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RE: What's the better off-white Kraftmaid Canvas or Biscotti ? (Follow-Up #5)

posted by: ellengries on 05.24.2009 at 08:11 am in Kitchens Forum

I'm purchasing cabinets for my kitchen. I am a colorist and full time artist for 40 years. If you want a cream color cabinet that is neutral without all of the victorian yellows, consider Biscotti with Coconut glaze. It matches all almond, and cream colors in sinks and appliances. It also works well with Stainless. It apears white in the kitchen but white with warmth. The 'canvas' color is a very cool color and it is gray looking. It has no warmth. If you use that you will have to put a warm color on the walls to balance the cool cabinet color. If you use the Biscotti with Coconut you are pretty safe and can go either way cool or warm because the color appears to be just a warm white color. Biscotti with Coconut glaze does not have any of the darker glazes on it which reduces the business of all of the sqares going around all of the cabinet doors. The Biscotti with Coconut statement is more understated and easier on the eyes. Play up the buiness in the cabinets by choosing cabinet designs with more or less molding on the face of your cabinets. I think that the dark glazes being applied today on light cabinets will be signature in the future of 'older cabinets'. If you don't get a dark glaze on a lighter cabinet, your cabinets become classics and will look as fresh and new in 30 years as the day you put them in.


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