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RE: Not loving my marble, help! (Follow-Up #101)

posted by: azstoneconsulting on 06.23.2011 at 08:47 am in Kitchens Forum

NOT trying to be "self promoting" here, but IMHO = simple honing of your tops (albeit a little more difficult now since they are installed) should solve your problem, along with a really good deep penetrating sealer like Hydrex or 511 Porous Plus is what I'd recommend.

I just finished fabricating and installing (about a month ago) a really nice two slab island using Calacatta Oro - OK, it;s nit Carrara, but it IS marble in a kitchen application, and it turned out really nice - customer loved it (with no "sinking feelings"....

I honed the stone and took off the polished finish, then sealed hit it with Tenax Ager Tiger (stone enhancer), then finished up with a 220 grit hone, and a deep coat of 511 .....

Nantucket - you can have the tops honed in place, you can even DIY if you feel industrious.... AND - In my professional opinion (yeah, I DO do Fabrication for a living every day) = your Carrara tops look really good from the pics you posted. I'd keep 'em if I were you, and take my advice (free of charge)........

Honing polsihed marble will help hide scratches and rings - they'll still be there, but the honed surface makes it harder to detect stuff like that - as opposed to a polished finish (which I'd rather go home and hang myself instead of installing a polished marble on a kitchen countertop)



Here is a link that might be useful: Honed Calacatta Oro Island VIDEO


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