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Barker Cabinets - Who Has Them?

posted by: cjcali on 05.30.2012 at 10:44 am in Kitchens Forum

To anyone who actually ordered and used these, could you let me know how it worked out? We're about to order a bunch for throughout the house (kitchen, three baths, laundry room) and wanted to hear from other people before we placed the order. Thanks!


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Barker cabinet box concerns

posted by: suburbanjuls on 06.17.2013 at 05:31 pm in Kitchens Forum

Hi all,

I was hoping to place my order for Barker cabinets today. Now I'm not sure. I don't know if I have unrealistic expectations or not. Perhaps I should preface this post with this statement. Hello, my name is Julia and I have been obsessively planning and researching every last detail of this kitchen remodel for close to two years. I have interviewed no less than a dozen contractors and been in contact with almost as many KD's. My KD doesn't get me but has happily helped put on paper and plan out all my ideas for the kitchen. I am very happy with my contractor as he seems almost as picky about the details as I am.

I settled on Barker for the cabinets since I was blown away with the quality of the doors. The materials they use are top of the line and what I wanted anyhow. I almost didn't choose them due to the fact that the whitest white they offer isn't white enough for me. I wanted the factory finish they offer since I'm in CA and have spoken to several folks who have has issues with paint we can get here not holding up. So painting locally is not really a viable choice for me. The price point also enabled me to be able to budget in the high end appliances I wanted.

I ordered a sample cabinet and my contractor put it together over the weekend. He felt that it was not easy to get things to line up and that he would need extensive clamping to get things tight and even then there were some other issues. I also realize that he put these together without looking at their website, but he has assembled (Chinese) cabinets before so assembly is not a foreign concept to him.

I have emailed Barker about all this and another main area of concern is the edgebanding. It is not painted, but rather PVC edgebanding. I was totally under the impression that it would be painted wood veneer since there is no mention of PVC anywhere. When I saw it I immediately thought it was melamine. Barker says it is color matched, but to my eye it is noticeably lighter. When I asked about it, he said it was a durability issue, which I do get.

Aside from the difference in material from the door, there is a small lip where the panels to not fit perfectly flush to each other. I am worried about it catching dirt and chipping. Because its not flush, there is a shadow line that makes it appear even darker and therefore drawing my attention even more. This is apparently within the normal tolerances of 1/32".

Basically, the feedback I got from Barker has been very helpful all along and it seems like the issue is partly with my contractors overzealous tightening and partly with my noticing the tiny details that everyone else happily accepts as normal. If I've simply gone stark raving mad it won't surprise me, and I won't fault you for saying so. If I have a valid concern, please let me know as well as if you have any tips for me.

Does anyone have close up pics of the corners where the panels meet so I can see what everyone else is dealing with? Here are my corners.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos


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Have you installed RTA cabinets?

posted by: ijensen on 05.29.2013 at 11:21 am in Kitchens Forum

I have over thought this so much I have about made myself sick. I am planning a kitchen remodel and having such a hard time with making some decisions. I have decided to use RTA cabinets in my kitchen and would love some opinion from those of you who have used them. I would like your likes, dislikes, what to avoid, customer service and quality. However, don’t limit your opinion to just those….give me all the information you can. It is not a huge kitchen, but I am looking for the best bang for my $$$. Also, we are just two older folks, with no children in the home and only occasional visits from the grandkids. I know kids can do a lot of wear to cabinets. There are several places I have researched, including The RTA Store, Cabinets Direct, Cabinet Broker and RTA Kitchen Cabinet Store. Have any of you used them? I like the fact they are all wood, no mdf or pressed wood. Plywood frame is great and the fact they have wood shelves instead of the plastic coated pressed wood ones is a plus. I also understand they can make them sound better than they are.
We are pretty handy (and have tools) and have done a lot of home projects so assembling them isn’t a concern. I ordered door samples from one place, and have noticed they all offer about the same, just call them different style names.
Looking forward to hearing from you and thank you in advance!!!


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