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Best bee plants?

posted by: eric_oh on 09.09.2014 at 08:57 am in Perennials Forum

What are your favored plants for attracting bees (either to boost the threatened honeybee population in general, or for selfish reasons related to getting your vegetable crops pollinated)?

In addition to Sedums like "Autumn Fire" (see related thread), I find that Agastache and Helenium varieties along with rugosa roses are very attractive to bees and other flying pollinators. Nothing however is a magnet like African basil, whose flowers are always alive with bees and smaller flying creatures.

note: appreciation for bee plants is enhanced when one is not allergic to bee stings. I used to get severe reactions to wasp stings, but apparently got desensitized after numerous fire ant stings while living in Texas. :) In my experience, you really have to provoke honeybees and bumblebees to cause a problem.


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