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RE: Major Disappointment With Pella Windows and Doors - Caveat Em (Follow-Up #98)

posted by: cat_herder on 03.20.2010 at 04:51 pm in Windows Forum

Just as a bump, and to agree, we spent $60,000 on Pella windows and french doors for our house (8' doors, 82" tall windows, for example). Windows don't close properly, some dont lock, some you have to crank them closed as fast as you can to get them to slam, and then pull the lock at exactly the same moment to get it to close. We had a tech come out, and his solution was to BEND the opening for the locking hook out so that it has better odds of catching. He DAMAGED the windows, so that they'd lock anyway. We pretty much live locked-in, now, out of fear that we won't be able to get hte windows closed.

Oh, and 2 of the 5 sets of french doors don't lock. We're EXTREMELY dissatisfied with Pella, and their lack of service. I guess they dont survive on repeat customers...


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RE: Major Disappointment With Pella Windows and Doors - Caveat Em (Follow-Up #102)

posted by: pvbw on 06.09.2010 at 11:28 pm in Windows Forum

I have been fighting wih Pella for 9 months. I spent thousands trying to find the source of the leaking. I never suspected the actual windows -- heck, they are Pella! Pella is offering me a discount on some, but not all of their failing windows, and of course, they offer nothing on installation, or replacement of siding which will have to be torn out. Months of them trying to blame it on everything under the sun when all the time it was their design flaw. I'd read enough to have figured that out but it took another 500 out of pocket to bring in an infra red camera specialist to confirm it and with report in hand, they finally admitted it, but too bad, so sad, they have been rotting for years, unbeknownst to you, and now you are just out of your warrenty! In the end it will cost me a guestimate of 20,000 before what I know is bad, is fixed. The good news is the Appellate Court in the Northern District of Illinois has just certified two classes for the class action suit that began in 2006 over these design defects. This is somewhat novel in consumer fraud cases and I am sure Pella thought it would win the appeal on the certification, but it didn't. It certainly hoped that individual suits would be more trouble for people than they were worth since each would have to bring in their own experts, etc. If you have Pro-line or architect series (I have both with problems, and attorneys are still working on trying to get certification for the architect series), you should google the law suit. Pella Fraud will bring up the case and the attorney's contact info. Good luck, because as far as I am concerned Pella is in the same class of corporation as BP when it comes to making good on the problem they created.


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RE: Major Disappointment With Pella Windows and Doors - Caveat Em (Follow-Up #6)

posted by: lemar33 on 04.09.2007 at 06:01 pm in Windows Forum

My story is about the same as yours, only I put in 83 brand new leaky Pelly windows and doors.

I have found dealing with Pella to be a nightmare too. They have broken every cardinal rule in the book regarding customer care. With Pella not only do they not stand behind their products, they add insult to everyones loss by trying to blame everything wrong (even after documenting it for them) with their windows and doors on the installer. Our new doors and windows leak so bad one testing company said why bother testing them, we can see daylight right through the seams of the door frame.

Please check out my web-site
and send me your email address for more info.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pella Windows leak and rot


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RE: Major Disappointment With Pella Windows and Doors - Caveat Em (Follow-Up #3)

posted by: salbwil on 03.24.2007 at 04:08 pm in Windows Forum

I am happy to have found this post as I too have had problems with my Pella Windows similar to those stated here. We built our home in '78 and installed Pella windows thinking they were the best. We have, over the years experienced rot in all of the windows, but rationalized with "age", etc, but were faithful with painting every 7 to 8 years. Two years ago we replaced two of our four bad casements with doublehung as the casements no longer would close. We bought Pella again ( so foolish). Neither of the replacements close tightly, and will not "flip" to wash. Of course Pella is stating it is an installation problem. I might note, that prices quoted by three different salesmen from the same office varied widely in price....that alone should have kept us from the sale, but I thought we'd do better with the same product from a fit and looks perspective. Husband wants to eliminate me with the windows.


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Major Disappointment With Pella Windows and Doors - Caveat Emptor

posted by: braintreemass on 03.02.2007 at 10:21 am in Windows Forum

We were rebuilding and adding to our home located in a suburb south of Boston beginning in May of 2005. In the process, we chose the Pella Designer series windows, in part because we were told the sashes were an all wood interior, with triple-pane highly efficient glass. We have pets and so one of the features that especially appealed to us was the ability to purchase blinds that are placed between the panes of glass. Our home is of considerable size and contains much glass coverage. We ordered from Pella 78 windows, some as large as seven feet tall by several feet wide, as well as 6 exterior French (glass) doors.

To say the experience has been disappointing would be an understatement. Pella has been to our home for service over 25 times! I have considerable knowledge regarding construction from various work, education and a two year apprenticeship as an Architect that I worked many years ago. I am cognizant as to what are acceptable standards and normal installations for doors and windows. It was my experience that the Pella Designer series requires substantial installation preparation far exceeding that of a comparable Anderson or Marvin or Harvey product where the Pella windows will not function properly without extraordinary precise shimming the windows.

The problem lies in what appears to be an inherent design flaw where if the windows are not shimmed tight on the verticals jambs adjacent to the plane where the windows lock, the windows will "pop" out and not lock. This in part appears to be caused by the actual locking mechanism that employs a straight slot type of engagement rather than a gradual sloping type of lock that could first grab the sash and then close it tight. Another contributor to this problem seems to be the weathers stripping utilized in the manufacturer of the product. The weather stripping is so stiff, it make closing the properly installed windows many times very difficult and sometimes impossible.

In the North East where the weather and relative humidity changes significantly over the course of the year, the shim requirements to make these windows properly operational swell and cause operational difficulties. Additionally, when attempting to tilt-in a pane for cleaning, because of the tightness required to make these windows lock, the wood rails on the sides of the sashes become torn and damaged.

As far as the product being an all-wood interior, that was another illusion. The hinged panel that facilitated the ability to place the blinds and grids between the glass is actually a formed metal component that contains a very thin, "paper thin" layer of wood over the metal. This is problematic because the lock mechanism if not fully disengaged can catch this thin wood and easily tear it off. Given the price point of these windows, I submit there are better alternatives especially given that when we experienced problems, these were considerably exacerbated when Pella Boston, the "dealer" we purchased the windows through, were unresponsive, and acted in our opinion in a less than honorable way in dealing with an enormity of problems with their products at our home. We have been attempting to rectify non-conforming products delivered in May-June of 2005 still to this date! I will say on a positive note that if it were not for the earnest efforts for a Pella technician named Eric who has been to our home for over 20 times, I would have torn out the windows and commenced litigation.

On a final note, Pellas position appears to be one to blame the installation. Last month, Pella sent out an engineer from the headquarters in Pella Iowa to our home to investigate our problems. We already had several structural engineers review these problems with out home and Pella was made aware of this. Pella stated that a pair of French glass doors were improperly installed where they were not plumb, level or square and that this was the cause of the doors not working. To demonstrate this was untrue, Pella was sent digital photographs depicting a digital level on each plane showing the plumb, and level and photos of a tape measure demonstrating the door was installed square. In an attempt to remove itself from the liability of correcting the nonconforming doors, Pella said the photos could have been deceptive and not true and sent the engineer to confirm what was already stated. It was learned this person testifies for Pella in court and so he was on a fact-finding mission. Unfortunately for him, everything was as we stated and he just wasted more of our time. Pella is planning on finally replacing these doors to correct the problems.

Our experience with Pella Windows has not been a positive one and I would never recommend the purchase of their product after our dealings with them. We have had problems with every aspect of dealing with Pella and to date have several issues unresolved.

Caveat emptorlet the buyer beware.


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