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Has anyone used Alberene soapstone?

posted by: sis2two on 10.07.2009 at 12:29 pm in Kitchens Forum

Wanting to know if you have used Alberene Soapstone located in the blue ridge mountains? I am looking for soapstone and have visited a stone yard where they had soapstone about 2 hours away, but then discovered that the Alberene company is just a few miles away.(we live in the Shenandoah Valley). If you have experience with this particular soapstone, please tell us what you think. I believe its the only soapstone quarried in the U.S. Is it softer than that which comes from Brazil?


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FINISHED!! (almost!) cherry shaker, black leathered granite

posted by: roulie on 07.17.2009 at 03:17 pm in Kitchens Forum

Yay!! I am officially "finished"!! Well, 99% finished. I still need a few rugs and new bar stools and I have to fill my glass cabinets, but the kitchen was tidy enough for pictures this morning (after a hasty cleaning for a dinner party last night) and I decided it was now or never.

The renovation started 2 days after Christmas and lasted approximately 5 months. In addition to the kitchen, we gutted 3 bathrooms, including dormering out the master bathroom to get a few more feet across the back of the house. It was an almost perfect project from start to finish (barring the things that were revealed during the demolition that didn't meet current code and needed to be fixed). Amazing contractor, amazing crew, amazing husband and kids to live in the mess that we had for so long. Well, living in a 55 degree house for most of the winter wasn't ideal, but I got used to wearing my down jacket inside all day long. Thank goodness for Trader Joe's and a good microwave! And a big THANK YOU to all of the wonderful ideas I got in this forum. I tend to research things to death and this site was my addiction for the past year.

I have a 1960s cape cod house in New England -- boxy rooms and bad flow. We took down the wall between the family room (which is the room you enter the house through) and the kitchen; also the wall between the kitchen and the dining room, but we added cabinetry there to give the feeling of separation while still allowing light to flow between the front of the house (DR) and the back (kitchen). There was an open front porch in front of the family room that we enclosed to make a mudroom. (Hallelujah for mudrooms and boys!!)

Here are some "oldies" of our original 1960s cape cod kitchen:

Range wall -- behind this wall was the laundry room, which we moved to the basement so we could incorporate the space into the kitchen ;

behind the range wall was the laundry room, which we incorporated into the kitchen

Wall between kitchen and dining room:

wall between kitchen and dining room

Original double oven, at the end of the wall between the kitchen and dining room

original double oven

I don't miss this cooktop!

original cooktop

We replaced this small window to get more light:

old kitchen window

Dining room with door to kitchen. This wall was removed.

original dining room -- we removed the wall with the door, opening it to the kitchen

Looking from the kitchen to the family room.

looking from kitchen into family room

The original laundry room, now part of the kitchen:

original laundry room, located between the powder room and the cooktop wall of the kitchen, moved to basement

And the finished product!

Taken from the family room:

taken from the family room

Taken looking into the family room (still unfurnished!)

taken from the hall by the powder room


Looking from the kitchen window into the dining room:

looking from the kitchen window into the dining room

The island is 10 feet long.


New Ticor sink -- thanks garden webbers!!


Kenmore elite induction range:


4-drawer recycling -- a must in a town with no trash collection (we haul our own to the dump) -- I guess I could have at least emptied the trash before taking a picture!


We wanted these to look like furniture, with feet and a matching cherry top:


Still have to dig up the crystal and other things to put in here:


Do you think I need new dining room chairs??


Kenmore elite induction range. Love it!

Ticor sink

New slider to mudroom, which used to be an open front porch:

slider to mudroom, which used to be an open front porch

New mantle -- still trying to decide what to cover the old brick with:

new mantle... still deciding what to cover the brick with

Just for fun: old powder room:

original powder room

New powder room:


Some details:

Cabinetry: Plain & Fancy shaker style (I don't think that's the actual model name...) with Heirloom finish
Counters: Cambrian Black granite with antique leather finish
Sink: Ticor from garden web -- the 32" long with zero radius corners
Appliances: all Kenmore elite (I know, many people don't like the "all one brand appliance" thing, but it just worked out that way). I LOVE my new induction range!! I've always been a gas girl, but that was not a great option in this house, and I have been really happy with induction.
Faucet: Kohler simplice
Backsplash: Grazia "Rixi" in a color that I'm drawing a blank on and am too lazy to run to the garage to check the box... if anyone is interested you can check another posting of mine where I sing its praises
Pendants in kitchen and dining room: pottery barn

If anyone wants more specific details, let me know and I'll supply.


