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RE: New Build In Clarksville TN (Follow-Up #3)

posted by: elleg on 03.12.2010 at 09:46 pm in Pools & Spas Forum

Here is my attempt to post pictures of the first draft, Should have the final draft tomorrow; the changes are minimal.

First Draft

Those are our neighbors. They are using the pool while we arent home :)

Rendering View


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New pool build in Tennessee

posted by: jsldh on 07.05.2010 at 11:34 pm in Pools & Spas Forum

We've been living in our new home for 2 years and signed our contract to build a pool a month ago They started the dig today after a 2 week delay due to rain. The specs are below and I must say, this forum has helped me tremendously with all of the little details such as coping, tile, etc.

19 x 39 freeform
3'6" to 6'6" depth
9 ft. diameter spa, 8 jets, with stacked stone spillover
beach shelf with 3 bubblers
low weeping boulder wall
~3.5 ft retainer wall along back of pool (our yard slopes down)
Coping and veneer on spa and retaining wall: Oklahoma field stone
Waterline tile: Rust
French Gray Hydrazzo
1050 sq ft decking, washed

Equipment (from contract):
Whisperflow 1.5 HP (one for pool and one for spa)
Polaris 480
400,000 BTU heater
Vision Sanitizer
RS4 controller

If I'm leaving anything out, let me know. I quickly skimmed the quote sheet and contract.

Today they did the "basic" dig. I didn't realize that they would hardly dig the shallow end. :-) They are going to be adding a lot of fill dirt around our pool! Our yard slopes down. We went with our builder's idea of having a retainer wall at the back of the pool. During heavy rains we have a lot of water flow at the rear of our lot.

Tomorrow is to finish forming the pool and rebar.

Here are some pics from today. We're so excited and can't believe it's finally a reality!






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