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Structure pic (Follow-Up #82)

posted by: mangobaby on 12.13.2010 at 08:57 pm in Tropical Fruits Forum

Pic of my structure from last year - I was still using xmas light at that time



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RE: Well...Its Starting Already! (Follow-Up #80)

posted by: mangobaby on 12.13.2010 at 08:43 pm in Tropical Fruits Forum

Don't give up Pug. You just need some minor changes to your setup and it wouldn't matter if it is 10 degrees outside :-) I am located in Cypress, TX. Last night it was 27 degrees here and my 13" tall papaya is happy inside the structures loaded with fruit. There are some small differences in our setups which in my opinion are the reason why your setup cannot maintain bigger temp differences inside:
1 - Frost cloth - what frost cloth do you use? There are several types of frost cloth - 0.55oz, 0.9oz, 1.5oz per sqyd. 1.5oz frost cloth gives 8 degrees of frost protection and allows 50% light transmission.
2. Structure - we both use conduit pipes. How do you install the pipes? I drill a 18" deep hole in the ground and put the pipes in.
3. Securing the frost cloth to the structure - You are using ropes to tie the cloth to structures (hence the wind wins :-)) I use 1" clamps to secure the frost cloth to the conduit pipes. The cloth with rip before wind wins this game. I use smaller size clamps to make sure there is no gap where outside cold air can come in.
4. I leave the 100w spot light on from 7pm to 8am if the temps are greater than 26 degrees at night. If the temps are lower than 26 degrees I will leave the lights on all day so that heat can accumulate in the structure. I also wrap 2 layers of frost cloth for additional insulation. Just add additional bulbs and layers of frost cloth if the temps will be below 20.

Last year I had over an inch thick layer of ice collected on top of the structures but it was spring inside the tents :-)


The clamps I use -

The frost cloth I use (I have 2 of the 500ft rolls -

Let me know if you guys have any more questions.


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