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RE: Livid at Bluestar / Signature Mktg (Follow-Up #67)

posted by: akchicago on 04.03.2008 at 11:14 am in Appliances Forum

Laney50W - I agree with you - it's what I was trying to say in my post on this thread, but my point was lost when my post was pieced apart due to my criticism of the OP. It is good to hear from someone actually on the sales side, who, as I said, has a right to make a living and put food on the table. The high prices on Wolf/Subzero/Bluestar are well-known - yet people re-doing their kitchens with budgets that don't allow those prices still try to buy them. If people re-doing their kitchens cannot afford those prices, there are SO many other choices at lower price points at several tiers. They should look into the other very good brands on the market rather than expend a lot of effort and frustration to get the retail store to lower somehow the prices when it is not possible.


Hi akchicago,


That's true, there are MANY options to choose from...Some darn good ones, too!....

Electrolux, Bertazzoni, Profile, KitchenAid....They all have very comparable products, to their high-end competitors!

Yet, I can still understand trying to get value for your money, but, it's one of those topics that will always have the same outcome...Where does the price slashing end?

I'm also a professional musician (guitarist)...Sure, I will look online for a general ballpark price on a guitar I might want to purchase, maybe try and look for a deal...However, I will still buy it from my local dealer even if it means I have to pay a few $$$ more.

I refuse to play the haggle-game too much. Because I AM a salesperson, I know what they have to deal with, and I know that my local dealer also has to make a living (like the rest of us), and he/she will really appreciate my business, and take care of me when I need their help.

Yeah, I know this will be an everlasting debate (UMRP), but, whatever..... hehe

I wasn't trying to ruffle feathers (I guess I did), just stating my 2c worth of info. :)

Take care!

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