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Screaming Stainless Steel Sink

posted by: Trebruchet on 07.09.2014 at 08:54 pm in Kitchens Forum

 photo IMG_1287_zpsc4074907.jpg

 photo IMG_1291_zpsf786e8c1.jpg

These are before and after photographs of a Blanco stainless steel sink I refinished today with my new Festool ETS 125 sander after my cheapo died. I started with 180 grit Abranet, and followed with 240 and 400. I finished with 500, 1,000 and 2,000 Abralon. The customers had some stainless steel polish so I used it. The job took about 45 minutes. You know you've hit the mark when your customer says "Holy $#!t !" when he sees it the first time.

Refininshing seems to make the small dents more visible, but that's part of the tradeoffs when people are weighing the renewability of stainless as opposed to alternatives.


Refinishing a stainless steel sink.
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RE: Lame idea for shellfish stew servings or not? (Follow-Up #9)

posted by: MrsPete on 10.19.2013 at 06:08 pm in Kitchens Forum

Crescent salad plates are a wonderful idea! Better than what I'm doing.

Here's my recipe -- easy as anything in the world, but it varies according to what we have /what's on sale:

Boil a bit pot of water in a spaghetti pot w/ lift-out insert.
Add a big handful of Old Bay spice or other spicy seafood mixture.
Add and boil 10-12 minutes quartered red potatoes and mini-corn cobs.
Add and boil 5-7 minutes Andouille sausage sliced into coins and raw shrimp still in the shells.
Drain, sprinkle with more Old Bay seasoning, serve with lemon wedges and a loaf of good crusty bread on the side.

Set out a roll of paper towels for messy fingers.

This is, by definition, a very casual meal since you're going to peel the shrimp yourself. It's a great meal to cook outside for a large group using a turkey fryer set-up. If you do that, have a large table ready with a clean plastic tablecloth . . . and just spill your goodies on the table for every one to serve themselves. Yes, restaurants even do this!

Alternatives: Substitute crab legs, crabs, or crawfish for the shrimp . . .or have a couple forms of seafood; after all, it is the best part.


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RE: Induction: Is Le Creuset Enough? (Follow-Up #10)

posted by: alexr on 01.21.2012 at 01:39 am in Appliances Forum

I would avoid the L.C. stockpots. They are not cast iron, but enameled steel and fairly thin on the bottom. They will have "hot spots", it's the nature of the beast.

Stockpots- I'd get the stainless with a disc style bottom (induction) you don't need fancy sides, and some of the commercial stockpots are called tri-ply, but they have iron instead of aluminum as the ply, and it's usually only on the bottom, which is fine - a decent bottom will help keep things from burning.

I think the Demeyere skillet, is particularly good for any kind of cooking....But here I would go with old cast iron, non-enameled, and without the fire-ring on the bottom (for induction). Look for large block lettered Griswold #10 with a smooth bottom as a perfect example.(Check E-Bay) Also Victor, Wagner and old Lodge (labeled as S.K.) They all have smooth insides without being too heavy. Use a sheet of parchment paper underneath if you're concerned about scratching the cook-top.

All Enameled cast iron is good, but particularly a 5 or 6 qt. French oven (L.C. or Staub) (Enameled) and I love Le Creuset's oval au gratin pans (they're getting hard to find in cast iron).

I don't know enough about induction sauce pans, except the major expensive stuff like Demeyere, Fissler, All Clad, Mauviel M'cook stainless etc... But there must be someone who could chime in the less expensive Emerilware, etc. Of course Le Creuset makes stainless induction pots too.

I bet there are a ton of reasonable Stainless pots that work well on induction, either with a thick disc bottom or clad all the way up the top.


Induction pans
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RE: Under-cabinet lighting, pt. 2 (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: jscout on 01.09.2012 at 12:02 pm in Kitchens Forum

I have LED strips from superbrightleds dot com that I really like. The color is whiter than incandescent (maybe a tad more than halogen) but warmer than fluorescent. It's a thin light bar, thin power supply and a small touch dimmer. Here are a few pictures.

Installation - Lights off:

Installation - Lights on:

Front View with moulding at eye level:

Angled view of lights:

Here is a link that might be useful: Super Bright LEDs


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RE: Granite help please (Follow-Up #5)

posted by: boxerpups on 01.02.2012 at 08:16 am in Kitchens Forum

Hi Mrs.Brad,

".....perimeter cabinets are going to be white and the
island is stained a dark chocolate, almost black...."

