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RE: Range hood recommendation (Follow-Up #3)

posted by: weissman on 03.30.2012 at 11:21 am in Appliances Forum

Many people are happy with Kobe hoods. I can't speak from personal experience but that's what I'd be looking at if I needed a new hood. Get one with baffles not oil catchers.


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Built-in Look WIth Ikea's Billy Bookcases

posted by: buehl on 12.06.2009 at 02:01 am in Home Decorating Forum

On the "Considering adding bookcases to my LR" thread, RunningInPlace mentioned that someone here had used Ikea's Billy bookcases + molding to create a wall of bookcases that looked built in. Unfortunately, she doesn't remember who it was.

Does anyone know who it was? If it was you, could you tell us (me) how you did it? I want to completely redo my very small Library/Computer Room with bookcases to house my not-so-small collection of Science Fiction books! I'd really like to make them look built-in.


Here is a link that might be useful: Considering adding bookcases to my LR


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RE: Backsplash for Modern Kitchen (Follow-Up #22)

posted by: lcase on 01.24.2012 at 05:49 pm in Kitchens Forum

We just wrapped up a kitchen remodel, and went with a single stainless steel sheet.

It ties in well with our stainless steel appliances. We avoided any tile, as we've come to loathe grout, and wanted to make cleaning easy.


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How to organize hats & gloves

posted by: jeannie01 on 12.28.2011 at 04:20 pm in Organizing the Home Forum

I have ample closet space in my new home, but yet I can't find a simple way to organize all my hats and gloves.
I do have special hangers with holes for my scarf's.

I have a large closet for my day to day/work coats that I keep my hats/gloves in. But, I can't easily find them as I dash out the door. I keep them in a basket

Since I have a horse and have "barn coats", etc. I keep all those items in a separate closet. They do get dirty, and I don't want them in w/my good coats. It's a smaller closet but all my barn coats/vests/pullovers fit nicely in there. I can't find a way to organize my hats and gloves. I have them in a hanging tote and I can't ever find the ones that I want, when I want them. Since they get dirty I want something that will also contain some of the dirt/hair/hay from hitting the floor.

HELP ---- I need to get organized now..


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For those of you in NYC - Any good closet recs?

posted by: jdknyc on 02.28.2012 at 09:17 pm in Organizing the Home Forum

Doing an apt reno, and was going to have my GC build out my closet interiors, but I'm wondering whether it'd be better to bring in the experts to help my design and/or install. I'd like to use wood veneer on 3/4" plywood. Anyone in NYC with good suggestions? Thanks in advance!


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Samsung 4-door fridge (RF4287HARS)

posted by: ejs03 on 02.28.2011 at 01:51 pm in Appliances Forum

Does anyone here have it? What do you think about it?


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Samsung Quality and Samsung Equivalent to Kenmore

posted by: jn3va on 09.11.2011 at 01:54 pm in Appliances Forum

I have been researching the Kenmore Side/Side Fridge 51023. It appears this is made by Samsung.

1) What's is the general though on Samsung? They seem to have lower quality ratings for appliances than other brands.

2) When they manufacture the Kenmore brand is the quality usually better than their own models for some reason (contract specs for parts etc.)?

3) Is there a way to find the Samsung equivalent product to compare?



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How did you prepare/empty your kitchen pre-reno? Any advice?

posted by: Madeline616 on 01.17.2012 at 12:12 pm in Kitchens Forum


Trying to decide how/whether to empty out my kitchen cabinets pre-reno.

Many of the existing cabinets won't be touched- I'm only having one section of cabs rebuilt, but there will be *tons* of work all around the kitchen.

My contractor says I should leave all of my dishes, etc in the existing cabs that aren't being touched, and just clean it all out when he's done.

I can imagine that although the dishes will be inside of closed cabinets, they'll still end up covered in dust.

My tendency would be to take advantage of this opportunity, empty out and purge every cabinet, and then start with a clean slate when the kitchen is complete.

Where did you put all of your dishes, etc during the reno?

Where did you cook/eat?