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RE: Honed Granite (Follow-Up #6)

posted by: alexamd on 08.12.2009 at 07:46 am in Kitchens Forum

I originally wanted soapstone, but ended up with Antiqued Nordic Black. I love it. It has a nice feel, which was one of the reasons that I loved soapstone. I was afraid granite had a cold feeling, but not mine. It is incredibly low maintenance and doesn't show fingerprints, dust or rings. You really have to look at it sideways to notice anything. My neighbor has AB and she is constantly wiping it down. I keep meaning to tell her about the Method cleaner to see if that will help her out. Countertops are a tough choice and it took me a while to settle on mine. It was my third or fourth choice, but now I can't imagine having anything else. If I did another kitchen, it would be my first choice.

It looks darker in person than in the picture.


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RE: How do you get that unique custom look? (Follow-Up #8)

posted by: dinkledoodle on 06.26.2009 at 12:11 am in Kitchens Forum

Do you really need all of that storage? You seem to have a lot and the island adds tons more. f you drop the upper cabs on the sink/stove wall, it would open the space more and give it a sleek custom look. Wall-to-wall cabinets are so last year.


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RE: I already screwed another decision (Follow-Up #7)

posted by: smarge on 06.27.2009 at 12:30 am in Kitchens Forum

Wow. I actually LIKE that door! Although, my cabinets are very, very fancy compared to that - and here I was thinking I had a classic, simple almost boring kitchen except for the big splash I made with my modern, quirky backsplash that says "ME" in a way that my ex-designer verbally abused me for!

Trust your instincts, but to be safe, sleep a night or two on major decisions. (And do NOT let this project drive you nuts!)

It may or may not be of interest to you to check out Caesarstone Raven in either polished (what I have) or honed - much more subdued, although I believe others have said it may be more maintenance. There are a lot of threads about it on GW.

I mention this product bc I started out wanting Pietra Cardosa, then moved to soapstone (and like you didn't want the green of it, but found the blacker variety reminded me of my high school science lab...), then tried to like AB granite in a variety of finishes and then fell hard for the Raven. I still love it after living with it for almost a year (more than the granite on my island, which is etched to heck and back!).

Here's a pic of my kitchen if it's helpful.


and a closeup of the Raven

Best wishes to you for a low-stress project and an end result you love!


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Master bath-pic

posted by: suzienj on 06.17.2009 at 04:18 pm in Kitchens Forum

Well i feel like i have been on this site for so long that most of you know me- haha

FYI if you want - go to the bathroom site and you'll see my new thread- called Master bath pics-- feel free to give me your feedback...



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99% Finished Kitchen--creamy white w/soapstone

posted by: jbrodie on 03.01.2009 at 06:59 pm in Kitchens Forum

Finally! Our kitchen is finished! I never thought the day would come, and boy am I enjoying it. I owe so much to this forum. I can't tell you how much you all helped me. Thank you!!! I hope I can help others in return.

Hope I'm not putting too many pictures!





soap stone

Quick description (feel free to contact me if you have questions)
-Soapstone: Julia
-Cabinets: Custom, inset/flush shaker style with single bead (waiting to see if we get some issues resolved before I recommend the cabinet maker)
-Bookcase and desk tops: walnut
-Sharp microwave oven drawer (love it!)
-GE fridge
-Shaw 30 inch apron sink
-Wolf range top
-Thermador double ovens
-Vent-a-hood hood
-Dal tile
-potfiller: Newport Brass
-hot/cold faucet Newport Brass
-Main faucet: Mico
-Door to garage: one panel painted with chalkboard! The kids love this and it's fun to put messages to guests, each other, holiday wishes, etc.
-Pull out baskets (love these...I keep bread in one and potatoes, onions, etc. in the other)
-Wine shelf--love it!
-Bar stools from Sturbridge Yankee Workshop (love these and they were so reasonable!)
-What would I do differently? More than 12 inch overhang on seating area of island (maybe 14-16 inch). And I might skip the bead board in the backs of the bookshelfs and glass cabs.

Happy kitchen designing to all! Thank you again!


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Update Pics of cream traditional kitchen

posted by: jen4268 on 07.24.2008 at 09:10 am in Kitchens Forum

Hi! Things are moving along and I thought I would post some progress pics- about 90% done, but no backsplash yet, waiting on my appliance pulls for the refrigerator (using temp ones that came with for now). I will post more when finished!