There are some fantastic suggestions above, I will instead
post the visual of a dark island and lighter perimeter
cabs with granites that are gray and white (non brown or tan)

Hope these help you visualize your space.



Sienna Cream
sienna cream

Sienna Cream

White Persia


Bianco (this looks like white river to me but the the
images from google said Bianco)

White Spring


Alaska White
alaska white

Sienna Cream


Marble. I know, I know you don't want marble but wow
is it pretty.


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Ordered appliances and tile online----good experience!

posted by: joaniepoanie on 01.01.2012 at 04:18 pm in Kitchens Forum

Once we decided on stove ,MW, and DW we went to local big box and small family businesses, but prices were way higher than Internet prices and only Sears was willing to match the MW price. So I took a leap of faith and ordered them online from They are out of St Louis and operate retail stores there called Goedeckers. They were very nice and helpful over the phone, said it would take 3 weeks. Free delivery and free 10 year in home warranty. Sure enough, 3weeks later the delivery company called and they were delivered a few days later. We opened them up (they were packed and crated very well) and as far as we can tell, no dents or scratches. Oh, and prices were better than AJ Madison and others.

The local Dal Tile store wanted 12.83 SF for the floor tile we picked....way more than I wanted to spend, so I googled it and found 2 places that sold it for less....South Cypress and Bid4floors. It was $5.94 at SC And $250 shipping. At Bid, that is exactly what I bid $5 sf and $100 shipping. They came back at $5.49 and $125 shipping so I placed the order. A few days later, I got an email stating it was out of stock and it wouldn't ship for 3weeks, was that ok? With start date imminent and knowing floor could go down week one, I panicked and called South Cypress back...they were super and said they had plenty and could ship within a few days. I told them I would get back to them once I canceled order at Bid. When i called to cancel and explained I really couldn't wait 3weeks, they asked if I would hold while they called distributor again. They told me that there must have been a mistake, that it was in stock and would ship In a few days. I was skeptical, but said ok. When i called South Cypress back to let them know we were sticking with the original order, they were very gracious about it. I called a day or two after it was supposed to ship to make sure and he said it was on its way. Sure enough, a few days later the local Dal Tile store called asking when could they deliver. Again, packed and crated very well and all seems to be fine.

Just wanted to share my good experiences and recommend these 3 companies. And the best part, I saved about $3500!


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RE: Steps to Planning Kitchen Remodel (Follow-Up #4)

posted by: live_wire_oak on 12.22.2011 at 10:50 am in Kitchens Forum

1. Rob bank.

2. Rob liquor store---of liquor

3. Plan kitchen remodel while drinking liquor

4. Rob second bank to deal with the "while we're at it's"

5. Interview contractors.

6. Call ambulance to take to emergency room for heart attack.

7. Rob third bank to deal with emergency room bill.

8. Interview realtors to move instead.

9. Rob second liquor store because you are all out from the first.

10. Hire your cousin's contractor cousin because he promises you "two weeks" and is half the price of the other quotes. He has a nice face and is sorta family, so you go ahead and give him half down "for the materials".

11. File missing person's report on first contractor? Does Bermuda extradite?

12. Rob pharmacy for anti anxiety drugs to go along with the liquor.

13. Hire second contractor, and this time pick the most expensive guy because he says he'll show up and he's worth it.

14. Rob another bank, and liquor store, and pharmacy. You've lost count at this point.

15. Learn to love dust as the latest fashion accessory.

16. Learn to laugh hysterically in fear at the words "Look what they did here, that's gotta be fixed".

17. Never mind the piddling home town banks! Find locations of Federal Reserve Banks and enlist spouse as getaway driver.

18. Solve space time continuum problem by writing famous study of "contractor time".

19. Celebrate anniversary of project beginning by creatively combining drywall dust with water for decorative icing for store bought cake because you still don't have any appliances.

20. In a well practiced maneuver with bottle in hand, wave good by to the contractor's truck pulling out of the drive for the last time while you soothe screaming kids who've begun to think of "Uncle Billy" as a cool surrogate father and didn't realize this was only "temporary" * See time space continuum paper.

