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How should I brighten up my kitchen?

posted by: Sharimac on 01.27.2013 at 06:51 pm in Kitchens Forum

I am getting really gloomy being in my kitchen. As much as I would love to paint the cabinets, it is not an option. They are all custom cherry installed in 1998 by previous home owner and cost over 15K, plus the kitchen opens up onto the living room, which has the same dark cherry cabinets throughout. My home was built in 1885 and has the original layout and wood trims (all painted white, as was original). I really don't even know where to start since I feel like nothing will match these cabinets.

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Please suggest cabinet & counter color; here's my kitchen pics

posted by: caveman_mike on 02.23.2013 at 07:53 am in Kitchens Forum

I'm really terrible with this stuff and could really use your help in picking colors.

I'm going to add new lower & upper cabinets, and replace the freestanding piece of furniture pictured here.

I suspect the "safest" choice for cabinet color is white (to match the opposite wall).

Thoughts? Should I go for matching white or do something completely different?

I suppose I shouldn't let the 12 year old kitchen wall paper (which was there before we bought) drive the bus on color schemes.

I live in a one bedroom condo in a high-rise in Philadelphia. I will also attach pictures of the dining room & living room which are directly next to the kitchen. My tastes are modern, and I kinda fancy my place as "seinfeld cool" with my pole bike rack.

Here it goes!

I'll include a picture of some of the cambria colors that I liked. Our favorite colors are green, blue and red. However, I'm so insecure about my tastes that I've always been concerned about having anything too crazy. However, I think at this point in my life, I'm open for something out of my comfort zone.

Don't worry about offending me, I'm asking for subjective opinions: there's no right or wrong here!


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RE: Where do you put paper towels, wet dish towels, cutting board (Follow-Up #7)

posted by: buehl on 03.23.2010 at 02:43 pm in Kitchens Forum

Cutting boards...In a tray divider under the prep sink

Paper towels...On the counter in an OXO holder that allows me to easily get one panel one-handed. Paper towels are used from various places in the kitchen so I wanted to be able to take them with me instead of having to run back to where they're stored each time I need one. Personal preference. My mom has one mounted under the cabinet next to the sink and you either need to take the roll out of the holder or run back to it when using it other than at the sink. This would be the same if it were mounted under counter or inside a cabinet.

If you're going to give it a permanent/fixed home, at least locate it in the middle of the Prep Zone so it's easily reached w/o having to run around an island or up/down the counter to get a paper towel.

Wet dish towels...hanging on the handle of either the freezer drawer in the refrigerator or the warming drawer. The most convenient place is the refrigerator since it's easily accessed from both the Prep Sink & Main/Cleanup Sink. I successfully banished it from the oven handles b/c the oven is front & center from the front door. We don't use the DW handle b/c when the DW is opened the towel hits the floor.

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Coastal, breezy, plantation, West Indies?

posted by: myjodi on 02.20.2007 at 06:33 am in Home Decorating Forum

I need help with my MB decor. It is off of the great room and therefore, I do want to pay attention to "flow" however, I also want to go a slightly different direction (so as to be exciting and fresh). My great room (ie, living, dining, kitchen) are in shades of gold, fawn, honey, etc. with red and chocolate accents. We have antique cream kitchen cabinets and dark walnut furniture (LR, DR, MB). We also have medium tone Brazilian Cherry hardwood flooring in the great room and MB. I've painted the "head wall" (the wall you face when you enter the MB) a deep and striking Mediterannien Blue/Turqoise, the other three walls are a chai tea color - you know, a dark "tan" with a hint of oranginess to it (I can post actual colors on next posting if necessary). I'm wanting to keep with the West Indies-ish feel that I've created in the other areas of the house, but also want to maximize on the ISLANDY (read, beach) part of the West Indies decor, as opposed to the FRENCH COLONIAL/Tropical print part of the decor (like in aforementioned greatroom). So, has anyone seen any coastal, breezy, lazy, cool (yet warm) BR decor anywhere (either in your house or elsewhere)that might provide some inspiration? Suggestions and referrals would be great. Otherwise, I will post pictures and see if any of you "experts" want to start from scratch with me... :) You are all so great! Very inspirational.


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