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countertops & sink help, pleeeez!!

posted by: madeleine2003 on 05.21.2013 at 12:42 pm in Kitchens Forum

I have been going around & around and have spent countless hours reading the wonderful and informative posts here but I still can’t come to a decision about a LOT of things so I’m hoping for some help from all of you.

I’m refurbishing my kitchen because it’s so old and I’ve always wanted a BlueStar range thanks to all of you! =) I’m leaving the current cabinetry to save some money but will be cutting out a cabinet to make room for the range and updating the pull-outs and drawers to that nice soft close stuff.

My problems are with the countertops and sink. I need help choosing the material, is a "busy" granite ok or not and should I go with a white fireclay Franke sink or a copper Rachiele sink?

Countertop: Should I get granite, quartzite or soapstone. I know the pros and cons of each material but I can’t make a decision. I don’t abuse my counters, I don’t cut on them or drop things on them. I don’t have kids, it’s just 2 of us and an occasional large party. I like granite because it’s shiny & reflects light. I don’t like the speckled effect of some granites. I found a nice granite but am wondering if it’s too busy. It’s called Gazon from Brazil. You can find a photo of it at I like quartzite but it’s so expensive! I thought Princess white was absolutely gorgeous, especially with all the little tiny blue & green “gems”. I found a really cool soapstone called Green Iron but I’m concerned about the patina over time. Will it be too dark in my dark kitchen in the future.

Countertop color: this is also a big issue… should I get white, grey, yellow/gold, black, green…. What?? I have no clue.

Sink: Should I get a Franke fireclay farmhouse in white or a Rachiele farmhouse copper sink? What color countertop would it go best with in my dark kitchen to match?

Here are the “facts”:
My kitchen is dark. It doesn’t have a window because it’s in the center of the house.
We always turn the lights on when we go in the kitchen �" day & night, summer & winter.
There are 3 transom window about 20 feet up that receives light from the north.
There are 3 large movie set type of canned lights up there, too and lots of recessed lighting but it still seems dark with the lights on.
The cabinets are a medium brown with lots of grain.
All the appliances are stainless steel.

Here is a picture of the southeast facing wall. Oddly enough it looks like there is plenty of light but all the lights are on & there is the flash from the camera. This photo has been photoshopped just so I could see what the kitchen may look like so the sink & SS dishwasher really aren’t there or the ones I’m getting. But you’ll get the basic idea what the kitchen looks like.

Thank you all for helping out!!!


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