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RE: Sinks which type? Silgranit, stainless steel or cast iron? (Follow-Up #6)

posted by: jalsy6 on 06.22.2011 at 09:43 pm in Kitchens Forum

I have the kohler bakersfield, good old fashioned cast iron/porcelain. I loved the silgranit too...but couldn't get one to fit in my 33" sink base. Ultimately I'm really glad to have the kohler...I love it. Here's a picture (rest of the kitchen still in progress!):


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I LOVE my new granite!

posted by: paigeysmom on 08.12.2008 at 09:51 am in Kitchens Forum

Yesterday our granite was installed. I couldn't believe it, but the installers were here until almost 9pm but thankfully they got it done. I was so apprehensive that maybe I would hate it once it was installed. Its very hard to imagine how this gigantic slab of rock sitting in a warehouse is actually going to look when it gets cut into pieces and placed on top of the precious cabinets we've been staring at for the past couple weeks, but the result is truly amazing. Its also beyond exciting to see the sink and faucets that I labored searching for finally in place (although not functional yet) and we couldn't help ourselves from sliding the appliances into place just to get the total effect! As everyone says pictures don't nearly do my typhoon bordeaux any justice. I spent hours last night just looking at the light reflecting off of it. My husband accused me of caressing the granite, but I can't help myself--its so fabulous. So enough of my carrying on--here are the pictures.


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RE: cherry cabinets --what color countertop? (Follow-Up #8)

posted by: grendal_fly on 05.21.2009 at 11:11 am in Kitchens Forum

We have light- medium cherry Cabs withn Ocean Green(Stone) which is a drab olive green with lots of white and grey movement.
Photobucket Photobucket
Ocean Stone Slab 2


cherry & countertop
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After all the drama, our cabinets are finally here!!! See picture

posted by: ni_2006 on 06.29.2008 at 08:41 am in Kitchens Forum

Some of you may recall all the drama we had with the previous KD who pretty much took $9K of our money and lied that he ordered our cabinets when he did not! He then lied and said that his company declared bankruptcy, which we later discovered was a lie as well. Anyhoo, after a lot of drama, we got our money back and used it towards the purchase of new cabinets.

As you can imagine, we have suffered so much without a kitchen (we were supposed to receive the original cabinets on May 9!).

So, here are the new cabinets!!! They only took 3 weeks to arrive. I do wish they were installed already, but our contractor is not able to start the installation for another week or so. Despite the delay, I am happy that all the drama has been resolved for us. Unfortunately, the SOB is still in business!!!

Some of the drawers need to be aligned, but I have been told by the company rep that it is an easy thing to do (or is it? What do you TKOs think?)








Hanssem cherry caramel
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Any Long Island cabinetry/countertop recommendations?

posted by: linste on 05.16.2011 at 10:51 am in Kitchens Forum

I'm planning on heading to Consumers this week, but I'd like to get a few different quotes. Are there any Long Islanders here that have dealt with reputable places for cabinetry or stone? I'm trying to avoid blind shopping. Thanks!


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OMG!!! $21,068 quote for Kraftmaid Cabinets!!!

posted by: domesticah on 01.15.2011 at 10:21 pm in Kitchens Forum

I have been lurking here for over a year and I cannot tell you how grateful I am to all those who have shared their knowledge to help lost newbies like me. Well, I finally convinced my dh that we are in need of a kitchen facelift -- I am looking to upgrade our cabinets (1990 shrock maple, falling apart)and reuse our appliances, granite, sink, etc. My budget is $22,000 (for rip out, cabs and install). I went to this discount place in Suffolk Co., NY (Conumers Kithens) thinking I would get a 15,000 quote for Kraftmaid Cabs and they quoted me $21,068 (granted it is for 26 Cabinets including pantry, excluding moldings) -- but geez!!!! You could have knocked me over with a feather. And I don't even LOVE the cabinets -- they were just good enough... I am going to have to look elsewhere -- I just cannot see spending that on cabinets that I don't love.

