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Pics of Full Length SS Bar Pulls

posted by: jsol on 01.19.2010 at 09:00 pm in Kitchens Forum

Can anyone point me to kitchens with full length SS bar pulls? We have medium cherry shaker style cabs and we like the look of SS bar pulls. However we have a small galley kitchen and we're not sure if full length will work. Searched FKB without much luck (hardware pulls are not a category)...thanks (again) in advance.


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What size pulls to use?

posted by: eks6426 on 01.25.2010 at 02:53 pm in Kitchens Forum

I want to get stainless steel bar pulls for my kitchen cabinets. I plan to use bar pulls on both the drawers and doors. They seem to come in a lot of different sizes. Is there a rule of thumb on how to pick the sizes? Do I try to scale the pull to each drawer of use mostly the same size on everything?

These are my sizes:


4 Drawer-15" wide
Lazy Susan Corner
33" Sink base (2 pull outs instead of hinged doors)
Integrated dishwasher panel (needs handle)
21" 3 drawer bank
12" drawer on top, door on bottom
36" 3 drawer bank

Message Cabinet
24" 2 door
L shaped Corner (piano type hinge in middle so no blind corner)
2-16" uppers

My thought was I would run the drawer pulls horizontal them the door pulls vertical but then I've seen some kitchens with everything horizontal and they look rather cool. I kind of like the more modern than traditional. I kind of like the look of the ones that are 8". Would that work on everything?

Here are the ones I was considering:

Any suggestions on the best sizing?


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my kitchen is done!!!! before and after pics

posted by: zecchini on 11.08.2009 at 11:47 pm in Kitchens Forum

Thank you all for your help! I can't count how many times I checked this site for ideas and solutions for my kitchen dilemas.
All the old posts with pictures were so helpfull that I decided to return the favor, and add pictures of my newly remodeled kithen with some details of the things that really took me a while to figure it out if I wanted or not... or if I should or not.
Overall my kitchen costed 16.000, I know that our kitchen had a lot of potential, but our budget mas very short, and at the end we were 1000 over budget,because we decided to replace our cabinets in the laundry room too, but we were very happy, we were able to get all wood cabinets, stainless steel appliances, lazy susan, pull out drawers in the pantry, got rid of some walls that I disliked and got the granite that I dreamt for so long! I hope my pictures could help someone else in the future. Me and my husband LOVE our kitchen!!! Now we are ready to remodel our 2 bathrooms!


"To save money, we decided to keep almost the same layout, we extended the peninsula by few inches so we could add a garbage pull out."


"We had a mix of black and stainless steel appliances, we decided to make them all stainless. The fridge door could not be open without the the fridge handles hitting the peninsula, so we decided to switch the pantry position with fridge(best decision)!"

"I do a lot of cooking and counter space was very important to me, so could we put the microwave over range and got rid of this wall that was making the kitchen very small, the pocket door was also very outdated so we remove and build a arch on its place, unfortunatelly we could not afford a vent, but the microwave above range is working just great for me!

"This the old pantry, now we have the fridge on its place"

"The wall beside the fridge is now gone and the wall by the pantry is gone too, and since we were doing all that "removal" we decided to replace the laundry room door for a nice one, and the awfull lighting is now gone"


"This is our peninsula... we enlarge it a little and the soffit is gone (never like it!), now we have nice recessed lighting!

"My new fridge placement, this is one of our best decisions, we had a little space that we didn't know how to use, so we added this small spice drawers that we can remove and place wine bottles, and the drawers are 30" and I LOVE THEM! The crown molding was a challenge but our contractor did such a great job."

"The soffit is now gone, and we put cabinets up the ceiling, they 36 inches tall."


after - George loves the kitchen too!
"George boy also loves the kitchen"

"Garbage pull out is right beside the dish washer"


"The back splash is tumbled travertine, country deige without space between the tiles, once you grout the the space between the tiles really shows and we are pleased with the results"

I hope someone will find this pictures helpfull. Thanks you all sooooooooooo much!


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