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CT plant ID

posted by: lapoltba on 05.03.2013 at 06:39 pm in Name That Plant Forum

Found this while cleaning up a bit more tonight after work. I found two, both are approximately 4" tall right now. I'm hoping it is something common and/or planted and not an exotic invasive. The colors and shape kind of scare me.


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CT - neglected landscaping plant ID

posted by: lapoltba on 05.01.2013 at 06:02 pm in Name That Plant Forum

I'm getting ready to start rehabilitating the area behind my house from the years of neglect that a foreclosure brings. There are a couple plants that I would like to ID to see if they are anything I would like to leave in place. I know the previous owner had done the landscaping, and according to the neighbor it looked really nice at one point. The few years he has been gone, things went south pretty quickly.

Picture 1&2: Low creeping plant red/burgundy leaves about 1/2 dollar sized. I'm *fairly* sure it's not poison ivy, but I don't know.

Picture 3,4, 5, &6: Big shrub front and center. Has a thick central trunk with many branches just above ground level that go horizontal and then up. Green bark with white streaking. No flowers yet.

Picture 7: Kind of self explanatory, light green low lying. It doesn't look terrible, but there is a lot of it. Knowing my luck it's some terrible invasive variety.


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New Member, New Homeowner, New Questions

posted by: lapoltba on 04.28.2013 at 08:48 pm in New England Gardening Forum

Hello all! Just joined with hope of finding some good advice for my new home with some landscaping problems resulting from years of neglect.

To keep the story short, I just bought a home in January '13 and am now getting a good look at the landscaping. My house sits on a slope, and behind it there is a hillside sloped at about a 30deg angle (fairly steep). It was neglected for what appears to be a long time by the previous owner, and I have just begun to clean it up to try and make it look better.

I am looking for ideas for plantings, preferably cheap, that will retain the already established stability of the hill/soil, but look presentable.

My preference is toward the natural, low maintenance meadow type planting but I'm a novice gardener at best. If I could get some native high grasses and wildflowers to grow on the slope I would be very happy.

I look forward to you're help!


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