Any tips would be appreciated! I know I have to get started, I'm just having trouble figuring out where/how to begin!

Here's the project:
One section of cabinetry demo'd and rebuilt including a new vent hood installed

New D/w and range

One section of cabinetry retrofitted for a trash can pull out and farmhouse sink

Existing counters replaced with danby marble

slab marble backsplash put in one area and tile backsplash in another

There will be sheetrock work, a window frame moulding changed out, and some ceiling moulding changed.

Bottom line: lots of dust!!


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Sonos vs.

posted by: dandylandy on 09.22.2010 at 09:24 am in Home Entertainment Forum

Hi there,

Looking for comments on both of these systems.

Here is what we'd like to do in an apartment that has been gutted - all speakers mentioned will be buried in the walls:

1. Have a TV in the LR - does not need surround sound, but b/c it is a flat panel it definitely needs speakers. We'll have a bluray, Tivo, and yes, a VCR (too many old home movies that haven't been digitized!) but they will be located in a closet in the hall.

2. Be able to play music in the LR. It is next door to the DR, so throw a couple of speakers in the DR, too, and pipe the same music in. (They are very open rooms, and this is an apartment, so I can't imagine having different stuff in the LR and DR - they can be on the same channel, but for instance if someone is watching TV in the LR, I would like to silence the speakers in the DR.)

3. At the same time, be able to play a different song or talk radio in the kitchen.

4. Also, put speakers in the master bedroom and master bath. It would be fine for them to be on the same channel, but they must have different volume controls.

HTD can do all of this, and I think Sonos can, too.

I am looking to find out the pros and cons of each.

When I asked HTD about playing music from my computer, wirelessly, they said, yes, I can just plug an airport into one of their input jacks. Also, HTD is coming out with new wall switches that will also function as intercoms. Don't know if that is good or bad.

With HTD, all my components would sit in a closet, and there would be a control panel the size of a double lightswitch on the wall in each room that is wired for sound. The speaker wire and CAT-5 cable would all run back to this closet.

With Sonos, they said I could also run everything back to that closet, OR, get another Sonos box and stick it in a closet in the master bedroom (which is at the other end of the apartment) and just run my bed/bath wires to that location. They made it sound like this would save me money somehow (less labor to run wires, maybe?)

Please, anyone, I'm open to comments!



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Show me your kitchen lights!

posted by: kellienoelle on 01.15.2012 at 12:08 am in Kitchens Forum

I have been looking trying to figure out what I like, but most web sites don't have an image of them in a real kitchen. If you wouldn't mind sharing what you have, where you got it, what you love, and what you don't love about the lights in your kitchen. I am (I think) specifically looking for pendants to go over the island, a coordinating light to go over the sink, and undercabinet and lighted cabinet lights.

Show me what ya got! Show me what I should also probably get but don't even know about yet!


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Which single bowl sink to go with?

posted by: jamiecrok on 11.03.2011 at 12:53 am in Kitchens Forum

SO I have recently decided that a single bowl sink will be great in my new kitchen. I don't know much about the different brands but it seems like the Franke and Lowes is resonably priced and I have found the Blanco 511-652 online for a similar price. Any suggestions? I want one that I can put a grid in the bottom.

I have read some reviews that have warned against under mounting the sink since they can crack (the composite which is what we want as we had a composite double bowl in our last house and loved it). If it cracks how do you handle that with granite or is it best to just top mount it and not have to worry about replacing it in the future. Speaking of which, is it wise to undermount ANY sink due to the difficulty to replace, or is it easier to replace than I imagine?

Any insight on brands and undermount vs. top mount is appreciated!


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16 vs 18 gauge stainless steel sinks--what's the difference???

posted by: robbi25 on 01.14.2012 at 06:53 pm in Kitchens Forum

Is an 18 gauge elkay sink good quality and fine for a kitchen or does one need to buy a 16 gauge sink


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Refining search for LED cabinet lights

posted by: arc2v on 12.01.2011 at 09:48 am in Kitchens Forum

Hi All,
I just went blind reading all the LED under cabinet light discussions. I think I have a handle on it, but there is so much information I thought I'd throw out my specifics to see if I missed anything.

