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Large open floorplan, all my paint colors look the same!!!

posted by: catlince on 06.22.2011 at 09:49 pm in Home Decorating Forum

Please help, oh gurus of paint color. I mostly lurk here but love to read the advice. We have a large open floorplan home and I'm trying to figure out paint colors for the family room, dining room, and kitchen, which are all open to each other. I have chosen three different colors (dark brown for one large window wall, mid-tone camel for family room other walls, and creamy goldish lighter neutral for the kitchen. But because the floorplan is so open and flooded with north/south light, they all look the same, or not different enough!!! I really wanted to differentiate the window wall from the rest of the family room, and to accent other arches, etc. But I'm not sure what the secret is. Do I have to go really dark? I am not brave enough for actual colors, like blue or green or red - I prefer warm neutrals on the walls but I would rather they look different.

I would love to post some pictures but I can't figure out how to embed them into my posts...

Thanks in advance!!


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