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Floor plan review please!

posted by: leightx on 11.03.2013 at 09:59 pm in Building a Home Forum

Hi all,

We've been working with our designer for a couple of months, and I'd love to get some outside feedback on our plan so far. We have 2 kids (12 and 13) and my husband and I both work from home, plus we have parents who visit. There will be a second bedroom upstairs, along with a gameroom.

I essentially have enough equipment for a small laboratory in my house at the moment - completely taking over the dining room and a shed. Some of that will go into the study, and some will be stored for easyish access in the pantry (it's stuff that needs to be shipped, but not necessarily used at home). Hence the ginormous pantry - it's essentially the attic as well.

No tub in master - we had a large garden tub for 15 years and used it 3 times.

We designed the master and laundry so that one of us could get ready in the bath and then exit that way (we both travel for work - so that sometimes means leaving at 5 AM).

No need to be close to the kids at this point. Daughter will be upstairs, guest room at front, with son next to it.

Windows are not finalized at all - some of those will be changing before we start on elevations.

Thanks for any thoughts!

 photo photo4.jpg

Here is a link that might be useful: house plan


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Floorplan critique - round 1

posted by: leightx on 06.24.2013 at 06:52 pm in Building a Home Forum

Hello! We are considering adapting this floorplan for our new build.

Things we need / definitely want:

1) Open floor plan (kitchen, breakfast, great room)
2) 4 bedrooms - with baths for each would be ideal (upstairs bedroom would share with gameroom; guest bath might also be public or possibly jack and jill with 3rd downstairs bedroom).
3) Some sort of small craft room / storage area (I would use the storage area in this plan and add HVAC if it's not included already)
4) 3 car garage plus small work space (3.5?)

Things we would like:
1) Media room down
2) Gameroom up, possibly with another bedroom / bath
3) Would prefer straight shot from outside (back porch) to powder room / full bath.

Things we'd change in this plan:

1) Get rid of 4th bay
2) Possibly turn media room into bedroom (although location is good)
3) Reconfigure master bath - we don't want a tub and the whole space is too large
4) Reconfigure kitchen (separate post in kitchen forum)
5) Rework left side - ditch study and one bedroom / bath.
6) May get rid of wall / hallway on right side of dining and just have door straight out to back porch - would need to rework powder.


Here is a link that might be useful: Better picture (pdf) of floorplan


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Need help with initial kitchen layout

posted by: leightx on 06.24.2013 at 04:28 pm in Kitchens Forum

Hi all,

We are in the process of configuring a floorplan for our new build, and need to get a rough idea of the kitchen layout. I like the first one below, but am somewhat concerned about the butt-to-butt aspect going on with the sink and cooktop.

Here are the limitations / desires:
1) Main sink on island. I don't want to face a wall, and I don't want the kitchen at the front of the house, so I can't do a window over the sink. (I don't want it to be the directly viewable from the foyer).

2) I am the main cook, and we rarely will be doing cleanup and cooking at the same time. During holidays, I might have helpers.

3) Plenty of seating at island (4 comfortably - more would be great), and not all in a line.

4) DW either next to or directly across from pullouts that hold dishes.

5) Open design - to both breakfast (needs to be on the largish size - no formal dining) and great room.

I like this one, although I think I'd make the island curved instead of bumped out like the picture. I know it's large, but I can't imagine needing to clean the very middle all that often anyway. There is the issue with the sink and cooktop lined up - but would making them offset look odd (i.e. faucet and hood at different positions, when looking at it straight on), or am I overthinking it?

I'd also move the fridge over to the "serving station" wall and recess it there, since I'd want more prep space by the stove. Moving the gallery wall back isn't a problem - this is entirely custom so we're just starting with the important rooms. I'd also put a hidden pantry door in (to blend with cabinets), rather than having the short hallway then the pantry door.


Are there any other L-shaped kitchens with an island that someone can suggest?

We could also do something like this - with the breakfast area bumped forward, allowing for more counter space. I'm not crazy about the pantry placement - I'd probably try to have that accessed from the kitchen itself.


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Help with the family room in our new house

posted by: TexasJen on 05.28.2013 at 05:51 pm in Home Decorating & Design Forum

We bought a new (to us) house, and close in about a month. I took tons of pictures and measured the rooms during our inspection last week, so now I'm trying to plan out how to arrange our furniture and decorate!

It's an 80's house, and it will need quite a bit of updating, which we'll have to do over time.

Anyways, I was looking at the family room pictures, and I realized that the windows are pretty low. With the shutters, I'm thinking I can't put a sofa or anything right in front. So, how would you arrange furniture in here?

We've currently got a sofa and oversized chair, a coffee table, bookcase, and a tv console. We do have a wall-mounting setup for the tv, so we don't have to use the tv console (though it is an easy place to store the dvd player, Wii, etc. Also, the bookcase doesn't have to go there.

Eventually I want to probably pull out those grey shelves and maybe do something better with the fireplace, but we've got several higher-priority things to do first.

The room is 14 x 15.5 feet.



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What are your thoughts on "double" islands

posted by: leightx on 04.14.2013 at 09:29 am in Kitchens Forum

I've seen this configuation quite a bit with open kitchen / great rooms, and it seems to make sense, I wonder how practical it is - does the middle island get in the way?

Here's the kitchen that I love the layout of in theory. I'm not so sure about the pie shaped middle island?

Also - the one-level islands seem to be the way everyone is going. I love the look - but is it annoying to have a pile of dishes in the sink while everyone is sitting right across? We aren't particularly OCD about dishes, but I'm not sure if it would get to me or not.

 photo clubhousekitchen.jpg

 photo clubhousekitchen2.jpg


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Feedback on one-story house plan please!

posted by: leightx on 04.13.2013 at 09:07 pm in Building a Home Forum

Hi all! We are putting our house on the market next week (yikes!!) and in the process of narrowing down what builder we want to use for our new house. We're still looking for a lot and a builder, but I wanted to get feedback on this plan that I really like, and see if I'm missing something obvious that will drive us crazy.

1 story
3-4 bedrooms (4 is ideal)
study away from front door since it will be used heavily
no formal living or dining
media room
open kitchen / great room

Highly desirable:
laundry room that is accessible from master closet
guest room with separate bath from kids'
separate sinks for kids

I'm not sure about that whole command center thing - I wouldn't want it right near the front door I don't think. Any other thoughts or feedback?

 photo clubhouseplan.jpg


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