Cabinets- custom built, inset. Color- SW8180, almond white
Counters- Antiqued Nordic Black






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RE: Anyone?? Pics of dark cabinets with SS or Black honed counter (Follow-Up #10)

posted by: jejvtr on 06.02.2009 at 09:03 pm in Kitchens Forum

Zelmar's is mahogany -

BTW Zelmar thanks for posting I never tire of seeing pics of your lovely kit!


Some pics

During install - 3yrs ago

For some reason I love this one! Thanksgiving 2 yrs ago


Cab maker is Kennebec in Bath Maine - Link below - incredible woods species & hand rubbed stains

Good luck

Here is a link that might be useful: kennebec cabinetry


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RE: Should I JUMP on the closeout, or holdout???? (Follow-Up #11)

posted by: foodie3 on 04.14.2009 at 02:10 pm in Appliances Forum

In case you missed my first post, i am a gaggenau rep and chef, here to answer cooking questions with no sales pitch. if you have a specific question, i will do my best to answer if i have already tried it.

rotisserie pineapple:
peel the pineapple leaving it whole.
mix butter, dark rum, brown sugar 1:1:1, or adjust based on your preferences, in a saucepan until warm and melted together, add a pinch of cinnamon (to your preferences).
place pineapple in a dish, pour warm mix over and let sit, turning every few minutes, for about 2o minutes or so.

drain off excess, or reheat and pour over ice cream if you want. skewer pineapple on the rotis shaft, set oven to 350 convection broil (in the gaggenau) and cook until tender, about 30 minutes.

those who dont have a rotis, remove the green top without cutting the husk, cut the pineapple in half lengthwise, cut or scoop out the pineapple without poking the husk too much (i know, not easy). you can make a foil bowl around the outside if you like, it helps. pour pineapple chunks and rum mix into the halves, and bake or bbq at 350 for 30 minutes, or until warm all through.

this helps cut the acid on a not yet ripe pineapple, and makes a great dessert.


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New bathroom almost done

posted by: sweeby on 02.28.2009 at 12:43 pm in Bathrooms Forum

Thought I'd post some pictures of our 99%-complete new bath. As you can see, the bedroom beyond isn't done yet, and there's no door yet, but the bath itself is about done - Yay!

Paint - Ellen Kennon Gustavian Grey
Vanity - Medallion in Knotty Alder wood, Walnut stain
Sink & Toilet - Toto Baldwin/Clayton
Faucets - Husdon Reed
Field Tile - Emser Classica in cream
Accent Tile - Walker Zanger Mizu
Floor - Walker Zanger 'White Cloud' marble, honed.
Countertop - Walker Zanger 'White Cloud' marble, polished.
Wall Sconces - Can't remember!
Fixtures - Kohler Bancroft



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oops (Follow-Up #5)

posted by: mongoct on 07.03.2008 at 07:27 pm in Bathrooms Forum

Ooops, that was my wife's sink.

Here's my side of the bathroom:



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RE: What was your best bathroom remodeling decision? (Follow-Up #88)

posted by: brugloverz9 on 05.26.2008 at 10:43 pm in Bathrooms Forum

I think my very best decision was to get a soaking tub (Jason 5" x 32 " x 20.5 ") I was usually a shower taker, but since having this tub, have been taking baths and finding it very, very relaxing.
Also divided drawer in vanity where I can keep, Q-tips, lipstick and brush, etc separated and not have keep these items in separate containers in my medicine cabinet or on top of the vanity.
Also best plan was to stay with a GC who was really great and cared about making me happy! Workers that were here on time and were quiet and polite and really nice.
I cannot think of a bad decision made in this bathroom. I am really happy with it.
Image Hosting by


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Pics of 99% finished Kitchen Reno

posted by: fothia on 09.04.2007 at 07:39 pm in Kitchens Forum

Finally have pics of 99% done Kitchen :) clip this post email this post what is this?
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Posted by fothia (My Page) on Tue, Sep 4, 07 at 13:50

First and Foremost, thank-you so much to GW and all that I've learned from so many of you. What an invaluable resource and support this community has been to me over the last year.
Some Details:
DH and I did all the demo including taking up ceramic tile piece by piece,taking down wall to open kitchen up.
I did all design work, painted and finish work on all wood trim and accent pieces to match cabinets.
The rest of kitchen we worked with our friends to install plumbing, cabs, window and floors. (Most are in the trades)
We had the granite and electrical installed professionally.