21. Call contractor back to fix problem of moaning pipes when your new pot filler is used. Refer back to time space continuum when he says he'll be there "right away".

22. Call contractor back about 5 different small things, one medium thing, and what you hope is a small thing but fear is a big thing but you can't remember what he said about it because you were drinking at the time. Get voice mail.

23. Find warranty paperwork and call manufacturer. Get their voice mail.

24. Give up on the 5 small things that no one but you sees, and get on the list for service from the manufacturer for the possibly big thing. Again refer to the time space continuum paper, as warranty work also falls under that.

25. Fix celebratory meal for spouse as all of the issues have been solved and you're ready to get on with life and spouse hints that there is a surprise in the works. You LOVE surprises!

25. Weep uncontrollably while robbing liquor store with spouse because surprise was surviving the downsizing but taking a job transfer to Outer Arctic Frost Minnesota.

26. Contact same realtor who helped you decide to renovate rather than move and find out her office hours so you can firebomb her car as a distraction to robbing the bank next door. Thanks to the reno, you've become quite efficient at difficult multi tasking like that.

27. Find different realtor to handle sale of house for move.

28. Rob another pharmacy for a drug cocktail when the current market analysis says your home is worth less now than before you put that 50K kitchen into it.

29. Do the split commute thing for a year while home sits on market overpriced.

30. Rob another bank to deal with the double responsibilities of mortgage and rent all the while investigating nearest fire hydrant and your home town's fire department's average response time at different times of the day.

31. Rob another bank to be able to bring 100K to closing and be done with the situation.

32. Pack kids and move north where spouse has found another "dream house"---except the kitchen needs work.

33. Claim temporary insanity---that has lasted longer than usual--as you are arrested for assault with a deadly weapon for trying to shoot spouse when he mentioned the words "kitchen renovation".

34. Say hello the nice staff in white. They're there to take care of you.

35. Oooh look! It's an all white room and if you close your eyes just right and take your medication, you can dream that you are once again back in your Christopher Peacock OTK inspired white vision........


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RE: Vote for your favorite quartzite slab (Follow-Up #30)

posted by: muskokascp on 12.22.2011 at 05:33 am in Kitchens Forum

I did install the macabus on the counters and backsplash and really love it too. It is very durable and like kstuy there have been no staining or etching issues. It really is maintenance free. It is up there in price though - higher than a lot of granites and quite a bit more than carrera but less than calacutta marble.


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RE: Calling white kitchen owners for ideas of wall colors (Follow-Up #8)

posted by: nini804 on 12.01.2011 at 07:12 pm in Kitchens Forum

I used SW Lattice for the wall color in our white kitchen and adjoining family room. I like is a subtle gray with blue undertones. It soothes me, lol!
This is the color, it is NOT the color in the foreground, but the color in the room beyond.
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Here is one of the kitchen, but it is looking very gray and not blue at all in this pic, which is deceiving.
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

I think it is showing up best in this pic-
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

All in is a soothing, almost not a color, color!


nina's house
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The finished kitchen, lots of pics inside, beer too!

posted by: jgopp on 07.25.2011 at 04:31 pm in Kitchens Forum

Hey everyone, I know it's been a long time coming for me. I thought I was going to get a really good photographer to come in and take pics but it just hasn't panned out so I used my cell phone with the HD option on. Just a notice, it's not the greatest camera and my picture taking ability isn't that great, nor do I know how to use photoshop. So what you get is what you get. Hopefully they are good enough for you.

Now onto the details...

The project was conceptualized last October, construction began in mid November. We had semi functional use of it during Christmas but it still had a long way to go. After lots of structural repairs and slight idea changes along the way the project was probably completed with decorating done by late February. The place is considerably more functional and the floor is no longer going to collapse through to the basement. I decided to remove a large pantry which was taking up too much space, as well as remove the dining room closet which was too small to be used for anything. Those you can see in the before pictures. The lovely lady in those pictures is not me btw.

It took me many trips to the stores and many conversations to finally get everything dialed in exactly the way I wanted it. I feel that the style I have is very fitting to the home which is from 1922. Not sure exactly how I would categorize it but if I had to take a stab I'd say, somewhat traditional, somewhat french country, somewhat professional. But the final product came out very warm and inviting. We use the kitchen 10 fold now compared to the old one for entertaining purposes alone.

