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RE: plumber says not to run water line in attic? (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: mongoct on 12.29.2007 at 01:08 pm in Bathrooms Forum

Your plumber is playing it safe, and there's nothing wrong with that.

If you're running a short section of horizontal across the ceiling, to get from the supply valve wall to the location of the shower head, then do two things:

1) Pitch the horizontal run downwards towards the shower head. That way when the water is turned off, water in the horizontal run should drain out of the tubing.

2) Insulate that horizontal run with rigid foam insulation. I use polyisocyanurate which is R7 per inch. I get 4' by 8' sheets and cut pieces and then assemble them using canned foam for the glue and duct tape to hold it together while the canned foam is curing. Assemble them to form and inverted "U", with the open part of the inverted U against the attic side of the drywall that makes up your showers' ceiling. Run a bead of canned foam to stick the U to the drywall.

You can then replace your existing attic insulation over the inverted U for more freeze protection.

You could also transition that run from copper to PEX, which is cross linked polylethylene. Should that horizontal run not drain and the water within freeze, PEX can survive freeze/thaw cycles better than copper.

Regardless of the material used, strap the horizontal run to a 2x4 or something similar so it doesn't sag over time, allowing it to collect water.



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RE: OT: Johnmari, you have changed my life (Follow-Up #9)

posted by: johnmari on 09.01.2007 at 07:20 pm in Bathrooms Forum

*chuckle* Thank you and you're welcome, budge! I was out-and-about all day yesterday closing on the new house, playing in it a while and then having dinner with friends to celebrate; today we had a (long!) showing here at the old house and I had a very long nap afterward.

BTW, although they're super-cool, I'm too cheap to buy the nifty elasticized mop covers when I can get "irregular" microfiber cloths at three for a buck at the dollar store and use them for a dozen other things besides the floors. :-) (Okay, I did cough up for the Bona Kemi oversized hardwood mop and two covers, but we can call that a post-hardwood-installation euphoria. ;-) It's not maneuverable enough for my bathroom though.) I just use a regular ole Swiffer frame, the simple little one that comes in three pieces (no squirty thing) for about eight bucks from the grocery store, and while it's not the strongest thing in the world if you need to scrub that hard maybe it's not the tool for you! I wet and wring out a microfiber "miracle" type cloth, drape it over the rectangular head and push little bits of it in the holes with which you secure the disposable cloths. If you want to use a cleaner that requires rinsing, just wring out one cloth in the cleaning solution, then go back over it with a second cloth dampened with clean water. Me, I'm a one-step kind of gal, and for me one of the great joys of the microfiber cloths is that they just need water to get the dirt off stuff. I think Budge may have gotten a rather more specialized and less "cheap, quick and dirty" (ahem...) product. I just combined what I already had on hand, and I know a lot of other people already have Swiffers and microfiber cleaning cloths on hand so they don't necessarily need to go buy another product either.

BTW, just a weird little thing I thought I would pass along - did you know you can use a wet miracle cloth to remove makeup? It even took off waterproof mascara and extra-long-lasting lipstick without having to resort to the oily crap I usually had to use to get the stuff off. (I'm not really the makeup type, and I hate raccoon eyes and touching up lipstick!) Another case of me being cheap - I wondered why I should pay $14.99 for a "makeup remover washcloth" at one fancy store when it looked and felt like the 3/$1 miracle cloths I had at home, so I tried it next time I had to paint up my (already-adorable) visage and it worked. The squeamish might want to get a different color to keep them separate from the ones in the cleaning supplies. :-)


Using microfiber cloths on Swiffer for mopping
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