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Garden Junk in my Garden Shed Gardens

posted by: jeannespines on 06.19.2012 at 02:32 pm in Garden Junk Forum

Been working on garden shed some more mulching done & am planting up a couple more galvanized tubs ....

Here's a view of the Tipsy Buckets (from back side) looking out to the Secret Garden in the pines:

Tipsy Buckets Secret Garden Path 6.12

Backside of Tipsy Buckets & gate by garden shed...things are growing!

Tipsy Buckets Mulched 6.12

Along this same side of garden shed...the ol' windmill:

Garden Shed Garden D6.12

Enamel pan planted w/herbs & another galvanized tub here...picket fence & barnwood birdhse planted to the post that DH & I made this Winter:

Garden Shed Gardens 6.12

Here's that fence...a big Hosta & the old rusted out John Deere toy wagon:
Garden Shed Hosta JDWagon 6.12

Got that new (old) galvanized tub planted & it's lookin' the old wheel has Zinna's coming if the bunnies will just not eat them for lunch!

Galvanized Tub Planted Garden Shed 6.12

And my Mother's Day gift of Million Bells is doing GREAT this yr! I put it in an old bird bath that I wasn't using anymore & I can turn & move the birdbath easily if need far it's liking this spot of morning & mid-day sun, then shade...I think it's GORGEOUS! & looks so good with that blooming Hydrangea behind it!

Million Bells Hydrangea 6.12

Lots of garden junk on my fence, too...pulleys ... & a couple old wheels, old 'tines' for borders...I really like this garden! TFLookin'! Jeanne S. (& we're back to working on the shed itself...hope it's revamped by the end of summer!)


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free standing porches

posted by: kathyjb on 05.26.2011 at 12:48 am in Garden Junk Forum

On another forum there is a woman who has a beautiful yard and a really neat free standing porch she constructed out of leftovers and old church looking windows. It's really pretty. Has anyone here made something like this or do you know of any more pictures like it? Here is the address to her website. you will need to copy and paste.


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