The old kitchen was a functional disaster and I wish I had some pictures of it before, but I only have pictures of the day of first removal. I have a video though of the kitchen before which I will post here...

Moving right along then... and since everyone loves to know what every little detail is I guess I'll have to run down the list which as follows:

Countertops: Super-white quartzite, and yes the island is all one single slab
Backsplash: herringbone Carrara marble with matte finish subway tiles
Flooring: Virginia hardwood wide plank hickory
Fridge: Sub-zero 36SXS
Micro: Viking designer series
Wall oven: Bertazzoni 24 inch classic electric
Range: 36 inch Bertazzoni gas
Hood: 40 inch Viking designer series with 650cfm
DW: Fisher and Paykel tall dishdrawer
Sink: Elkay stainless farmhouse
Bar sink: Kohler trough
Main faucet: Rohl country in satin
Bar faucet: Rohl country series, not exactly sure what model
Washer+dryer: Samsung front loaders
Chairs: Restoration hardware french cafe Madeline chairs
Other goodies: full extension soft close drawers, heavy cast knobs and pulls (some outfit in NJ) love the pulls because they actually are screwed directly into the face. The beer setup is a Khrome design tower with Perlick no drop faucets. Entryway color tiles on the stairs are from Pewabic pottery in Detroit, the steps are a shale of some sort.

Enough talk I'm sure you've already passed by all that and moved right down here to where I've stashed what you are all waiting for...



And completed:

Any other pictures of specific areas I will try and make happen if you'd like. Ask any questions as well, I'll be around to answer them for you. Thanks so much for looking, and thanks for the great ideas and the knowledge I've gained from using this fine website.


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Our new house is finished! My white kitchen...

posted by: nini804 on 09.22.2011 at 10:01 pm in Kitchens Forum

Hi Gardenweb friends!
You all have been so kind and I have learned so much from this site! I have been off-line the past month as we have been moving in to our new custom home. I joined GW this past winter, after our plans had been finalized by our architect...but I have incorporated so much from here into my finishes! We have a kitchen that is open to our breakfast room and family room, with a small butler's pantry between the kitchen and formal dining. I call the layout a "broken L with an island because I thought the architect was very cleaver to make the "corner" a little office space that also has the door to the pantry in it. This way, there is no "dead corner" in the kitchen. Maybe some people just starting could use this idea! :)

Anyway, here are the details:
Appliances: all KitchenAid, except for the Sharp MW drawer
in the island. Range is 36" dual fuel, with a
Cabinets: Mid-Continent, maple painted white, with soft
close drawers and doors. We chose all wood
Perimeter counters: Honed Carerra marble
Island top: Dark walnut, with a mineral oil finish
Floors: 5" wide white oak, stained 75% jacobean, 24% dark
Lighting: Pendants, Quiozel, I think. Breakfast chandy is!

Things I love so far: 1. Soft close!! Love!! Although we have it on all the drawers in the house, we only did the doors on the kitchen and butler's pantry cabs. Wish we had done it everywhere.
2. KA dishwasher and range...both of these have been wonderful so far, DW is so quiet and cleans really well. Range and oven are very easy to use and have nice, consistant heat. Plus, I think very pretty! :)
3. MW awesome, love it to pieces!
4. Under cab lights...never had these before, we have them on a dimmer, they are wonderful.
5. Walnut top...everyone who visits swoons over is a wonderful, warm surface.

Things I DON'T love:
1. Fridge! Counter-depth french door is awful! We had to buy an auxiliary fridge for the garage, and I am contemplating adding a fridge drawer to the island.
2. The distance from the range wall to the island seems a scooch too big, I think it is 48". I could have moved the island a few inches closer to the range.

I will do a seperate post about my experience with honed vs. polished marble (I have polished in the master bath.) There are pros and cons to each, I have found.

Anyway, Nini's kitchen!


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Almost Finished- Light and Dark Kitchen with White Alaska Granite

posted by: brianadarnell on 12.03.2011 at 10:25 am in Kitchens Forum

First of all, thank you to everyone who contributed so much to this kitchen. I learned so much and made so many wise decisions because of information I gained on this site. I found this site just as our new build construction began and was able to utilize all of the wonderful information into my kitchen design for function, even though I already knew exactly how I wanted the kitchen to look.