Can anyone tell me what the best cabinets out there for the money? Are we going to have to open our wallets wider for decent painted shaker cabs? I had really wanted inset, but determined this was outside our budget, and am now going for full overlay. I have been searching and searching and it is so confusing... Thanks for listening to me :) Have a great night...


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Posting Pictures

posted by: buehl on 02.11.2011 at 01:48 pm in Kitchens Forum

This thread will describe how to post pictures from a photohosting site, from a PDF file, or from some other location on the web.

First, though, where are your pictures? If they are on your computer only, you will need to upload them to somewhere on the web for the rest of us to see them. I upload pictures to PhotoBucket, but there are other photo-hosting sites available. For example: Picasa, Filckr, Webshots, Snapfish.

  1. Open an account w/PhotoBucket or other photo hosting site.
  2. Take a picture using a digital camera (or film camera, but get your pictures on a disk when they're developed & download them to your computer)
  3. Resize your pictures so they're not too big, generally no more than 400x300 (or 300x400)

    Resize keeping the same proportions so they don't get distorted...i.e., don't specify a specific size, use %-ages or similar

    [You can also often resize pictures at your photohosting site, but it's faster to do it on your computer]

  4. Upload your pictures to your photo account
  5. Find the label that contains the HTML Code link to the picture and copy it
  6. Paste it into the thread's "Message" box (< Ctrl >< V>)
  7. Click the "Preview" button.
  8. You will now see the picture.


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Are these countertop prices good?

posted by: plinko on 03.28.2011 at 12:50 pm in Kitchens Forum

We need two slabs for a galley kitchen. No cutouts on one fo the slabs. Cutout for sink on the other. Basic roundover edge...nothing fancy. Edges included as sq ft. below. We are in Pittsburgh, PA. Thanks.

Total Per Sq Ft
Corian $2,400.00 $67.11
Zodiaq $3,475.00 $97.17
Laminate $1,200.00 $33.55
Soapstone $3,975.00 $111.15
Cambria Quartz $3,200.00 $89.48


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RE: Does anyone have white walls in their kitchen? (Follow-Up #11)

posted by: laurainlincoln on 05.09.2011 at 11:02 am in Kitchens Forum

hi - we have SW Honed white on the walls and SW dover white on the cabs - I wanted low contrast so the room did not seem choppy. I love the Honied White - it was recc'd in the House Beautiful "favorite decorator paint colors" edition, which is total paint porn. The decorator called it "white with a touch of warm sunshine," We have 2 boys and have not found it any harder to keep clean. HTH!

z - architect pix


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Anyone have 2 colored cabinets (upper different color from lower)

posted by: ejbrymom on 05.03.2011 at 05:10 pm in Kitchens Forum

I love this look. But wanted to know if others do it.....if so what made you pick two colors. Are you still in love with it?
Can you share pics?

Examples of:


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Kitchen Plan Update - Pic heavy

posted by: ayerg73 on 05.04.2011 at 10:24 pm in Kitchens Forum

Ok, so I saw the KP today and have some slight changes to the floor plan. I'd love to know your thoughts...





I'm considering removing the appliance garage from the corner to free up some counter top. But, I have all that space on the I need to?


This is the part I think I'm least satisfied with...the wall of cabinets would provide GREAT storage and it's separate from the rest of the kitchen, but is it too ominous? Maybe add some glass to some of the doors? Or put the hutch back in the middle?


Here's the door style we've picked

And this is the wood/stain (knotty cherry)

Well...what do you think?! :)


wood type and stain
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RE: Anyone have 2 colored cabinets (upper different color from lo (Follow-Up #12)

posted by: senator13 on 05.04.2011 at 01:24 pm in Kitchens Forum

We will have quartersawn white oak everywhere. I still love our choice, but I would not have hesitated for a minute to go the other way. I guess only time will tell (cabinets will be ready by mid-June) if I am still jealous over the mixed idea.

