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Reblooming Iris

posted by: lovebnretired on 09.12.2008 at 09:17 pm in Plant Exchange Forum

I have a sweet neighbor who has given me starts of 6 different plants. She does not want anything that I have at this point. What she has said she would like is some reblooming Iris of any colors.

I would love to be able to trade for them and suprise her with them as a gift.

Please let me know if there is a trade for any reblooming iris possible.


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NEW: 'Make over my garden!' Swap

posted by: hazelnutbunny on 07.25.2008 at 06:06 pm in Round Robin Exchange Forum

HI Everyone!!

This is the time of year where we've been planting all spring & summer, taking care of the gardens...and we start to notice that everything is looking a little...well, WORN OUT!

Lucky for us, it's also the time of year when most garden centers are putting things on clearance, getting ready for the fall season. Yay!

This swap will be for anything & everything to make over (or at least help out!) with each other's gardens.
Things like tools (spades, bulb planters & baskets, gloves, etc..), garden pretties (windchimes, signs, etc..), container planting necessities (pots, fertilizer, water gauges...), garden help books, seeds for winter sowing......the list is endless!
Plants are great, but not required..... the heat & dry weather make shipping & planting please check with your partner BEFORE sending.

No rules for this swap...just a few guidelines that I've found helpful in the past:

1- This is open to ALL members of GW - oldies, newbies, gals, guys, even if you have a purple octopus named George living in your back yard with your pet monkey named Phillip.........anyone OVER the age of 18.

2- No spending limit, but there WILL be a box size requirement, to keep the playing field even. All participants MUST send a PRIORITY FLAT RATE box of goodies.
Garden Items, only, please!
BUT PLEASE don't send something that YOU wouldn't want in YOUR garden. :O)

3- If you are a newbie, please understand that your partner may ask you to send your end first. This is a general safety rule in most swaps, and one that's been pretty helpful in the past. It's not usually a problem...but everyone should know that this is an option. :O)


Signups will be until August 10th. I will assign partners on the 11th. Packages should be mailed out no later than the 31st.



Joined for the Aug. trading. Should be fun.
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have Hellebores/Lenton Rose

posted by: lovebnretired on 07.27.2008 at 11:40 am in Plant Exchange Forum

Want these SHRUBS:
Clethra = SummerSweet, Sweet Pepperbush
Heather = grows 3' and under
Hydrangea = not standard, all other
Holly IIex = Winterberry, Sparkleberry, Winter Red, southern gentleman
Rhododendron = purple or white blooms
Verigated evergreen [anything white/green]
Walking Stick
Want these VINES:
Grape = white table
Honeysuckle = red only
Want these TREES:
Choke Cherry = black
CRABAPPLE = siberian or red Splender
Want garden sculptures/junk:
send photo of proposed trade item for approval first
Want this rose:
Joseph's Coat


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HAVE: have Helleborus/Christmas Rose

posted by: lovebnretired on 07.27.2008 at 12:35 pm in Hosta Forum

Have Helleborus/Christmas Rose
Want Hostas = Variegated or blue's


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Wanted - Apache Blackberry cuttings

posted by: lovebnretired on 08.01.2008 at 07:21 pm in Plant Exchange Forum

I have Lenton Rose / Christmas Rose to trade or maybe you can think of something I can get you.
I would like to have 4 Apache Blackberry cutting to root or root cutting.


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