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Controlling Weeds in Winter Hardy Cactus Beds

posted by: mauch1 on 06.26.2007 at 05:52 pm in Cacti & Succulents Forum

I have a hardy cactus beds (all Opuntia currently) and am in the process of expanding it (addig a few more Opuntias, chollas, Echinocereus (2), an Escobaria, and some succulents (Mesemb, sempervivum, and Sedum)).

I am having trouble with weed control. I have avoided using herbicide as I was afraid it would harm the cacti. I try to avoid herbicide, and when I do use it, I mainly use glyphosphate (RoundUp). I've tried flame weeding, but it is time consuming. The cactus spines burn (though the cacti seems unharmed), and the weeds as they are only top killed, seem to come back or aren't completely killed. Hand weeding is problematic because of the glochids. I tried using salad tongs, but have trouble getting a firm enough 'grip'.

What do you who have hardy cactus beds (particularly in the rainy east), do to control weeds?

Two other 'quick' questions:
1) My new cacti are small. I was planning on planting them in 6 in. clay pots and keeping them in my unheated dry garage. Any thoughts on this?

2) I know of 3 hardy cacti 'books'
John Spain "Growing Winter Hardy Cacti",
Amateur Digest "Cacti and Succulents from Seed".
Bruce Brethauer "Cactus in the Snow"

Any thoughts on these?

As to associations, I know of
Winter Hardy Cactus & Succulent Association
Amateur Digest.

Any thoughts/comments on these groups or other groups I should consider?



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RE: need envelope template (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: roblkey on 08.19.2004 at 09:08 am in Seed Saving Forum

Here is some:
Have fun, Robin


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Easy Propagation Chamber

posted by: little_dani on 10.05.2005 at 08:34 pm in Plant Propagation Forum

I make a little propagation chamber that is so easy, and so reliable for me that I thought I would share the idea. I have not seen one like it here, and I did look through the FAQ, but didn't find one there either. I hope I did not miss it, and I hope I do not offend anyone by being presumptive in posting this here.

That said....

This is what you will need.
A plastic shoebox, with a lid. They come in various sizes, any will do.

Soil less potting mix, half peat, half perlite, or whatever is your favorite medium.
A little clay pot, with the drain hole plugged with caulking or silicone. If this is a new pot, scrub it with some steel wool to be sure it doesn't have a sealer on it. You want the water to seep through it.
Rooting hormone powder or liquid, or salix solution from the willow tree.
Plant material, snippers. I am going to pot some Plectranthus (a tall swedish ivy) and a Joseph's Coat, 'Red Thread'. I already have some succulents rooted in this box. I will take them out and pot them up later, DH has a new cacti pot he wants to put them in.
You can see here, I hope, that I fill the clay pot to the top with rain water, well water, or distilled water. I just don't use our tap water, too much chlorine and a ph that is out of sight.

I pour a little of the hormone powder out on a paper plate or a piece of paper, so that I don't contaminate the whole package of powder. And these little 'snippers' are the best for taking this kind of cuttings.

This is about right on the amount of hormone to use. I try to get 2 nodes per cutting, if I can. Knock off the excess. It is better to have a little too little than to have too much.
Then, with your finger, or a pencil, or stick, SOMETHING, poke a hole in the potting mix and insert your cutting. Pull the potting mix up around the cutting good and snug.

When your box is full, and I always like to pretty much fill the box, just put the lid on it, and set it in the shade. You don't ever put this box in the sun. You wind up with boiled cuttings. YUK!

Check the cuttings every few days, and refill the reservoire as needed. Don't let it dry out. If you happen to get too wet, just prop the lid open with a pencil for a little while.
This is a very good method of propagation, but I don't do roses in these. The thorns just make it hard for me, with my big fingers, to pack the box full. All kinds of other things can be done in these. Just try it!



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