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RE: Anyone use RL Suede Paint? (Follow-Up #4)

posted by: moonshadow on 07.09.2009 at 10:27 pm in Home Decorating Forum

Found some. Older ones from a few years ago when we were smack in the middle of remodeling. So if something in photo looks unfinished or funky, that's why ;) I haven't found any of full rooms so far. I have a habit of snapping photos as we work/remodel, so these are bits 'n pieces of our progress at the time.

This is part of the foyer.

Master bedroom one view:

And another view a bit closer. (Home Depot wouldn't get me close to what I wanted, said no custom mixes, so I mixed the color myself. Still hanging on the walls ok. ;-)


This is kind of a dumb picture I found. DH had just installed flooring in bedroom, that's what I was taking photo of. But you can see the suede paint (the blue/green), and all the other paint, white and taupe out in hallway, are just regular paint.



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Eye Candy Gallery updates!

posted by: oceanna on 07.23.2009 at 06:01 pm in Home Decorating Forum

Please don't reply to this thread for 24 hours -- give it a chance to stay up top long enough for everyone to see it? We especially want our new folks to learn where the gallery is and what it has in it. Thanks!

I have updated a bunch of the gallery threads. :o)

Show me your Cottage Decor just got a bunch of deck and screened porch summer updates.

Foyer and Hallway Eye Candy! got updates with many pretty new ideas. This is a great place to go if you're wondering how to accessorize a table or dresser top and the wall behind it.

Staircase Eye Candy Blowout! got lots of new pictures of lovely stairways, plus one of a treatment for that ugly big wall over the stairs.

I put a bunch of new pix of wonderful ceilings in Ceiling Eye Candy Blowout!.

Home Office Eye Candy! got a bunch of new pix. Remember this file also includes home libraries, home theaters and craft rooms, as well as some good organizing ideas.

Kid Room Eye Candy! Kids to Teens got a bunch of darling new kid room pix for you parents and grannies who are wanting to do a kid room. I need to save some kid baths to put in that file too, if any of you are interested in that. Of course, you can put pix in any of these files too don't forget.

Last for right this minute, but not least, the Fireplaces - please share yours file got a bunch of new fireplace updates. A bunch of those are Christmas ones... sorry about the timing, but I had worked my way through all the numbered files and up to the "C's." However, there are a few non-Christmas ones too. Even with the holiday ones you can still see how they are accessorized to the sides, especially those with big bookcases flanking them. Anyway, pretty pix.

I haven't gotten to the other threads yet, but will as soon as I can. There are still a couple of threads on page two, I think bathrooms and bedrooms. One of them wouldn't open for me yesterday. Hmmm... I'll get to those when I can.

New folks, please also notice the color threads in there -- they are super if you're picking a wall color. They are on page one and two. You can use the search window at the bottom of the page. You can always find the Gallery by looking at the main page for Home Decorating. There is a link at the bottom and another link just above the list of the threads, and to the right. See also that we have a "conversations" link, so we can discuss other topics with each other over there. Having the Gallery is like having a huge stack of decorating magazines for free without all the obnoxious ads, just the pix. Only you don't have to look for a place in your home to store them or answer your DH saying, "When are you going to throw those out?" lol!

Here is a link that might be useful: Gallery


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i use artificial plants outside & i like it!

posted by: lottamoxie on 07.20.2009 at 11:23 am in Home Decorating Forum

After the big outside siding replacement project, I then debated whether to use some artificial plants as decoration on my front porch. Since I have a black thumb, don't get direct light, and don't want to have to deal with maintenance, I decided it was the right way for me to get some color that I knew would dress up the front and not disappear or die.

Here are pics of what I did. All the vines and flowers are artificial. I sprayed each of them with fabric protector, as suggested by one company that sells silk flowers & plants. I rather like the look and don't feel bad for 'cheating' at all. :-)

The hanging plants I purchased from a vendor on eBay. The flowers I got from Michael's.


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Home made art for a tight budget?

posted by: juliann74 on 07.10.2009 at 09:45 am in Home Decorating Forum

I really relate to xoxosmom's post about being overwhelmed with decorating! That got me to thinking about how I need to finish decorating the walls in our 3 yr old house (I have been avoiding this due to being overwhelmed!).

Since I have been an occasional poster here, but a daily lurker for years, I have been picking up on tips on how to find artwork on a budget. I have been obsessed with Craigslist and local thrift shops- but haven't liked anything I have seen.

I have been throwing around the idea of home made art/paintings. When I search for inspiration photos of home made art, I find only contemporary looking pieces, and I am a traditional/transitional girl at heart. Are there shapes or simple ideas that would blend with traditional decor?

Do you have any ideas or inspirational pics? Thank you for your help!


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New House Exterior - Update with Pictures!

posted by: lottamoxie on 06.18.2009 at 09:43 am in Home Decorating Forum

The siding project (taking off the Masonite and replacing with James Hardie fiber cement planks) is now complete. All that's left is for some lights to be re-installed and the front storm door to get it's finish coat of paint (BM "Dinner Party" in the Aura semi-gloss formula).

The color used on the siding is "Crushed Ice" by SW in the Duration satin formula. The trim, posts & rails are "Super White" by SW in a semi-gloss.


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Give Your Opinion on Exterior House Color: BM 'Winds Breath'?

posted by: lottamoxie on 06.10.2009 at 08:26 am in Home Decorating Forum

Wanted to get some opinions before I 'pull the trigger.' All the new hardieplanks are now installed on my house (replacing all that old masonite).

The color I selected to be used on the siding is Ben Moore's "Winds Breath" (but in a SW Duration formula) and for the trim, soffits, fascia SW "Extra White."

What do you think of Winds Breath?

(btw, the shutters will be black and I will be painting the front door BM's "Dinner Party" Red).

I've done multiple searches (Google and elsewhere) to see if anyone used Winds Breath but haven't seen it used on an exterior.

This is my house as of 2 yrs ago, with the old siding up (you can't see the rotted areas in this pic so it looks good from the street).


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RE: Give Your Opinion on Exterior House Color: BM 'Winds Breath'? (Follow-Up #11)

posted by: lottamoxie on 06.11.2009 at 11:29 am in Home Decorating Forum

Okay, I've changed my mind and will indeed be painting the siding Sherwin Williams "Crushed Ice," which is a soft and light grayish/oyster color.

Here are the changes I'm making to the house.

Siding: "Crushed Ice" by SW
Trim, etc: "Super White" by SW
Shutters: "Black" raised panel/classic, vinyl
Front Door: "Dinner Party" by BM using the Aura semi-gloss formula


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