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Is this picture too small for the easel?

posted by: legacybuilder2 on 11.25.2013 at 04:15 pm in Home Decorating & Design Forum

I've never had an entryway that could be decorated other than a picture on a wall. Alas, I get one and don't know what to do..Ha Ha!

My aunt suggested I put an easel with our family portrait in this corner. I like the idea but I'm not sure if the picture is too small for that easel. What do you think?

 photo IMG_1703.jpg

Behind the easel is the home alarm keypad, it is distracting to me. I tried to put pics up to cover it but is that just as distracting and too busy?

 photo IMG_1708.jpg

I can't stand the paint color but I must live with it for now. I dont even know what it minute it looks brown, the next time I look at it I see it as a burnt/rust orange. Definitely, not complementing my attempt to have a coastal/light airy home I want to attempt to create.

I'm at a loss what to do with the floors. I want to have a carpet runner but I'm not sure how big and where to place it. Am I supposed to have it from the door all the way back to the living room? Or have a rug at the door and start the runner past the stairs and go back to the doorway? I'm clueless.

 photo IMG_1706.jpg

Note current runner was in my last entryway.. :)

Lastly, what to do with the wall space. It is a two story foyer. DH wants a photo gallery up the stairs, but do I start it at the steps and leave that big ol' space leading to the dining room empty? Should I put anything on these other tall walls up high? If so, what would be suggestions?

 photo IMG_1709.jpg

 photo IMG_1711.jpg

Don't mind the boxes, they will be moved...we are still unpacking and guests start arriving tomorrow...eek!!!



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Hanging shelves but toilet off centered

posted by: legacybuilder2 on 11.24.2013 at 09:56 pm in Bathrooms Forum

We just moved in our new home a couple weeks ago. DH was broadcasting that we would be having Thanksgiving in our house before we even closed on it. Now our friends are holding us to it..HaHa!! So it's a mad dash to decorate somewhat. For some reason our toilet isn't centered on the wall, didn't notice until DH hung my shelf. In some pic it doesn't look bad but it sticks out badly to me looking at it in person.

Should I center it with the toilet or keep it as is? I have two shelves, same size, to hang and one little plaque I was going to put right under the first shelf.

Those aren't items I plan putting on there, just making sure they can hold stuff. They fell off the first time. LOL!

Oh yea, do you think the basket on the floor is too tacky for the paper towels? I wanted to put a small table or something in there, but I didn't want to make it too cramped.

 photo IMG_1689.jpg

 photo IMG_1687.jpg


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Cabinet Re-do Plunge..Scared, Help

posted by: legacybuilder2 on 05.23.2013 at 01:30 pm in Kitchens Forum

I'm taking the plunge this summer and re-doing my kitchen cabinets; they are sooooo outdated and ugly. I'm just struggling with what color to paint the cabinets. I can't afford to redo the counter top yet so it will stay.

What do you suggest?

 photo kitchen1.jpg

 photo IMG_0543.jpg

I'd like a more modern feel in my kitchen.The doors look dated with those dark lines and I want to cover that up. I was thinking of this type of door using bead board and then trimming it out. Does that look outdated too? I'm trying to avoid having to use wood filler in all these grooves. :) Any other recommendations?

 photo bshakerbb_big.jpg


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