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RE: iso online resources for knobs and pulls and when did you ord (Follow-Up #9)

posted by: maisaura on 06.16.2007 at 10:48 pm in Kitchens Forum

The biggest problem with the online sellers of hardware are the restocking fees -- most are between 20 - 30%. I've had excellent service in the last two weeks from Hardware, My, and Amazon. Amazon lists a lot of sellers, but Amazon itself also carries cabinet hardware. You'll pay a little more for purchases through Amazon, (maybe a dollar more per item), but get free delivery with orders over $25.00 and there's no restocking fee. I bought my samples through Amazon, settled on what I wanted, and then ordered through Hardware Accents and My Knobs and returned the rejects to Amazon. I've been (so far) very pleased with the service. Also, if you order hardware from different manufacturers, but from one site, they will, typically, also charge a separate fee per manufacturer! The fees can add up quickly so make sure you know what you want before your order!


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