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Scrap Quilt Class - Notes 1

posted by: teresa_nc7 on 11.11.2007 at 05:33 pm in Quilting Forum

The Scrap Quilt Class will start with some notes on scrap quilts that you may want to save or print out.

Scrap Styles

1. No Control - totally random: free spirited, lots of variation of scale, color, and value; pull fabrics out of a paper bag; include plaids, stripes, paisley, prints, polka dots, and solids.

1. Controlled -
a. monochromatic - one color or one color with bleached (white) muslin or unbleached muslin.

b. controlled colors - 1. chose one dominate color, one secondary color, and one or more accent colors 2. choose a print fabric for the border and/or backing, then choose your scraps from the colors in that print 3. choose fabrics based on a color palette, for example, the muted country colors of the Thimbleberries prints

c. controlled fabrics - examples: 1930's or Civil War Reproduction fabrics, batiks only, or plaids only


a. stick to 100% cotton
b. neutrals = ecru, tan, gray, black, also dark blue or brown to use as a background, sashing, or borders
c. uglies - you can use a lot of these; when used as small pieces, they fade into the background so the others can stand out
d. cotton clothing scraps - from thrift shops, Goodwill, flea markets, yard sales; check the label or do the burn test; pre-wash all used clothing


a. simple blocks work best in scrap quilts; don't add a complex design to the jumble of fabric
examples: Churn Dash, Nine-Patch, Four Patch, Attic Window, Flying Geese, Bear Tracks, Pinwheel, Square in a Square, Buckeye Beauty, Log Cabin, Tennessee, Maple Leaf, Beginner's Delight, Carrie Nation, Goose Creek, Bear Paw, Roman Bar, and String - just to name a few.

Borders are best kept narrow and simple, if at all; many scrap quilts look great with just the binding and no border.

I will be posting some images of my scrap quilt in the Gallery with notes as to what style of scrap quilt they are and approximate size.

Scrap Quilt Class Notes 2 will follow, then we will begin making sample scrap blocks. Stay tuned.........


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