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My most effective DIY Organic fertilizer for container plants

posted by: yellowthumb on 07.26.2009 at 12:07 am in Container Gardening Forum

Hi everybody,

I know there are lots of debate or organic fertilizer on container plants. And Al give lots of sound technical explanations on the trades off of using organic fertilizer in containers.

After talking to a 60+ year old container gardener at my home town, he never used any non-organic fert in his containers, and his container plants are looking as good as they can be. His container garden was even on a TV show. Camellia plants as old as 30 years and hundreds of flowers each year. He indeed is using something similar to Al's mix, 2/3 or non-organic ingredients. His soil is made of pine needle compost, barks and lots of pea sized absorbent stones. The stone is all natural and primarily used on the orchid.

He always make his own organic fertilizer, now he is what he do:
Boil 1KG of soybean meal really well
Mix with 20KG of water
Let the mix settle for 2 or 3 days.
Seal the container really well, but not too tight, it might explode. If it does, the SWAD team will be deployed to your yard for sure.
Put the container under the sun, the hotter, the faster.
You will be hunted by some odor, your neighbour will always sniff around puzzled.
Normally after 2 or 3 months (the longer the better), the water will become black and less stink
The soybean meal will sink and take the still water
Mix 10 to 20 parts of water and optional FeSO4 (Ferrous Sulfate)

I did this year in my back yard. I used this mixture 10:1 on my Tea Olive and Michelia Alba just once and then water with rain water afterwards, after a week, they exploded with new growth. The other Tea Olive gets regular Foliage Pro every watering, it gets new growth too, but far few. The soybean is high in N, so if you want a new growth flush, this can be a good solution.

I like this idea just because it won't clog my precious gritty mix.

This experience just applies to me. And I only use it to supplement my Foliage Pro as it is high in N. If you want to use it, you have to experiment.

He also has other formulas, I would have to experiment further.


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