Cabinets: Knight Kitchens, Cherry Fireside stain/black glazed
Flooring: Brazilian Chestnut from International Hardwood
Granite: Yellow River
Appliances: Jenn-air
Sink: Ticor from Galazy Tools
Faucet: Brizo Floriano
Backsplash: WILL BE combination of earthtone glass mosaic and noche travertine brick tiles
Bay window: Marvin, stained and glazed to match cabs
Hardware: Tuscan drop pulls by Top Knobs
In & uc lights: zenon feston by seagull
Recessed: 4 inch halo
Pendants:Portifolio from Lowes (for now)
All lighting in zones and on dimmers

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Here is a link that might be useful: Photobucket Album


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RE: List of matte countertops: honed, antiqued, natural... (Follow-Up #2)

posted by: roulie on 05.16.2009 at 06:31 pm in Kitchens Forum

Cambrian Black granite with antique leather finish.

I just had this installed in my not-yet-complete kitchen and I LOVE IT!!! From the beginning of the renovation, I knew that I wanted a non-glossy black countertop. I originally wanted soapstone, but my husband wanted something that wouldn't show any wear, so we looked at black granites with different finishes. I liked the look of the absolute black honed, but the sample I brought home showed too many fingerprints for my taste (or my 2 boys' grubby hands!). The antique leather finish is gorgeous and is so easy to clean. We have only been eating at the island for a few days now, but I have just been wiping it with a damp cloth and it's perfect. The granite installer said that I should use windex on it, but I haven't tried that yet.

My piece has small flecks of copper and silver, which are really beautiful and catch the sunlight.

Here is a link that might be useful: cambrian black granite with antique leather finish


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Cream and Espresso Kitchen

posted by: gail428 on 05.12.2009 at 06:09 pm in Kitchens Forum

We are finally done with our kitchen renovation project - we pushed the kitchen out about 5 feet, and completely gutted it all. I did not work with a kitchen designer, and found the education I received on this forum to be priceless! I thought I would take the opportunity of posting my kitchen photos to learn to use the web program on my mac ... hope it works! You can click on the "after" photos for larger and more detailed pics. Many thanks to all GWers - I am mostly a silent lurker, but learned so much!! Kitchen Renovation

I am also posting the "details" within this post so they will be searchable

CABINETRY - custom built by LMS Woodcraft, Akron, Pa. All maple with BM Linen White and stain

COUNTERS - perimeter, Antiqued Cambrian Black - Island, Kashmir White

HARDWARE - All Top Knobs except bin pulls are from Restoration Hardware

WALL AND TRIM - BM Tamarind with BM Linen White trim

FLOORS - prefinished 5inch plank wire brushed solid oak, Mullican, Tuscan Brown

TILE - Kitchen backsplash, Ann Sachs butter cream, Mudroom floor and laundry backspash, Lunada Bay Marioka glass, Butlers Pantry backsplash, Lunada Bay, Ohara Natural Glass Sumi

PENDANTS - Uttermost

FIXTURE - Restoration Hardware

APPLIANCES - Viking Double Oven, Wolf range, Kitchenaid microwave, Kitchenaid Fridge, Marvel Wine Fridge, Dacor Warming Drawer, Whirlpool Duet Washer and Dryer, Insinkerator Instant Hot

FAUCETS - Grohe Ladylux Pro (regular size and bar size in island)


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RE: Beadboard paneling in kitchen ? ? ? ? ? (Follow-Up #18)

posted by: boxerpups on 05.05.2009 at 05:58 am in Kitchens Forum

Congratulations on a new home/kitchen.
I think the center island a different color will look
gorgeous. Green is a great color that goes with
most colors.

Beadboard is the staple of cottage country and I think
you can pull it off just fine. I am not sure if the
antique combination with your current cabs will work
but I say go for it. You can always see how it looks
as you go.

I do not think you should paint the kitchen the
same color as the island. That will look too much for
the cottage kitchen. Keep in mind though too many colors
and you loose your flow effect.

I found some neat beadboard mixes in kitchens.
Maybe they can help you. Visual ideas always help
me with my own kitchen reno.
Best of luck.

green island

country red and green

BB country

brown island


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RE: please show me your built in refrig cabinets (Follow-Up #2)

posted by: jtsgranite4us on 05.04.2009 at 10:40 pm in Kitchens Forum

How about doing one piece that is 16" and covers the grille and the 8" space above the grille. You can hinge it at the top so it opens upward. Use that space for storage of platters and other seldom used items.

We have a 48" GE Monogram but did not use panels. We have the 8" area above the grille as storage. Our grille is 11" high.