1) Prefer direct wire OR very low profile transformer
2) No preference on dimmable
3) High CRI, warm color (2700K to 3000K), as even as possible
4) Continuous run of 24" cabinets with a wine cabinet inbetween Left to Right ( Tall Oven -- 24" upper -- 6" wine -- 24" upper -- 24" corner -- wall)
5) Light rail molding to be installed underneath.

There are the sides in the way between cabinets, but I have no problem notching them if necessary for a continuous strip.

Obviously I would like to save money, but $300 as an absolute limit is what we budgeted for.

Thanks in advance!


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Need help with choosing recessing lighting

posted by: lynn2006 on 11.23.2011 at 11:18 pm in Kitchens Forum

First sorry so long. I will cross post to the lighting forum. I have an electrician coming by Friday morning and I have yet to get a quote back from another electrician on LED recessed lighting and the electrician that came today was pushing Incandescent recessed lighting).

The pretty lamp I chose to hang in my kitchen does not have enough room to take the three 100 CFL bulbs I bought and that would mean I would have to use lesser wattage bulbs or incandescent lighting.

I need a nice white light like my halogen lights under my Zephyr Breeze II hood that is bright, very white light that makes my new tiles look so beautiful with the ivory, beige, gray veins, reddish brown/beige in the tiles that is the reason I bought them. Regular incandescent bulbs make my tiles beige and gray and the other colors are not seen well and they are not that pretty.

I had to change my tube fluorescent lighting to a 6500K in my ceiling (I am trying to replace this ugly outdated looking light) to like the tiles (fell in love with them in a home that is almost identical to mine but had new cherry cabinets and new halogen lights on a track lighting system in the ceiling .... looked nice since the kitchen was so modern) but the daylight light color is not as bright, warm and very white as the hot halogen light due to the lower rendering color index of the Fluorescent light bulbs.

I wish I knew which white k color light spectrum this light was but I looked all over the Internet with no such luck but in a 2002 article it said that the LED MR16 light (My light bulbs are r16 halogen lights but the bulbs offered by the electrician will be MR16 halogen bulbs using an low voltage 4" recessed design) is a brighter 2800K to 3200K in the white spectrum (while incandescent is 2700K) and has a rendering color index of 92 to 100 which is very bright that I love and makes all colors so vivid and true.

The LED CREE light bulb I brought home from Home Depot to see what the 2700K white light would look like is much better than the incandescent bulb since the LED is so crisp and clear and not glaring and my tiles look nicer under the light than the incandescent light BUT the ivory in my tile and the reddish beige is not there anymore and the tiles are not as pretty with the LED light as the halogen light.

I really would like to go with an LED light that does not get hot but one electrician told me over the phone he feels I will be happiest with a low wattage (12 volts) MR16 50 watt halogen recessed bulb and does not feel they will get too hot but will give the bright white crisp warm light that I like that is not cold like the 6500K daylight bulbs.

Does anyone know what LED would give me a light close to the halogen light that I have fallen in love with? The Home Depot LED 2700K soft white is not a good light for the tiles I bought that I can't return.

Would getting halogen lights (low wattage) be not a good idea since LED is taking over and the LED lights are cooler?


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How to calculate needed lumens in a room?

posted by: kate1234 on 03.04.2007 at 08:25 pm in Lighting Forum

What would the formula be to figure out how many total lumens you might want in a room? I realize there won't be one answer to a given sized room - that it will depend on

how bright one likes a room to be (bright but on a dimmer),

how good your eyesight (we're getting older),

how light the surfaces are (light oak floor, white painted cabinets, white tile backsplash, stainless appliances, white ceiling, light tan paint in just a few places, and dark shiny granite).

The kitchen is 10' x 12.5' with an 8' ceiling. I will have undercabinet lighting plus cans and I am just trying to figure out how many lumens those cans should have all together.