We ended up completing the house project ourselves so finalizing the kitchen and getting settled has taken some time. Hosting Thanksgiving for 14 was a major catalyst in the effort to at least get our main floor permanently decorated. Now the only thing missing is the barstools!

from the great room
Side by Side Refrigerator- Love it. I hated the previous french door refrigerator we had. So happy to go to the side by side.
Angled Corner cabinet- I know these aren't popular, but the storage is fabulous for all of our stemware.
Cabinet on the back of the island- its amazing how much fits under there!
Microwave cabinet- Since we don't use the microwave that often, I'm glad we hid it. With our open floor plan, I didn't want it visible from the great room and dining room except when in use.
5 Piece Drawer Heads- these were an upgrade, but I love the way they look.
Drawers, Drawers, Drawers- Love them! I had a lot of drawers in our old house and went with all drawers this time except for the sink base and the corner susan.
Pantry- Custom designed the shelf layout.
Lower Corner Cabinet-
Dining Room Table- just off the kitchen. Thanks for your help on selecting the table. It was delivered just a few days before Thanksgiving. It has one more leaf that we take out for everyday use.

Some details:
Kitchenaid Appliances-
Refrigerator: KSC525MVMK
Wine Cooler: KURG24RWBS
Dishwasher:KUDE40FXSS panel ready
Range: KDRS467VSS
Lights: International Lighting 23341057 London Mist Four Light Seedy Glass Bell Pendant
Backsplash- Horus Cristalli Crackle Subway in Bianco
Knobs and Pulls: Alno Creative Inc knobs:ALN56206 1 1/4" / pulls 3 1/2" cup pulls solid brass in barcelona finish ALN56510
Faucet- Moen Brantford in Stainless
Disposal- Insinkerator Evolution Series
Sink- Blanco Silgranit in Biscuit with Offset drain Diamond Single Basin #440196
Granite- White Alaska/Delicatus
Cabinets- Brookhaven in Antique White for Perimeter and Matte Brown with black glaze for the island. Door style is edgemount recessed
Floors- 5" wide white oak quartersawn vertical grain with glitza (no stain)


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New finished kitchen pictures

posted by: adh673 on 09.09.2011 at 02:57 pm in Kitchens Forum

Hi all,

The design firm that we bought our cabinets from sent in a professional photographer to take pictures of our kitchen for their ads/portfolio, so I thought I'd post these too since the lighting is significantly better than in the ones I took! Also, giving a link to the original thread with the details of what is what.

Hope everyone's kitchen projects are going well!





Here is a link to all the photos, there were too many to post.

Here is a link that might be useful: Original reveal post


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Other Things... (Follow-Up #12)

posted by: buehl on 11.30.2011 at 12:31 am in Kitchens Forum

Other things to consider...

  • If you must have filler, consider filler pullouts. Rev-A-Shelf, for example, has 3"/6"/9" base filler pullouts and 3"/6" upper filler pullouts.
  • Consider deeper upper cabinets. Even an extra 1" can make a difference. Keep in mind that cabinets are measured based on overall measurements, that means the exterior measurements, not interior space.

    So, a 12" deep cabinet is really 12" on the outside. Once you factor in the thickness of the back wall, you now have only 11.25" to 11.5" interior depth. If you have framed, the interior depth is reduced again by the thickness of the frame.

    However, if you have overlay, you only lose depth due to the frame along the walls, the rest of the cabinet can use the frame space b/c the door sits in front of the cabinet.

    If you have inset cabinets, OTOH, you lose that space b/c the doors & drawer fronts sit inside the face frame, so those 12" deep cabinets are now down to 10.5" to 11" deep (depending on the thickness of your back wall & frame).

    So, a 12" diameter plate will not fit in a 12" deep upper cabinet. If you add an inch to the cabinet depth (13" deep), you now have that 1/2" to 3/4" back. 15" deep uppers are even better.

  • If you have the space, consider deeper counters either with deeper base cabinets or by pulling the cabinets out from the wall a few inches.
  • Staggered-height cabinets are personal preference, even with 8' ceilings. If you like them, get them.

    One thing to keep in mind, however, is that dust does accumulate on the tops of cabinets that are not to-the-ceiling. One way to make cleaning easier - line the tops with newspaper. When it's time to clean, just remove the newspaper with the dust that collected on top of it (and not on the cabinets themselves) and replace it with clean newspaper.

