you all divided up and emailed with details
2. Make your own valentine card from whatever craft supplies you have at home.
3.. Include a packet of seed in card- can be flowers, vegetables, herbs, etc. (Check their member page to see what is on their want list you just might have it, but i am sure they will like what you have to send them.)
4. When you send yours to the person you got, post in the forum and email me so I can keep track.
5. When you receive your valentine's be sure to post in the forum and tell about your card and what you got. Be sure to email them and say Thank You!
6. Cards must be finished by Jan 31st. Cards need to be mailed before Feb.7th

Anyone Interested???

Let's get started then!!


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