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Do Your Love Your NonStick Omelet Pan?

posted by: rococogurl on 02.05.2011 at 02:38 pm in Kitchens Forum

If so, would you recommend it?

I'm seeking a nonstick 9 or 10-incher that has excellent heat conductivity, is dish-washer safe, and has a good handle configuration with no wood. For use on gas.

In the past, had a so/so Calphalon which had a coating that disappeared in the DW (had to throw it out). But I know there are tons of new brands.

As a bonus, if anyone can recommend a double omelet pan -- one that interlocks/hinges and flips for frittatas -- that would be much appreciated.

But I'd most appreciate excellent pan recos.


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RE: Circuit breaker keeps tripping (Follow-Up #6)

posted by: dan1554 on 11.19.2005 at 11:32 pm in Electrical Wiring Forum

Well, the breaker has been eliminated. The problem is likely in the outlet, if it is in a metal box, it's possible the hot (black) wire is rubbing against the box, and rubbed itself bare, causing a direct short. Another possibility is that the cable has a staple through it, and even though it was fine for years, after several years it is possible the staple has rubbed through the insulation on the black wire. Another possibility, is where the wire goes into the breaker box, the clamp may have pierced the cable. Another less likely possibility is that the cable was just manufactured improperly, and it finally showed a problem. This happenned to me, about 11 years ago. New cable run, 1 year old. Breaker tripped, it took some searching, but there was a section of cable int he attic, no staples ever in this section, nothing on it, no stress. I stripped the outer jacket off, and about a 12 inch length of the black wire had a slice in the insulation, looked like the insualtion split apart...never saw anything like it.


For future reference: if the breaker wont reset, does it make a loud buzzing noise and shut off? If so, it's a short. If it just clicks and makes no noise, it's probably a bad breaker.
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RE: stair width (Follow-Up #5)

posted by: austin_homer on 05.21.2006 at 07:03 pm in Remodeling Forum


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RE: Stair riser height (Follow-Up #4)

posted by: Nancy_in_Mich on 07.17.2005 at 04:21 pm in Remodeling Forum

I am comfortable with the 6" steps at the physical therapy clinic I visit. I have 7" on the steps to the back door and they are just okay. Those steps replaced a nasty set that varied between 9" and 11". If you have the room (run), I'd advise having them made much shorter. How many steps are there? One extra riser may do the trick. Of course, that means tearing it all out and starting over, but it really does need to be done if DH is having difficulty now with them. It will only get worse.

I thought code said no higher than 8". At the site below, it says 7.75" is the high end of most codes. They have a great calculator there.

Here is a link that might be useful: Staircase calculator


Staircase calculator to figure rise/run!
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RE: Where do you shop? Let's make a resource list! (Follow-Up #4)

posted by: glennsgirl on 09.19.2004 at 05:44 pm in Old House Forum

We have a 1925 bungalow. We recently ordered lighting from both Rejuvenation and Schoolhouse Electric. The Schoolhouse lights are beautiful, and their customer service was excellent. Rejuvenation also has great customer service!

We got our kitchen hardware from Restoration and Horton Brasses. Horton is a small family company that is wonderful to deal with.

Most of our furniture comes from yard sales, antique shops, and family. I agree with you, Sharon, that modern furniture doesn't fit well in old house rooms.


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Cat threw up in washing machine

posted by: SAG1 on 10.31.2002 at 07:35 pm in Home Disasters Forum

Will some bleach get this out? I want to be on the safe side.


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Porch Paint

posted by: Ratherbgardening on 08.15.2005 at 01:00 pm in Porches & Decks Forum

My mother is determined to paint her porch, even though I've told her it would be a lot of work if it started peeling. She thinks a former owner painted it, but isn't sure. I think it's a stain. Is there a suitable paint that wouldn't create a problem, such as peeling? It's a covered front porch. Thanks.


Paint and primer suggestions
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