Here is a picture:

Built-in Refridgerator


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3 Year Kitchen: Bigger Photos - as requested

posted by: bebe_ct on 05.04.2009 at 09:21 pm in Kitchens Forum

Hello all,
Wow, I knew that I loved how my kitchen came out, but I had no idea that so many others would love it too. Thanks for all of the compliments! It almost makes it worth the 3 year wait ;)
I promise to post more pics when we decide on a backsplash, and when we get the table and bench for the banquette.

Mythreesonsnc: We considered locating pendants on the trusses, but decided not to for a couple of reasons. We wanted the eye to be drawn up when entering the room. We were worried that pendants would detract from this as a focal point, and preferred the simplicity and unobstructed view of nothing hanging down. I love the pendants you picked out, by the way. We probably would have ended up with something very similar to the one you chose if we had decided to use pendants.

Pickle2 and Scootermom: Since my husband's business is building timber frame barns, he knows a lot of men in the trades. One of our friends, Jeff, is an top-notch carpenter and craftsman. He and my husband designed the storage benches, and then Jeff built them in place for us. He also did all of our wainscotting and trim work. There will be a table in front of the banquette along with a bench for extra seating. We just haven't found one we like yet.

Lisa A: Something I knew right from the get-go was that I wanted a gas cooktop with an electric oven. When we started this whole thing, I don't think they had ranges with this combination (if they did, I was not aware of them). So, we ended up with the oven underneath the cooktop simply because that was the best location for the oven in our layout. I don't mind it, though it is a bit low - lots of bending over.
PS. I so wanted a double oven, but alas, it was not to be. :(














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Somewhat Finished, Somewhat Budget... White Vintage Kitchen

posted by: janie-k on 02.25.2009 at 06:12 pm in Kitchens Forum

Here is a preview of our not quite finished kitchen. It has been in this same state since before Christmas and I'm guessing it will be a bit before we get around to finishing things (such as molding and the backsplash). Anyways, I thought I'd go ahead and post it now, since I'm so grateful for all the kitchens (finished or not) I was able to see on this forum when I was in the planning phase.


Before Kitchen

This kitchen didn't start out as a budget remodel, but since we were/are doing a whole house remodel, by the end of the kitchen we had spent much more than planned and so the Kitchen budget was cut to 20K.

Some of the details...

Range, Dishwasher & Micro: GE Cafe
Fridge: Counter Depth Bosch
Floor: Ceramic Tile 13"x13" with 4" black marble insets.
Ceiling Lights: Restoration Hardware
Cabinets: Custom by local cabinet maker
Cabinet Paint: Benjamin Moore Aura Paint in White Dove (DIY)
Cabinet Hardware: Restoration Hardware
Sink: Elkay stainless zero radius sink from Home Depot (it can under-mount or top-mount)... we had a sad story involving a beautiful stainless farm sink received with shipping damage that lead to this sink. In the end I'm totally happy with this sink, so it all worked out :)
Counters - Wilsonart Oiled Soapstone Laminate in 3cm thickness to simulate soapstone. I couldn't decide between Soapstone or Marble, so we decided to go laminate for the time being... I'm actually so happy with it, I think it will stay for quite a while.
Breakfast Bar: Walnut top done by cabinet maker


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Finally! Inspection done...moving in...a few pics

posted by: gailrolfe on 04.27.2009 at 07:44 pm in Kitchens Forum

We got our final inspection today and all went well so now we can start moving in...and to celebrate, I thought I'd share a few before and after pictures! It's not the green and cream kitchen I originally imagined--it's chocolate, honey and jade (sounds wierd, doesn't it?) but we love it. And mostly I'm in love with its functionality which is 110% due to the folks on GW! (Well, actually the color is too, since we got stuck on that and the suggestions here sent us in new directions.) Lots of friends have been asking for my contractor's and cabinetmaker's name (I loved them both!)and I gladly share but I always say, "But before you call anyone, go check out GW--that's where you'll learn the most! My floor plan was completely done on GW in spite of paying a "pro" to do it...the list of help is endless. I never ceased to be amazed at the answers I would get to even the most trivial questions. So here's a peek at my 99% finished kitchen--hope you enjoy!