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RE: Single Bowl Kitchen Sink ? (Follow-Up #9)

posted by: cjc123 on 11.16.2011 at 07:58 am in Kitchens Forum

We use to have the double bowl set up. The bowls were to small for washing sheet pans and big pots. We fell for the Franke Orca sink. It is large one bowl but has a shelf on the right that allows for stacking of clean dishes. I also usually put a drop of soap in item to be washed - wash and rinse, stack to right, or wash stack and rinse with sprayer. If I have fragile wash I put an old fashioned dish bin ($2.00) in left side for washing. Sometimes when doing lots of big things will put a dish towel on counter for over flow. But believe me this sink is a dream, I can fit anything in it to wash easily. (babies to dog! LOL)
From Kitchen before and after


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Can anyone identify this beautiful stone backsplash tile?

posted by: Fun2Learn on 01.05.2012 at 05:30 pm in Kitchens Forum

HI everyone. I really love this backsplash tile in the photo below--it looks like some sort of stone--maybe a type of slate or quartzite stone? Can anyone help me locate it, or at least give me a name to look under? Boxerpups posted this beautiful photo for me, from her collection of inspiring photos, (she is so very helpful!), when I was asking about backsplash tiles several months ago. I then got very busy and put the backsplash on hold, but kept thinking about the backsplash in this photo. We are finally ready to make a decision and install the backsplash(after a year of going back and forth, LOL!) I think this is the look we are after, and that it would look great with our honey-spice maple cabinets and cream colored granite, which has grey and light gold streaks and speckles of garnet, which would seem to tie in with the colors in this stone. I also think it would look great and help tie-in with the brick fireplace in the adjoining family room. (what do you all think?)
Thanks in advance for any help!


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Mistakes that others can learn from

posted by: kellied on 11.10.2011 at 09:06 am in Kitchens Forum

I thought this would be a good topic to introduce, especially for those who are just getting started on their kitchen remodel.

My mistake when ordering the cabinet above the fridge was not taking into account what would be needed if we had to replace our current fridge. Cabinet was ordered for the height of what we have now and the majority of the fridges out there are half an inch too tall. Limits the selection of a replacement.

What mistakes have you made that others can learn from?


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Starting to build--advice on audio/video set up--)what to expect

posted by: heather_in_mn on 10.11.2009 at 07:49 pm in Home Entertainment Forum

Hi All,
We are hoping to break ground this week in St. Paul, MN(waiting on city permits....) on our new, contemporary home. We would like to have an audio/video set-up in the mid range, but are not sure what to expect. The GC has an AV guy he works with so I'm sure we'll be chatting with him, but I want to make sure I am prepared.

House is one level,open floor plan, with walk-out patio.
Here's what I'm hoping to do:

Audio speakers in kitchen/living/dining room/deck (zone 1), speakers in home gym in basement and outdoor patio area (zone 2). I would like to have volume controls for outdoor area, gym and living area if possible, but only one main control for living area and one for lower level.

Video distribution for living room, master bedroom, gym tv, and lower level family room. My dream is to be able to go to any of these areas, turn on the tv and chose to watch a dvd, cable or TIVO, so all this would come from one main media source in the lower level.

At some point we will have a surround sound setup in the family room, but will not purchase that yet.

We have a media closet designated in our house plans and to start with we will probably run the audio wires and possibly the speakers, and for the video runs and the surround system, running smurf tubes for future runs.

Does this sound like a good plan or something that is crazy? We don't need super high end, but since this will hopefully be our first and last build, we don't want to go cheap. We're willing to wait to complete the set up but want to have tubes put in for future installation.

Any help/ideas is greatly appreciated :)

Heather in MN


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RE: Mother Of Pearl Backsplash? (Follow-Up #15)

posted by: kateskouros on 11.24.2011 at 11:35 pm in Kitchens Forum

i imported tile from the philippines for my master bath so i'm here with a word of caution: it was NOT as simple as you may think. my tile -while not MOP, is troca shell and was $29 sq ft. excellent pricing since A: you can't really find this in the US and if you do, B: it's not priced by the sq ft, but by trim piece. priced by the sq ft, it could easily run several hundred dollars.

okay, so we know the pricing was good. and the product -when it finally arrived, is gorgeous. BUT shipping was not cheap nor was the customs fees i had to pay in addition to a DAILY rate for each day the packages sat in customs waiting for approval for release (over $2000). add onto that the fee and necessary paperwork for me to obtain a LICENSE to import from US fish and wildlife and you've got yourself one. giant. headache.

beautiful, yes. would i do it again? never!
sorry i only have pics of the shower stall. our vanity backsplash is in and looks brilliant. maybe i'll get a shot of it this week.



