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How can I save our weed-infested lawn?

posted by: machinegundaisy on 02.19.2014 at 11:23 am in Lawn Care Forum

We recently bought our first house, but the yard is in shambles. It mostly consists of what I think is ragweed, but there are other weeds, a little bit of grass and some gravel mixed in too (from a border that used to be there).

I'd like to avoid taking a sod cutter to the whole thing and reseeding because of the amount of work and the time it would take for the new grass to establish... and putting down sod seems so expensive. But is a total lawn replacement my only option? Could it be enough to aggressively weed and put down some extra grass seed? Is there anything else that could help?

Not sure how it factors in, but there are certain areas I'm planning to dig up either way for a garden and a couple fruit trees.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Pictures


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