Old Kitchen Sink Window

Old Wall between Kitchen and Dining Room



Sorry things are a bit messy. Today I'm going to try to get some more detailed photos and will try to share those later. Any advice on how to transmit smaller pictures will be appreciated...thanks.


mahogany counter w/ 7 coats of "The Good Stuff"
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RE: Should I do any glass uppers? (Follow-Up #23)

posted by: dian57 on 04.26.2009 at 05:44 am in Kitchens Forum

I had the same question and concerns when planning my kitchen renovation. I know myself well enough to be certain I would get weary of maintaining the contents of all my cabinets in "company" order if I had all glass doors.

I chose one corner cabinet in glass for dishes and glassware.



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RE: Should I do any glass uppers? (Follow-Up #22)

posted by: blakey on 04.25.2009 at 11:25 am in Kitchens Forum

I used some glass uppers and others solid over glass lower cabinets. It took me days to decide how to do this but I considered each wall separately and what I would most likely be putting in these cabinets, etc. Here are some photos so you can see how various combinations look:
mud room


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RE: Should I do any glass uppers? (Follow-Up #2)

posted by: lesmis on 04.23.2009 at 03:16 pm in Kitchens Forum

Katie I love the look of stacked cabinets with glass in just the upper cabinets, I just didn't have tall enough ceilings to do that but I've coveted them for a very long time!

Here is a link to a cabinetmaker that I looked at a lot when designing my own kitchen. If you scroll through the different galleries you'll see various kitchens using glass and some without. HTH.

Kat :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Cook & Cook Cabinetry


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Lissa711's finished kitchen_Cream Cabinets, Dark Cherry Island

posted by: lissa711 on 09.26.2008 at 07:07 am in Kitchens Forum

kitchen from butler's pantry entrance
view to breakfast room from kitchen

href="" target="_blank">view to kitchen from breakfast room

bookshelf side of island
butler's pantry
mudroom (purple cabinets)
mudroom cubbies either side of garage door

Kitchen Information:
Cabinets Crystal Cabinets
Perimeter - Frosty White with Van Dyke Brown Glaze
Island & Butler's Pantry - Cherry with Black Highlights
Country Classic Door Style

Fridge: Subzero 642 - 42" side by side with cabinetry panels
Dishwasher: Miele G2180SCVI with panel
Rangetop: Wolf SRT366 36" Sealed Rangetop
Ovens: Thermador POD302 Double Electric Ovens (Top is convection)
Hood Liner: Vent a Hood 600 CFM Liner BH234SLDSS
Microwave: Sharp Microwave Drawer 24" KB6024MS
Sink: Ticor (learned about on this forum) SS508 30 5/8 x 18 1/8

Hardware: Top Knobs Satin Nickel. Pulls M808-96, Knobs M326, Fridge Handles M808-12

Hudson Valley Pelham Pendants in Aged Brass from Croft and
Ceiling High Hats are LR6 LED lights from We're very happy with the lighting from these. Indistinguishable from incandescent and still dimmable.

Countertops: honed Absolute Black granite on perimeter and honed Imperial Danby on island. Perimeter is eased edge and island is ogee.

Floor - wood to match rest of house. Varied plank with pegs. Stain is a mix of Minwax Provincial with Jacobean.

Backsplash - Sonoma Tile Makers. Field tile is Otter color shiny with crackle glaze.

Paint - Benjamin Moore HC81 Manchester Tan. Trim is Linen White

Butler's Pantry: Same cabinetry as kitchen. Counters also honed Imperial Danby. Sink is Ticor bar sink, smallest they had, don't remember number.

Faucet is Blanco 157-106-ST Terra Single Lever Bar Faucet in Satin Nickel from Faucet Depot

Filtered Instant Hot/Cold is InSinkErator F-HC2215SN Country Series Satin Nickel from Faucet Depot

Wine Fridge is Marvel - bought as a sample from appliance store

Undercounter Beverege(sp) Fridge from ULine with Crystal IceMaker, CLRC02175B00 - with cabinetry panel. Don't like this at all. The back keeps freezing up and then melting (have had service call) and the ice maker is incredibly noisy.

Lighting: Chandelier is Corbett Venetian 1 Light Ceiling Pendant 78-41 from Capitol Lighting. I love the Capitol Lighting website ( I ordered quite a few lights from them throughout the house and was very happy with their pricing and customer service.

Mudroom: Cabinets custom built and painted in semi-gloss BM Shadow (eggplant color). Washer and Dryer are Maytag Epic. Very happy with these. Floor is Charcoal Gray Slate from boxes of slate I picked up at Expo. Also very happy with this. The cubbies were custom built by my contractor.

Still have to get switch/outlet covers and window treatments and wall art. Otherwise so happy to be done!


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