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RE: Mother Of Pearl Backsplash? (Follow-Up #13)

posted by: pharaoh on 11.24.2011 at 01:18 pm in Kitchens Forum

Something like this -

I have ordered tile from them before.

there is also the groutless slab look which I prefer. This will have to be imported (and all the headaches of doing that). Somehow MOP is not as popular in the US so you have to import.

Here is a link that might be useful: MOP


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RE: Mother Of Pearl Backsplash? (Follow-Up #8)

posted by: chitown_remodel on 11.23.2011 at 08:11 pm in Kitchens Forum

I'm pretty sure pipdog's backsplash is the MOP mosaic because when I was trying to decide if I should use it in my backsplash she posted a picture of her kitchen.

I used the MOP mosaic but mine has stainless steel tiles in it so it is a little different. I'm sure there are many variations?




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RE: Mother Of Pearl Backsplash? (Follow-Up #4)

posted by: jenhp on 11.23.2011 at 03:37 pm in Kitchens Forum

Ooooh, Aaaah, love those backsplashes! But you know what, it wasn't any of those, but I'm so glad I got to see them! I found the one I was thinking of, it was pipdog. Does anyone know exactly what tile this is?????


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Best hardwood for high traffic/abuse

posted by: countrygal_905 on 01.31.2011 at 10:56 am in Flooring Forum

Does anyone have a hardwood species or brand that they would recommend for a high traffic / abuse area? I'm thinking something that wouldn't show (as in obvious) the nicks and scratches it's going to get, but would still look good. Am I looking for the impossible?


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Tauben Floors - Feedback Please.

posted by: aalgebali on 04.15.2010 at 11:45 am in Flooring Forum

Hello all,
We have been looking for a deal on hardwood flooring for a couple of months and came across Tauben Floors. They quoted us the most decent price. Did anyone here buy from them? Do you know of any great deals for Mirage or Lauzon brands? Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tauben Floors


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RE: 10 Foot Island - 2 or 3 Pendants? (Follow-Up #11)

posted by: boxerpups on 08.23.2011 at 04:11 pm in Kitchens Forum

If you have a very large pendant and a low ceiling two
might be plenty. If you have a high ceiling and small
pendants more could work.
For me it is a visual thing. What works is what looks
nice to my eye.
hope these ideas help.

















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RE: 10 Foot Island - 2 or 3 Pendants? (Follow-Up #3)

posted by: kateskouros on 08.19.2011 at 12:08 pm in Kitchens Forum

my island is 6x9 and we have two lanterns, 14" wide each.



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Buy hardwood flooring through the internet?

posted by: barbara_t on 03.03.2007 at 09:08 am in Flooring Forum

I've been on the Kitchen Forum for a while and just discovered this Flooring forum.
I really want the Lauzon natural maple Nextstep for my entire main level. Too expensive from my local dealers. I found Hosking Hardwood internet site and the employees are sooo nice, been in business for long time and they are an authorized dealer for Lauzon. I can save $2,500 by buying from them. I have a good hardwood flooring installer that is going to intall them (if I go this route)
Has anyone else bought over the internet? Any suggestions or recommendations? Has anyone bought from Hosking?


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Brazilian Teak Pre-finished - BR-111 vs. BellaWood

posted by: NYmomof2 on 07.15.2011 at 03:19 pm in Flooring Forum

I am looking to purchase BR-111's Brazilian Teak, but I was told that Bellawood is actually better quality and happens to be cheaper. I will be purchasing over 1500 sq. ft. and need some advice.

