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Summerfield; I would so appreciate your opinion

posted by: cooperville on 02.22.2011 at 10:51 pm in Building a Home Forum

I have been looking around and noticed that you are very good and detailed in your plans. If you have any time I would greatly appreciate you looking at this plan. If I give you a little background it may help to understand why it is as it is. We are a very large family with 10, going on 11 children. We LOVE open spaces and have come to see the benefit of them with so many bodies passing one another.

Our home will be simple, a Dutch Colonial, or a gambrel barn style. Not much to look at on the outside, we hope to add a porch in the future.



We want to have a private master bedroom, a sitting area where we can talk privately and a roomy master bath. I like being able to see the garden tub from the room. I would like to have two showerheads in the shower but I don't know how big it has to be for that.

I know there is only the master bath on the main floor but there will be two upstairs with a possibility of four toilets up there, and one in the basement. Maybe I should have a half bath too? There will be a laundry area upstairs in between the dorm style rooms for all the childrens clothes so the one downstairs doesn't need to be that big. We homeschool and I don't want to have it in the basement anymore. We will have a walk out basement and that is where there will be a large mudroom with locker cubbies.

We want lots of room in the kitchen for all the workers we have and also for others that we have in our home regularly. Our table is custom made for our family, I know it's BIG, 7 x 7. All the base cabinets will be drawers and the only uppers will be on the outside of the ranges, which will resemble hutches. There is a picture that I have duplicated in my drawing that I will try to figure out how to post. There are narrow windown just beside the ranges.


The stairs are perfectly centered for the upstairs because there is a dorm room on each side of the house.

The family room is the same size as we have now and can't imagine it being any smaller.

We're not positive about heating, but if we do go with a wood burning stove I thought this would be centrally located and the heat would be able to travel upstairs easier.

I am trying to do this simply and still be able to accomplich our desires and what would be best for our family. I know this is supper long. : )

Thanks to anyone that has taken the time to read this


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