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RE: When is it time to give up? (Follow-Up #28)

posted by: marriedtoaliar on 04.21.2008 at 11:18 am in Marriage Forum

This is my husband! He is in construction. His computer addiction is ebay (starwars collection). He is bipolar and short fused. He jumps from job to job. But in addition he is addicted to drugs and alcohol. He drains the bank account with drug withdraws. He disappears all the time. He just got his first dui and they found xanax..(felony charge). I just got laid off after 5 yrs (business closing) so he is the bread winner. So he feels he is entitled to spend anything he wants and do anything he wants. He spends no time with our 2 yr old. (I mean NO TIME) We just went camping and he found excuses to leave us (Had to work or go to store) He would disappear for hours and I just found withdraws from atms an hour away for our campsite. When he isn;t working or partying, he sleeps and would yell at our son if he makes too much noise. He falls asleep driving and has had four accidents this past year. I've become use to pretty much being a single mom, house repairer, accountant, and maid with a abnoxious roomate that doesn't realize our marriage is doomed. I know the right thing to do is leave him. But I love my home (I have put so much into it). My son loves our yard, our neighbors, our dogs, our pool, his room, his playroom. My husband is so rarely around, my son's relationship with him wouldn't be any different. (And he would have to care for him on his weekends without my supervision)My husband can't take care of himself, let alone our son. I;m afraid he wouldn't watch him and my son would get hurt or worse.


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