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bluestar vs thermador 36' range

posted by: victoriajane on 02.05.2009 at 10:48 pm in Appliances Forum

If anyone can stand another thread re: BS, please chime in!

There are many threads comparing BS to American, Wolf, DCS. Almost nothing comparing to a Thermador. Has Thermador fallen completely by the wayside? I've been doing a lot of research on ranges , and what I like about the Thermador Pro Grand is: large oven, adequate burners (all the same - keeps things simple) , stainless top, self-cleaning, and good looking as well. It also has the "star burners" which are so highly touted, but as I understand it, since the burners are sealed, the point of star burners is moot, since the sealed configuration won't distribute the flame the way the open star burners do (if I am misinformed on this, I would appreciate being enlightened.) But mostly I would love it if someone could give me specific, concrete information re: why I shouldn't get a Thermador.

In the meantime, the BS keeps tempting me. Mostly I love the no-gizmos aspect of it... of course the burners win pretty much any contest, but I have reservations about the oven. We love to bake, especially pies. The large capacity oven is great but I haven't heard much about the oven performance, and whether it can be considered "true" convection. For someone who is more of a baker than a wok-er, is the BS a bad choice? Thanks in advance for any information re: my questions about the BS and Thermador!


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