Is anyone familiar with these two brands and can tell me the difference. I know BR-111 is now called Indusparquet, but I want to know a little bit about quality difference since I based most of my other selections for the house on the hardwood sample from BR-111. Thanks!


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Anyone Have AMENDOIM Hardwood?

posted by: alaskanshamrock on 07.19.2010 at 02:48 pm in Flooring Forum

I have been going back and forth on what type of hardwood flooring to use. I am now thinking of a light colored flooring and Amendoim is starting to grow on me.

If you have this flooring or know of anyone who does and can give me some feedback, I would appreciate it.


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help me decide between solid/engineered hardwood floors

posted by: Megs0927 on 05.11.2011 at 04:05 pm in Flooring Forum

This is my first post in gardenweb but I have been a lurker for quite awhile! We are building a new home and have about 1700 square feet of wood. I was totally set on solid hardwood until meeting with Prosource yesterday. They are the company that my builder uses for flooring. I couldn't believe how hard they were pushing the engineered flooring on us. We live in the midwest and have extreme changes in humidity. Part of me wonders if there is a larger profit margin with the engineered flooring.

We are debating between a hickory wire brushed engineered wood made by Shaw. Its thickness is 1/2' and the width is 4 1/2." Our other option is an Asian Walnut solid hardwood with a semi-gloss that is 3 5/8" wide made by Bella Cera. Both are around the same price per square foot.

The wood will also be installed in our kitchen. If they are both nailed down will they have the same "feel" underfoot? I like wood floors that have a little give and have character over time. Any advice would be very helpful as I am agonizing over making the right decision!


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Advice from a hardwood rep for those shopping

posted by: boxers on 01.31.2006 at 01:33 pm in Flooring Forum

I've contributed to this forum for well over one year. I used to be a district manager for Armstrong Wood Products. We made and distributed Bruce, Hartco and Robbins. I see the same questions over and over again. What brand is best? is my favorite. You all need to realize that no one makes 100% of their own products these days. Mohawk doesn't own a sawmill, they buy wood from many sources. Bruce imports some and so do most other brands. Engineered wood comes as single plank or strips or as a 'plank' with 3 or 4 rows of 'wood' shown. In other words there are multiple varietys of 'engineered'. Wear layer is not that important. It would take a lot of 'walking' to walk thru the finish down to the wood. Prefinished wood can be recoated and won't need to be resanded. Solid isn't neccessarily better than engineered just because its thicker. Many of you seem to worry excessively about scratching, dogs etc. No one warrants against scratching etc. Your happiness will be based on finding a product that has some graining and character to help mask a problem. Laminate floors can not be refinished in any way. Laminate have a picture of wood and are not the same as engineered floors. If buying hardwood or carpet were as easy as saying buying x is the best we wouldn't be discussing all this. Education is hard but its possible to educate yourself. Best thing is to see a product installed and go with something you like. Aluminum oxide finishes are far more durable than site finished floors. This fact is from testing those products in a lab not from marketing BS. I wish I had some simple site for you to go and get your questions answered. Its a slow process I understand, but because someone posts a warning about some brand being good or bad means very little as each brand has multiple variations of the same product so it means little unless you have excactly the same. Everything has tradeoffs. What you are willing to accept may be different from the next person. I hope this helps somewhat.


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Lumber Liquidators flooring

posted by: blonde1125 on 05.25.2011 at 08:52 pm in Flooring Forum

I am writing this to warn others to stay away from LL at all costs. We purchased Golden Teak Acacia last fall, let it acclimate in our house for about 7 weeks and had it installed in our kitchen, living room and dining room. Loved the color and the finish. Our contractor installed it and it was beautiful.
Fast forward 3 months. The floor has shrunk so much we now have major cracks everywhere. And because of the shrinkage we now have major cracking and squeaking noises everywhere we walk. We have contacted LL and sent them numerous pictures of the problems. They are refusing to have anyone come out to look at it and have basically said "sorry but we don't cover anything under our warranty". We are now considering having our new lawyer son-in-law get involved to see if we can make them honor their warranty.
LL's price may be good, but the problems are not worth it.
So buyer beware and deal with them at your own risk!


