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New lawn owner

posted by: lawnsanity on 06.27.2013 at 02:38 pm in Lawn Care Forum


I wrote out this whole long post and it never posted. Ahhh!

Anyways I'm trying again, gonna be point form cause I don't want to write it all out again. I laid a new lawn down last year and this spring it looked AMAZING. Now it looks like crap.

Here is the back story:

- November 2012 - Killed entire lawn. Tilled soil a little. Sod laid down (I think Kentucky blue grass). No fertilizer. Watered with irrigation system.

- April 2013 - Snow has melted. Lawn looks awful. Put down high phosphorous fertilizer. watering for 4 hours every friday morning

- May 1st 2013 - Lawn looks AMAZING!!!. Dark, lush rich, LONG. See pictures below.

-May - June 2013 - Leting the lawn grow really long. Cutting once every two weeks. Mulch is clogging the mower and pilling up in spots. Cutting about 60% of the blade when mowing. I thought long was good, I was wrong. I stopped watering because I thought it was too much water due to spring weather

- June 2013 - Laid down scotts turf builder 30-0-3.

-Mid June 2013 - Didn't really do anything. I'm now cutting 2x a week on the highest setting of the mower

It's getting better I guess but still NOTHING what it was like before. There's like a brown layer under the green grass.

I basically screwed up my lawn and need help on the steps to fix it.

Do I need to lay more phosphorous fertilizer down? That seems to really work the first time.
Do I need to seed it?
Should I check for grubs? Ive seen some raccoon holes...

Please help. See images. p=sharing


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