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RE: Your most disease-tolerant tomato plants? (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: digdirt on 07.16.2009 at 10:43 am in Growing Tomatoes Forum

In this year of fungus diseases for me the best (no disease symptoms) are Jet Star, Florida 91, Cherokee Purples (in containers), Granny Cantrell, Giant Pink Oxheart (excellent!!!), Arkansas Traveler, German Strawberry, Early Red Chief, Bloody Butcher, Rutgers, Bris, Champion, Better Boy and Brandy Boy.

Middle of the road with early blight symptoms but still ok to good production is NAR, Aussie, Watermelon, German Giant, Moreton (the new ones), Porter Imp., Giant Belgium, and several others I can't think of off hand. Raining now so I'll give you more names later.

Wiped out is all the Mexico, Boxcar Willie, and Paul Robeson and the Brandywines and Royal Hillbilly are on their way down the tubes. :(

San Marzanos and Aunt Lucy and Amish Paste all had some BER but it quit.

I have done no spraying this year except my usual compost tea sprays - no fungicides as far too much rain to make it worthwhile.



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