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RE: I need inspriation pictures for a white kitchen with granite (Follow-Up #13)

posted by: boxerpups on 09.30.2011 at 07:02 pm in Kitchens Forum

Here are a few ideas. I hope they help.

New Venetian Gold

new venetian gold


Costa Esmeralda
Costa E

Giallo Ornamental

Virginia Jet Mist (my kitchen with dark stained oak floors)

Jet Mist
Jet Mist

Blue Pearl
Blue Pearl

Golden Beaches
Golden Beaches

Juparena Rustica
Juparena Rustica

Kashmir White
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Finished Kitchen - Thanks for the help

posted by: yttocs3 on 10.14.2011 at 09:00 pm in Kitchens Forum

Hey everyone,

We've been in our new house for a couple of weeks now and the kitchen was finally clean enough to snap a few pics. I figured I better post some pictures after all of the help I got from this forum when planning our kitchen. I apologize for the pictures as they didn't turn out great, but they are what they are :). I took some with the lights off and then some with the lights on.

Nothing super fancy here like some of the kitchens that get posted, so I'll save you all the details...but if anyone does want details, just ask and I'd be happy to provide them.











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RE: Shopping for me yours.... (Follow-Up #11)

posted by: Steph2000 on 10.12.2011 at 12:38 pm in Kitchens Forum

I'm in such good company with you, mpagmom! We are going to get ourselves in all kinds of trouble... so much more fun with a buddy!

I mentioned on an earlier thread that my mom believes lighting is the biggest single element in dating a room. She advices using all recessed lights (my mom is a very pragmatic woman). The other side of that coin, though, is that lighting can so make a look. That seems especially true with pendants.

As doonie mentioned, it also seems to depend so much on what kind of lighting you want. I'm thinking I need more room lighting instead of down lighting, so I'm leaning towards options that direction. I think I need lighting there which will extend into the kitchen and adjoining living area and brighten this place up. Problem is, I don't like the bulbs showing, so that is going to limit my choices potentially. A lot of the neat options seem to have clear glass...

Nothing is off the table, though, really. And because I haven't nailed down 'the look' I am going for, styles are so wide open. Here's a bit of eye candy:

From a seller on etsy:


Love these, though I probably don't have the ceilings for them:


My files are a mess but this is inspiring me to clean them up, so hopefully I can post more later.


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Amazing Granite Installation!! (LOTS of pics!)

posted by: beaglesdoitbetter on 12.17.2011 at 04:26 pm in Kitchens Forum

Our blue bahia installation has just finished!!!!!!!!!

Our granite installers (Sinai Marble and Granite in Baltimore) did an absolutely impeccable job, from the way they lined up the veins to the seam, which really is virtually invisible!! I could NOT be happier with the care they took or with the way the stone turned out!!

Check it out!
In progress/Polishing. The installers were there for several hours making sure every detail was perfect and finishing off with polishing and then sealing:






Can you find the seam? It's there- I promise!


There it is- only with an extreme closeup can you see it:

The fireplace:





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Need Quick Answer about No. Lights over Island

posted by: beekeeperswife on 12.14.2011 at 07:04 am in Kitchens Forum

Yes, me again. And No, I don't have a kitchen plan to share still. Yes, this past Monday was week #3 since we went to meet the designer that our builder uses. Builder isn't happy. KD told me he would be ready NEXT week to show me the first draft. Not acceptable.

But that's not why I'm here.

The island will be 8' long. Currently the builder has 3 recessed lights over it. I want to have chandys over it. I'm not really thinking pendants. They don't have the look I like.

So yesterday when I was meeting the "designer" at the builder to go over my selections (don't even ask) I told her I wanted it roughed in for 2 hanging lights. She said, how about 2 recessed and we rough in the center one for you to add a light.

Um, I"m not sure.

I think I should just ask for 2 rough ins for chandys. Should I be thinking only 1 chandy and keep the recessed lights on each side?

The island is 4x8. What do you think?



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