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Cutting roses back in the fall

posted by: lyoshka on 10.24.2012 at 07:34 am in Roses Forum

I know this is not the first time this has been posted, and I apologize for that. I did search through the messages and a lot were discussing much warmer zones, so I feel the need to reask.

I'm in zone 5 (a?), 40 miles directly west of Chicago. I have 4 climbing roses (2 Blazing Glories and 1 yellow one, can't remember name) and 5 rose bushes. I wish I wrote down what I have, because I can't remember now ... bad mommy.

I've always cut them down after a hard frost and usually do a pile of soil and leaves, then wrap in burlap. The climbers I lay on the ground and loosely cover with leaves. They seem to overwinter fine.

But, I wanted to ask for advice on what you would recommend. is what I do the right way? Should I leave them the rose bushes up completely and just protect the graft area?
Also, when should I cut them down, if i do need to cut them down?



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RE: Compost tumbler at Costco (Follow-Up #24)

posted by: lyoshka on 10.19.2012 at 07:48 am in Soil Forum

I'd love a follow up, as well... from anyone with these Costco tumblers. I'm fairly certain I"ll buy one when they have them again next Feb-March , so some weathered reviews would be great!


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Smaller flowering tree recommendations for zone 5?

posted by: lyoshka on 11.13.2011 at 04:27 pm in Trees Forum

Hi! We are in Chicago suburbs (zone 5). I have redone the front yard and landscaping and next spring, it should finally emerge a garden... I'm looking to put a smaller (8-12 ft) flowering tree in a semicircle at the corner of the house. It'll have 3 twist and shout hydrangeas at its base and will be close to my climbing roses. Happy to post a pic of the layout if that helps..
I know nothing about garden trees, so I really need help... Did some looking online and so far, on paper, Weeping Snow Fountain Flowering Cherry sounds fabulous. Also, pink cascade weeping peach tree sounds interesting. (cherry really has my attention, though)... Are those good choices? Can you recommend any other trees?

Thank you!


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Climbing Hydrangea-Lots of ??

posted by: ajfan on 09.04.2006 at 08:47 am in Hydrangea Forum

New to this forum, have read several posts about climbing hydrangeas to try and learn about them, most conflicting is their it shade or sun? I understand they are slow growers, I've had mine about 3 yrs now and while it isn't dying off it is growing ever so slowly, haven't seen a bloom yet. From reading this forum I understand she may get quite large so I'm thinking I should move her while she's still fairly there a proper method to do this, any advice? I'd like to put her up against a wooden fence, will she cling to it or will I need an additional support. Also the spot I'm eyeballing is under a pine tree, eventually will she grow up the pine tree? Also, WHEN is the best time to do this in the spring or now? I'd imagine we'll have frost in about 5-6 wks time, my instinct tells me to wait till spring. Looking forward to hearing from some of you knowledgeable folks...Tracey in Northern, Ontario.


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Planting Instructions for Hydrangea anomala ssp. petiolaris

posted by: lyoshka on 11.22.2011 at 08:19 am in Hydrangea Forum

Hi! got 3 of these beauties sitting on my porch waiting to be planted. I plan to put 2 of them on one side of the house, spacing 10 feet or so.. and the third one on the other side of the house. I can't seem to find any instructions on how they like to be planted..... close to siding? far? do they mind bushes nearby? How far will it spread away from the wall-meaning, will it take over the bushes to the side of it? Any special instructions on planting now (organic matter etc)? I will most definitely baby them in the spring with organic matter and food and all that, but for now, seeing how here in Chicagoland we are about to dip into 30s, do they really need anything other than a simple planting?

as you can see, i'm full of questions.. Want to do this right :)
help, please? ;)


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