    If dust allergies or asthma are a concern, I recommend all cabs to the ceiling.

  • Double-bin trash them!!! Dogs cannot open them! (Our dogs learned how to open the step-on ones in our old kitchen!) With two bins, one can be used for recyclables and the other for trash.

    However, put it in the Prep Zone...and, if possible, near the Cooking and Cleanup Zones. If you only have one sink, your Prep Zone will end up on the side of the sink closer to either the range/cooktop or refrigerator. So, put the trash pullout on that side. Put the DW on the other will also keep the DW out of the Prep Zone (and the DW will not be an obstacle to work around while prepping.)

    Oh, and consider getting a foot pedal so you can open it hands-free.

  • Keep in mind aisle widths should be measured counter edge-to-counter edge, not cabinet-to-cabinet.
  • Strive for adequate aisle space, seating overhang, etc.
  • Measure your space 3 or 4 times (or 5 or 6 or 7 or....)!!
  • Measure from at least 3 different points vertically when measuring wall/space width...a foot or two off the floor, 4 or 5 feet off the floor, and near the ceiling...walls are not straight in most homes & you need to know your smallest measurements!

    Likewise, measure ceiling height at various points in your kitchen

  • Regarding different ceiling heights, plan for crown molding that's at least 2 pieces - the decorative piece for the top and a "plain" (or "filler") piece b/w the cabinet and the decorative piece. This "filler" piece is then cut to size to accommodate different ceiling heights...leaving the decorative piece the same size throughout the kitchen.
  • Above all...come up with a good functional layout before ordering your cabinets!!!!

Good luck!


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RE: Backsplash help (Follow-Up #4)

posted by: boxerpups on 11.26.2011 at 11:17 am in Kitchens Forum

Newchapter, I love your granite. The ann sacks
abyussianian would be divine in your space.
Here are a few more visuals to think about too.





stone tile

tile hood




black backsplash





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partial counter install day!!

posted by: muskokascp on 11.21.2011 at 06:40 pm in Kitchens Forum

Finally at long last my white macabus was installed today! It was a smooth install and I am really happy with the counters so far. There is still the backsplash to do, the window ledges, the cooktop needs to be fit flush (DH doing that as I type) and of course the island soapstone is a few weeks away.

I was most nervous about the L shaped area because they could not take the two pieces of the L from the same slab. I was worried it would look like a piecemeal job but it turned out great. The two slabs were bookends so they were able to take the small piece of the L from the same part and match them up. The seam is terrific IMO and the L looks like it was from the same slab. I held up cutting the stone for 3 days until I could get to the fabricator and see what they were proposing to do.

Breezy - they cut the faucet and soap dispenser holes on site and the dust was negligible.

There are lots of finishing touches left but fingers crossed for a Christmas end date.










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RE: Which white with espresso cabinets (Follow-Up #11)

posted by: bbtondo on 09.22.2011 at 11:17 am in Kitchens Forum

I have Medallion Brookville door style cabinets in Divinity. LOVE LOVE the color. When I saw White chocolate in person, it was too dark for me. Too much towards tan, rather than white. Divinity is more towards BM white dove. I did not want white-white. I think Divinity is the perfect soft white!

Here's a photo of my kitchen just before it was completed. The ceiling paint color is BM white dove and the appliances are bisque.



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Creamy, warm kitchen -- thank you GW!

posted by: kitchen_angst on 10.30.2010 at 07:00 pm in Kitchens Forum

Six months in the making, but finally finished! I don't know what I would have done without the inspiration and knowledge generously shared here. Many many thanks.

Kitchen west





A few of my favorite things... all thanks to GW.

Corner drawers

Vertical pan drawers

Spice drawer

Potato and onion storage

Pet station

Charging drawer

Swing out compost

Other favorite things

Induction cooktop. Especially love the ease of clean up.
Tapmaster. How did I live without it?
Fiber optic disposal switch.
Pull out trash and recycling.
Gaggenau steam oven
In cabinet TV
More windows!
Prep sink next to cooktop

Could live without
Servo drive for trash pullout. Kind of nifty, but could do without it

Wish I had paid more attention to GW
Double hung windows. Like the look, but they are very hard to open and close b/c of counter depth.

All in all though we're very happy with how it turned out. It is *so* much more functional than the old kitchen.



