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RE: Adult stepdaughter week (Follow-Up #18)

posted by: laVerneMaynard7 on 10.07.2012 at 07:08 pm in Stepfamily Forum

I have been married for 12 years to a man whose wife left after a 30 year marriage. His adult daughter has been rude to me the entire time. I baby sat for her baby for almost a year, and never once did she say thank you. She, her husband and child come for supper weekly; never once has she said thanks, offered to help wash dishes or clear the table, or brought anything. About half the time, they call after they should have been here for supper to say they aren't coming. They have even asked to bring people along, I said yes, and then they just don't show up, knowing I have cooked a big meal . She constantly makes very rude comments to me. She has not invited us to her home for a meal. Even if she comes to dine with us on her father's birthday, she does not bring a card or acknowledge it is his birthday. I always make her a cake on her birthday, and her husband and child too. Now she has another child ( the other is 8 yrs old) and when I said I won't babysit, she told her father then he can't see the 8 yr old. I told my husband I won't be blackmailed! I'm very tired of her rudeness! I have ALWAYS been polite. She is so vindictive if I tell her she is out of line, my husband will be deprived of visiting his grandchildren! I am quite weary of the situation. Any help out there?


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