Here is one of my favorite mixed cab pictures. I think this is cherry. Definetely not grained like QS, but beautiful nonetheless!
mix Pictures, Images and Photos


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Need reviews on granite places in Long Island

posted by: bbell on 02.08.2011 at 08:52 am in Kitchens Forum

Has anyone used Renaissance Marble Works, Inc or Rai Designs and Imports in New Hyde Park?

I can't find any reviews on either of these two places. One seems to be high end and the other seems to be a "mom & pops" place.

I love a granite at Renaissance but they seem so rough around the edges (no punt intended). Unfortunately, Rai doesn't have the granite I want but they have my 2nd choice.

Any help would be appreciated.


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RE: Negatives of white/cream cabinets... (Follow-Up #32)

posted by: mamadadapaige on 07.29.2008 at 09:44 pm in Kitchens Forum

two girls,
just wanted to chime in... I absolutely love the craftsman style and have many magazines and books featuring it. I also LOVE inset cabinets and had to have them in my kitchen.

With inset, you lose some interior space, but it is a streamlined look and if it is what you are after, I would say to go for it.

My idea for you is to combine Quarter Sawn Oak and Inset Cabinetry... it will give you the craftsman look you are after while keeping you within your original plan of a wood look. Quartersawn white oak provides a very clean look as opposed to some of the knottier woods.

Here is a pic to illustrate my point of the craftsman look you can attain with this choice:

Also (again), it is just personal, but to me, the first question was inset or not-inset, then white or not white. To me, inset is a great way to go (imho).

ps: i got talked into off white cabinets by my husband (in the end I am happy)... it is a safe choice, and a nice choice, and VERY easy to live with, but you have to go with what your gut is telling you.



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RE: worthy of refinishing? (Follow-Up #3)

posted by: glennsfc on 03.13.2011 at 09:16 pm in Flooring Forum

If the adhesive comes off with the linoleum, it is not a mastic, but rather organic linoleum paste. You can easily sand it off, as it is brittle.

I have stained such a thing. Most finishers will tell you that you have to use a wood treatment before applying stain to control absorption and get a less blotchy result. While that is true, I don't do that anymore. Bona DriFast stain goes on with hardly a splotch. On floors that want to splotch, I first apply DriFast natural and then a moment later apply the color I want; it works, but I've been doing this for quite some time, so I have developed techniques that get results.

A consistent sanding of the entire floor will give you a surface that will look consistent after staining. Be aware, however that the soft wood of these species will hold more stain than the hardwood, so very dark stains will give you a 'negative' result. What I mean here is that the softwood part becomes dark and the harder part becomes lighter. Not a bad look, but something you need to know going in.

I never stained these floors really dark; golden oak was the darkest I went for a customer. I would recommend a 50/50 mix of natural and golden oak...then two coats of a two part quality waterborne polyurethane. If you use an oilbase product, then you might not need a stain at all, as it will automatically color the wood. Research the benefits of each type of finish on the internet.

There are 'new types' of wood finishing products in the marketplace, although they are not really new. Waterlox and Rubio Monocoat and hardwax oil products, for example. I have not yet used any of those, although I might consider trying some. It's difficult to leave behind products that you are familiar with and know their characteristics.


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RE: How to remove black mastic from hardwood floor? (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: glennsfc on 01.26.2011 at 11:22 am in Flooring Forum

The adhesive may emulsify in the presence of hot water. If it is a hydrocarbon type, then the water will have no effect.

Be aware that any solvent you may use in your attempt to soften the adhesive will drive the adhesive deeper into the wood fibers.


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RE: Green Paint Colors (BM) (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: jessicaml on 04.30.2011 at 08:51 pm in Kitchens Forum

Rosemary Sprig, Tree Moss and Dry Sage are the first ones that come to mind. At the very least they're good starting points to see how color appears in your space.


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