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Pruning Grape Vines

posted by: lawanddisorder on 05.06.2013 at 09:45 pm in Fruit & Orchards Forum

I have a 2 year old seedless concord grape vine and don't know how many buds to leave on it.

I pruned it in very early spring before the buds broke, and now it has a ton of new growth starting and I don't know how much to leave.

I've heard you need to base it off of the weight of the vine you pruned (30 buds for first pound, and 10 for every additional pound), but I only pruned a small amount as I got the plant late last summer and it was small.

There was one grape bunch last year and I am hoping to get more this year, but obviously, I shouldn't leave every single bud on the vine. How many buds should I leave on it?

It's in a huge pot with a tall trellis in it and the main vine is approx. 5 feet tall with a few smaller vines coming off of it. All of these are covered in what I think are buds and new green leafy growth.



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Espalier Fruit Trees

posted by: lawanddisorder on 05.06.2013 at 09:50 pm in Fruit & Orchards Forum


I went way overboard (as usual) and bought a bunch of fruit trees this year.

3 types of peaches, 1 plum, 1 2-in-1 pear, 1 4-in-1 apple, 2 nectarine, 2 pawpaw, 1 brown turkey fig, 1 illinois everbearing mullberry.

Does anyone have any experience with training these into espalier form? I know apples and pears are common and can find info elsewhere, so I am mainly concerned with the less common espalier varieties, but any info would be appreciated.



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Espalier Illinois Everbearing Mulberry tree

posted by: lawanddisorder on 05.06.2013 at 09:56 pm in Fruit & Orchards Forum


I bought an Illinois Everbearing Mulberry Tree a few weeks ago with the intention of training it into espalier.

I know this is a huge (like 35-45 foot) tree, and not ideal for espalier, but I want to give it a try anyways.

Is there any reason why it just won't work, no matter how much attention I give it?

Am I an idiot for thinking if it grows 40 feet tall normally, I can just make it a super elongated oversized espalier?


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Shading for young pawpaw?

posted by: bart1 on 04.19.2013 at 10:13 am in Fruit & Orchards Forum

My understanding is that pawpaws need to be shaded during their first year to get them off to a good start. I just put some burlap over the top of some small vegetable cages that I had.

Will one layer of burlap provide enough cover?
Is top shade enough, or should I shade them from all sides (down lower)?

Here's a photo of one of them:


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Spraying first year peach tree?

posted by: galiana on 04.19.2013 at 03:12 pm in Fruit & Orchards Forum

Howdy folks,

A few days ago I planted my very first fruit tree -- a dwarf Saturn peach. It was bareroot and hasn't broken dormancy yet (still a bit cold here in NH).

My question: should I spray my newly planted tree this year? If so, with what preparation, and with what frequency?

I try to grow organically, so I imagine that means I'd need to use copper sulfate. Is there anything less toxic but similarly effective? I live on a residential street with lots of children and animals, so that's a consideration for me.



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New fruit trees and berry bushes

posted by: lawanddisorder on 04.19.2013 at 02:36 pm in Fruit & Orchards Forum

I've wanted a garden and fruit trees/bushes for a few years, but live in a rental home and didn't want to plant them on the rental property just to move out a year or two later and have to leave the plants there start over at my new house.

Well, last year, I said screw it, and bought a seedless concord grape plant and a peach tree and put them in big container pottings and they survived the cold Cleveland winter without any problem.

Now, over the past few weeks, I went a little overboard and ordered blueberry, blackberry, boysenberry and raspberry bushes, two more peach trees, a 4 in 1 apple tree (w/ red mcintosh, red spy, red delicious, and yellow delicious), a brown turkey fig tree, two paw paw trees, an Illinois Everbearing Mullberry Tree, and a 2 in 1 Pear Tree (w/ Bartlett and Red Sensation), along with strawberries and an assortment of herbs.

All are planted in large containers, so hopefully when I move out of the rental property, I can take them with me. I am planning on training the trees into espalier form.

The peach and grape from last year look healthy and have plenty of buds and flowers, and my questions are:

1. Are there any fungicides or insecticides I should purchase to prevent any diseases or ailments to the plants?

2. Is there any specific fertilizer or hormone to increase fruit production?

3. Is there anything I should be worried about or anything I will want to monitor as it relates to them all being in containers?

Any information would be much appreciated, and if it is specific to a certain plant, please let me know which one!



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