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looking for that elucive perfect layout...

posted by: mamacat74 on 09.26.2012 at 03:43 pm in Kitchens Forum

Hi all, I'd love some feedback as I've been struggling over the layout for my new kitchen for months. I didn't get very far with a KD, and I'm feeling like there is some brilliant perfect solution that we're just not seeing.
Our challenge is finding a solution that meets all our needs:
1) adequate wall cabinets. (I feel I need 5 feet of linear space for all our dishes and glasses.), while maintaining our semi-open feel and the large windows.
2) I really want an induction cooktop, but I don't really like the style of the slide in ranges available. We don't have access to gas, don't want to install propane, and who actually likes cooking on an electric top?
3) I'm not willing to put the cooktop in the island because of the myriad problems with that design. The only plans I seem to like put it in a corner, but then I'm not sure we really want the oven below it because of access issues.
4) the main sink needs to be at the window. It's currently in our oversized island, and DH and I both hate it there. It took us a year of living here before we stopped intuitively looking for it at the window.
5) we want to maintain as much of an open area to the DR, FR and to the hall as possible. Our hall is really a front to back entry, with French doors out the back to the deck (access to the grill) and kitchen garden. How many times has every else been halfway through cooking and realized you forgot to pick the parsley, chives, etc? Easy assess to my outdoor spice cabinet would be helpful to maintain... Plus I like the light that openness will provide
I'm posting the general shape of our room: 16 X 14. The window will be 5 ft. we'd like it to be as centered on the outside wall as possible, but can be tweaked a little one direction or the other...
Will post some options/ideas too.


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