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RE: dark cabinets are ordered, now what color for counter? (Follow-Up #2)

posted by: boxerpups on 11.25.2011 at 03:30 pm in Kitchens Forum

What do you like?
Are you a clean lines person or do you love movement?
what colors are your drawn towards? Cool? Warm? A mix?
BRight, Fun, crazy, calm, soothing, relaxing, or natural?

You love black but worry about a closed in feeling?
Toss that silly thought aside. Black can often open up
a space in ways you don't normally imagine. A black
counter can create length and vastness that sometimes
a lighter counter can not. So put the thought of black
back on table while you search ideas out.

What kind of lighting? Natural light or fixtures?

What style?
Have you done the sweeby test? Is there a feeling you are
going for?

I have lots of ideas, below are just a few to get us started.
Let me know what you like, detest or can't live without
and I will try to find more for you...

,,,,for counters with alder auburn stain in a simple shaker style with lighter stained floors,,,

Imperial Blue Granite
Imperial Blue

Giallo Veneziano

giallo veneziano

Kosmus (cosmos)
cosmos kozmos

bookend edge




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RE: two types of crown moldings in kitchen/great room (Follow-Up #8)

posted by: sherrilea on 11.17.2011 at 12:48 am in Kitchens Forum

Yep, I did that... not even the same profile crown and I think it works fine.


Here is the base molding as well...


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Ode To Banquettes and Breakfast Nooks

posted by: dilly_ny on 10.27.2011 at 01:30 pm in Kitchens Forum

I have been looking at alot of pictures of breakfast nooks and banquettes for our new kitchen. I thought I would share some pics for others who are considering this design. If you have a banquette or nook or inspiration pic, please post.

Symmetrical Designs:

With Windows:


Without Windows:

U shaped design:





L Shaped Design:



Single Bench Design:


Here is a link that might be useful: More Photbucket Nooks & banquettes


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RE: Island Family Seating/Help with Kitchen & DR Layout 1950 Cape (Follow-Up #4)

posted by: Co-Co on 11.13.2011 at 06:50 pm in Kitchens Forum

Not sure about appliances, but kudos to you for thinking about "non-arena" type seating for family eating/conversation. Below is my inspiration photo which gave me the idea of perpendicular seating, as well as my mid-project replica. We are finding it working very well with slightly older kids; usually they sit on either side of the corner and the 2 adults are on the edges of the "L." Just quite a reach for the food, but lots of room for it!
(PS: The "eating/table" part of my island is ~51"x48")



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My other inspiration kitchens. Are these high contrast? (Follow-Up #12)

posted by: cbusmomof3 on 11.17.2011 at 09:38 pm in Kitchens Forum


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RE: Can I achieve this look with the selections I've made? (Follow-Up #9)

posted by: marcolo on 11.17.2011 at 08:19 pm in Kitchens Forum

So here's the SW Universal Khaki:

White cabs:


Medium toned cabs (random image)

Here's the keeping room SW Retreat:

Here's the DR SW Superior Bronze:

I am not seeing the repetition of the dark brown color that you seem drawn to.

Did you say what color the floors are?


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PSA and Mini-vent about Ikea Adel White Cover Panels

posted by: bellajourney on 11.12.2011 at 09:52 pm in Kitchens Forum

Attention all future Adel White kitchen owners! Hopefully you already know this, but in case you don't - There are special Adel White Perfekt cover panels! Please make sure that Ikea sells you the right ones.

I have been so disappointed that our cover panels do Not match our Adel White cabinets very well. They are much whiter and glossier - so much so that we were considering trying to paint them or making our own cover panels. I googled the part numbers just now and discovered that the kitchen specialist at Ikea ordered us WHITE cover panels (that match Lindingo and Stat), not the specific Adel White cover panels, which are Off White. On the bright side, we did not install them yet, and now we can get a proper match without attempting to paint our own cover panels. (It just means yet another trip to Ikea and wasted time and gas. Uggggggggh!)

Okay, vent and PSA over! Carry on! :)


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Almost done

posted by: tilenut on 11.16.2011 at 02:12 pm in Kitchens Forum

Almost done with our total home remodel. I am most proud of the kitchen. Still have to pick out the backsplash. Opinions? Having trouble embeding pictures, so limited to a link.

Here is a link that might be useful: New kitchen


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